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Bella's Fate

bannerHow can this be possible? Me? A different vampire? These questions erupted from Bella after her talk with Alice in her room. She knew something is different from her. She knew that it is impossible for everything to settle down just that. And now, she face this new challenge in her life that might break her clutch to Edward and to the rest of the world.

I made this out of my head one day while reading New Moon and still continued to rack my brain after Eclipse. Hope you enjoy it.

1. Chapter 1: "Different"

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I am stuck in my room with Alice having our so-called "Bridal Shower" which she insisted that I must have since it's one of the Human experiences that I shouldn't miss, or so she thought. Although, bridal showers suppose to have lots of girls involved with guys popping out from the inside of big cakes, Alice knew how ballistic I can be with these kinds of events so she, unhappily, downgraded this shower in a "slumber-party-like" night....

"Does Edward know about this?" I asked her smugly.

"Oh, of course not!! The groom should stay out of Bridal showers you know, and you know Edward. He'll surely peek here for sure once he knew about this," She said while looking at the many photos of Men from a Playgirl Magazine that she brought as an alternative for the real ones. I don't know what to do with her!

"And how can you be so sure that he's not outside right now, peeking in my window? or worse, peeking at your thoughts!" I should make her stop this, no matter how Charlie approves to this thing. I know he's making a lot of desperate actions to make me change my mind. He and Renee's lack of opposition in this marriage gives me the chills. I knew they're just afraid to voice out their complaints that might get me on my nerves.

"Oh, that's impossible." Alice finally closed the magazine in her hands. "I made Emmet and Jasper have his Stag Party at home"

"S-stag P-party?"

Blood rushed through my face the minute that my mind processed what Alice had told me. My heart beats like I am having an over-exaggerated palpitation. I know Jasper will behave properly, but I am worried more about Emmett. Surely that guy knows how to Party....

Alice sees through me. She smiled.

"Oh are you jealous, Bella? Want me to fetch these guys for you now?" she taps the magazine in her hand "It's not too late to change your mind" she teased.

"Of-of course not! Why should I? let that guy have his fantasies as earlier as now because once we got married and tries to cheat on me, I'll make sure that I'll be the first vampire that he'll be afraid to see forever in his life!" I said this with heavy breathing. I can't even think about all those vampire girls that Emmett might have brought. The same girls in Tanya's home. I'll give Emmett a nice poke in the head once I saw him.... as if that will affect him. Wait till I became a vampire.

Alice laughed so much that she looked like a uncanny laughing ballerina doll. She seems very amused at teasing me. I put a face on her while she laughed and my eyes darted on the crescent scar that James left on me that day. And the question that erupted on me while I was studying Biology out of boredom came back to me again.

"Uh mm, Alice? I have a question."

she stopped laughing as she sensed the seriousness in my question and eyed me curiously, waiting for me to go on. I took a deep breath and went on, "Uh mm, I am just curious. Can I really still be a vampire? I mean you know, after James had bitten me and after Edward sucked out the venom
in me. Does it ever cross your mind that I might be immune to the venom now??"

She thought over my question for a moment.

"Don't be silly, Bella. Vampire's venom doesn't apply like that... well.. I don't think it applies like that." She told it more to herself.

I will not give up, of course.

"Well, think about it," I went on, "Do you know anyone besides me who experienced the sucking-out-the-venom thing and lived? Look at my hand, the scar... its...so pale and shiny...and also sparks rainbows whenever I put it under the sun. It only means that some venom is still in me. No matter how little the amount may be. But it's as if I still feel human. Nothing different whatsoever, as if that's just it. I was bitten. No big deal" I finally said the words that I was thinking for a while now.

Oddly, she looked at me curiously. As if processing something of the past. Finally she spoke very seriously.

"Okay, fine Bella. I guess I can finally tell you this." She said to me. "I wasn't supposed to say this to you" I felt suddenly nervous. Alice has been keeping a secret from me. Whatever it is, she's finally gonna tell me now.

"Remember the night when we were at the Volturi?? Have you ever wondered what Aro saw when he touched me? WHY he was suddenly very enthusiastic about letting us go?"

I thought for a moment. I did became curious but I knew that what Aro saw there is just me becoming one of them. SO what?

"Not really" I finally said. she became quiet for a moment and when on, "You will become one of us Bella. Surely, you'll become a vampire. But... not really a vampire. You're more than that" She said very seriously.

I felt the chill in my spine as I heard this. More than that? What does she mean by 'more than that'? She went on before I could ask.

"When a person becomes a vampire. Certain qualities of your human personality dies. But some becomes stronger. That is why some have special abilities, like Edward and me. You already know that right?"

I nodded. Waiting her to go on. Well, she did.

"In your case, Bella. Yours is special. Your ability to be unaffected by powers related to the inner mind will expand to a thousand times. Actually, it will become something else. You are very powerful Bella. Once you become a vampire, you will not just be unaffected by the other's abilities, you can even USE them. You can also protect other vampires against other's power too."

I stiffened. What is she talking about?? Me? A powerful Vampire?? IS she serious?

But she still went on. "Aro should be very afraid of you Bella. He would've killed you because of that. You know, Kill the monster's baby before it matures. But another ability of yours gave him enough curiosity to spare you."

"W--What a-ability, Alice?" my heart was pounding very loudly now. This is too much for me to handle yet I seem can't stop myself from knowing more.

"You being nauseated in blood. You'll also bring that in your next life. You will be a vampire who doesn't need blood for survival, Bella. Something every vampire will kill to have. Something Carlisle wishes too, something I wish too..." She looked at her feet.

I felt numb. I wanted to speak. To rebut that I can't be this great vampire she's telling me. I mean, how can that be????
But I found my voice. And ask the question that I fear for the answer.

"So why did Aro let me live then? Why is he excited?" I asked nervously.

Alice eyed my wolf bracelet Jacob gave me and took a deep breath and stood up. "We have to see Sam Uley"

What does Sam have to do with this??? Or maybe, what does the werewolves have to do with this??

I stood up and follow her to the door.