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Bella's Fate

bannerHow can this be possible? Me? A different vampire? These questions erupted from Bella after her talk with Alice in her room. She knew something is different from her. She knew that it is impossible for everything to settle down just that. And now, she face this new challenge in her life that might break her clutch to Edward and to the rest of the world.

I made this out of my head one day while reading New Moon and still continued to rack my brain after Eclipse. Hope you enjoy it.

12. Chapter 12: "Warning"

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I was sitting in the chair behind Gianna’s desk while scrolling down the never-ending pages of vampire profiles in her computer. After 14 hours straight of looking, I impatiently tapped the keyboard really hard and leaned in the chair. “Sheesh! I thought you said vampires were just hundreds but I am into my 1200’s already.” I complained to Gianna. Gianna was sitting in the desk. She still looked a little nervous but I guess she already regained a little of her usual composure as I look at her now.

“Oh, it’s because you haven’t filter out those names that have been killed already” she said in a matter-of-fact tone. She went over me and quickly clicked some buttons flawlessly and then she pressed enter. The once long list of profiles now reduced to a 500’s.

“Gosh! Why didn’t you do that earlier?!” I exclaimed. She just grinned at me and went back to her place in the desk. I eyed her for a few moments, sighed and went back to work. I didn’t have to look longer because the face of that vampire boy in the meadow is already in front of me. Gianna’s eyes widen in excitement as she saw the picture and she hurried towards beside me.

“Oh my gosh! You know this guy?!” she asked giggly.

“Uh, no, but he thought he knew me” I said blankly.

“That Edward Cullen is so handsome! Can’t you see?! He’s part of that Cullen Coven the kings usually talked about. I heard that their leader used to be one of the Royals, see?” She closed the profile of that vampire boy that, as Gianna said, named Edward and opened a profile of a handsome young man with blonde hair. I quickly looked in the name and read.

“Carlisle Cullen…” I whispered.

“Yes, Carlisle Cullen. Heidi used to have a thing on that guy, I heard. I can’t blame her. The gorgeous looks of that man is extremely –- Lyka, what’s wrong?”

I don’t get it. My heart does not beat anymore but if it could, it might have been bursting already. I can’t remember anything about him, but I knew that I know this person. My feelings tell me so. My mind says nothing about the guy yet the rest of my body screams as if calling him. “Carlisle Cullen…..Carlisle Cullen…” I kept repeating the name in my head. I closed my eyes and continued to speak repeating the name of that Carlisle Cullen……

And everything went dark. I opened my eyes. I was back in that very dark place, but this time I was not alone. The girl from before is now standing staring at me. I stared back. It’s the same girl who was crying in that dream I had. She looked just the same as me, but her clothes are very different. She wears tight Jeans and an old sweater. She took a step toward me but I quickly leaned back.

“Who are you? Why do you look just like me?!” I asked her, trembling. She just looked at me at first and then finally she spoke.

“Lyka, give me my body back” she said.

I looked at her intently. “What do you mean?” I asked her.

“Please, I know this sounds crazy but you’re not supposed to be in there. You’re ruining my life! Go back to Edward and please... please make sure he’s alright okay?”

She was crying now. I looked at her really hard now. What the girl was saying is completely rubbish to me. Get out from my body? Is she crazy? How can I do that? Is it even possible?

“Wait, I think you’re making a mistake here…” I tried to explain to her but she interrupted me.

“There is no time!” She wailed. “Y-you can’t stay here any longer. THEY will kill you in a matter of time. They will kill us!”

My spine shivered as I heard her say this. There is only one group of people whom I can think that fits her “they.” My father? It make sense.

“B-but where should I go?” I quickly asked, feeling a bit panicky now. Whoever she might be, she doesn’t look like she’s joking at all.

The girl repressed a sob first before answering. “In Forks….”

“Lyka! Lyka?!”

I opened my eyes to see Gianna in front of me. I think she was shaking my shoulders because I can feel her hands holding them and it aches a little.

“W-what happened—“

“You passed out, girl! And your..your wolf Bling-bling just started to glow maniacally!”

I glanced at my bracelet quickly and then remembered everything what that girl had said.

“Forks…. Forks! Gianna, we have to get out of here!” I told her hysterically.

“What?! What are you talking about?” She questioned.

“There’s no time!” I glanced back again in my bracelet, “I really need to find those wolves, Gianna. They are my only last hope!”

And before she could react again, I grabbed her hand and closed my eyes ready for our journey.