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Best Friends Since Ever

Bella and Amanda have been best friends since... ever. So of course that's who Renee turns to when Bella needs help with her post-Edward depression. But Amanda has a huge secret.. one that literally blurs the lines of fantasy and reality. Note- I changed the last chapter a bit to fit better with what I want to write in the sequel, so you may want to re-read it.

This is my first (written down) fan fic, so I'd really love people's opinions (however brutal they may be) to help me improve and make the story better. Thanks for reading, I hope you like it!

9. The Big reveal/Showing Off

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"What the.."

Three guesses which reaction belonged to Aro. I grinned internally. I've never gotten to do this for a real audience. I hoped it would be as much fun as I'd imagined.

"I thought you were a werewolf." Bella said,disbelieving. She sounded almost betrayed-- I regretted having lied to her. But I hadn't had a choice. Edward looked no less put out with me. His glance-- directed at Bella, was clearly accusatory. I could almost see his words, You thought she was a werewolf and you hung out with her anyway?!?

I let my smile show this time. "I can do werewolf, if you want." I became the werewolf persona I had taken for myself. Projecting my thoughts to every person in the room, I added, I do other mythical beasts too. What do you want? Mermaid?

I was sitting on the ground, flipping my blue fins. I let my hair become brilliant red to contrast my purple shell top and hummed a few bars of "Part of Your World." Then, smiling, I shifted again.

"Centaur?" I asked galloping around the room, my brown tail swishing against my chestnut hide. "Oh! I know!"

To me, the room flipped upside down. I was on the ceiling, leaving muddy hoof-tracks. Again, I projected my thoughts. Spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does…

Instantly, the world righted itself, and I was myself again, smirking.

"Amanda Nicole Landi! You are showing off like there's no tomorrow!" I shrugged and smiled. That's Bella, more worried about manners than her best friend's newly uncovered shapeshifting ability.

"Don't ruin my fun, Bella! I don't get to show off my power much. Well, ever, actually…" my voice trailed off regretfully.

"And what exactly is your power?" Caius asked haughtily.

"Guess." I challenged.

"Shape shifter?" Aro asked quizzically

I laughed, clear as a bell. "I can do way more then change myself. Maybe some more demonstrations. Hmm… what to show you…" I trailed off, sitting down in the armchair that had just materialized.

"What the-" Felix began, but someone shushed him.

"I got it!" I cried, disappearing, reappearing next to Jane. "What are you? A 14?" I eyed her again. "Maybe a 14 slim." I imagined her dressed in a black blouse and jeans, size 14 slim, in place of her cloak. Her hair was pulled back by a black headband, curled so that it fell prettily around her face. I added large, dark sunglasses, as an afterthought.

"What am I wearing?" She cried, her expression furious. "You'll pay for this!" She screamed, lunging at me.

"No, I don't think I will." She stopped jerkily, her face suddenly blank.
Then, "Omigosh! You're right! This shirt totally compliments my skin tone!" she near-squealed. She turned and hugged me before sitting down. I swear no one was breathing, much less moving-- not even Bella. Alec looked helplessly at his sister, bewildered. He was easy to read, also-- I've known you for two thousand years, and finally you're turning into a girly girl. Figures.

"Marvelous! Simply marvelous!" Aro began clapping. I blushed, and walked back over to where Bella and the Cullens were standing. "Please, tell me; what exactly is your power?"

This was the hardest part to admit. "Well, at risk of sounding cliché, I have the power," I took a deep breath. "Of imagination."