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my world

Sam's POV the day he meets Emily.

Sam's thoughts on the day he meets Emily. I think it's a one-shot, but I may do Leah's POV

1. my world

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I’m driving, thinking
about her,
my love.

I’m smiling, touching
the small box
for my love.

I’m waiting, telling
my worst secret
to my love.

Then I’m asking, praying
her answer is yes.
Please, love.

I’m stopping, sitting
for a moment in silence.
Wait, love.

I’m moving, walking
to the door,
towards my love.

I’m knocking, standing
by the door,
by my love.

She’s opening, grinning
at me (me!)
Her love.

We’re hugging, kissing,
her soft lips on mine.
Our love.

I’m holding, embracing
my life, my Leah.
My love,
My love,
My love.

“Come on Sam. There’s
someone I want you to
meet. You remember
Emily, right?”

“Sure I do.”

I’m meeting, shaking
her soft warm hand.
A stranger.

I’m looking, catching
her dark eyes.
No stranger.

I’m stumbling, falling
deeper and deeper
into light.

I’m thinking, breathing
for the first time.
She’s light.

Then I’m knowing, realizing
that something has changed.
My world.

I’m ending, beginning
a new life. And she-
she’s my world.

And now that small box
is completely insignificant.
Because she’s my light, my life.
My world,
My world,
My world.