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Bella's Fate

bannerHow can this be possible? Me? A different vampire? These questions erupted from Bella after her talk with Alice in her room. She knew something is different from her. She knew that it is impossible for everything to settle down just that. And now, she face this new challenge in her life that might break her clutch to Edward and to the rest of the world.

I made this out of my head one day while reading New Moon and still continued to rack my brain after Eclipse. Hope you enjoy it.

14. Chapter 14: "Truth"

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“How do you know me?”

This is the first thing I asked to the old man when we all settled inside the cabin. My impatience, curiosity and wonder are now swelling in my mind that it makes everything so hazy. The old man just looked at me with those deep calm eyes before he answered.

“It’s simple. That Makatah of yours told me” he said so simply. I looked at him in amazement and then to the bracelet in my left wrist and back to the old man. This thing can talk. This time, Jacob interrupted.

“My Makatah told you? That thing can talk?” Jacob said, a little bewildered and as if he read those exact words in my mind.

“It’s not my fault that you are not concentrating on your meditations, Jacob” Billy snapped, “ I told you to practice communicating with your Wolf Charm but seeing that you don’t know what I am talking about then I guess you didn’t even try”

Jacob only scowled. I guess what Billiy said was true. And then Billy continued.

“You are not Bella,” he said again, “But you are Bella in a way. It’s really complicated to explain, child. But to put it simply, you are the manifestation of Bella’s strength. And you are created in that part of Bella’s personality, Lyka”

I stared at him as these words slowly sink in me. I have never been so confused in my entire existence. What does he mean by ‘manifestation’? And what does he mean by ‘created’?

“By ‘created’,” I said slowly, preparing myself to hear the unexpected, “you mean that..that.. I am not real?”

Billy just stared at me in silence. Created. This word echoed to me a hundred times. It felt to me like I was just artificial, no soul, just pure personality.

We are all in silence for a while. Gianna was just staring at us as if she’s absorbing everything that the conversation took. Jacob looked as if he wanted to join the conversation but he could find the timing as he also doesn’t know what we are actually talking about. Because I have a lot of questions in my mind, I broke the silence first.

“How do you know that my prefered name is Lyka? Actually, I just made up that name. My father really named me Aria.” I asked while looking at him, doubtful. If he’s a psychic or something, he should know my real name, not my made up name as everyone knew me.

But I was surprised to see that he was laughing humorlessly.

“Does that really matter now, Lyka? Well, honestly yes, a name is important because that will be a person’s core basis for his or her existence. But for you? That it really matter if your name is Lyka or Aria?”

This time, I felt anger towards the man. What does that mean?

“What are you trying to say?! That I am not real?” I protested, a little louder than necessary. “Well, look at me, granpa! I am here, I can talk to you, I can hear you, I can feel myself, I can feel pain, I can be worried…like I am now… I am real in all sense!”

“Yes, you can feel” he confirmed as I finished my retort. “But what about that body of yours? The real being who owns that body is now trapped in that Wolf Charm. The real Isabella Swan is right there hanging in her own left wrist!”

This time, I was shocked to hear this.

“That girl’s soul is in this thing?” I said as I dangle the wolf charm above my head.

“Have you ever seen a girl that looked like you?” the old man challenged.

I hesitated. Yes, in my dream.

“I..uhmm.. in my dreams, yes” I finally said.

“Can you describe her to me?” the old man asked.

My brows creased. I don’t know how to escape his interrogations, because I wanted to know the truth as well.

“She’s …she’s always crying-“

“Exactly!” the old man straightened from his wheelchair. “Can’t you see? Because all of her strength is within you now. Her strength is the core of your existence. It was taken for you to be created.”

“To be created by who? Who made me?” I said before I couldn’t help myself.

“That… I don’t know yet” The old man said.

“Lyka, my child” he continued. “I know I am being rude by saying all these things to you directly but this is for the better. You should know that that body of yours is not yours. You are not supposed to exist. Yes, I know that it hurts to hear this but that is the truth.”

I couldn’t help but cry this time. Tears fell down in my eyes. The only vampire who can sleep, the only vampire who can even cry and now I am the vampire who are not who I think I am. How pathetic my life really is. Gianna hugged me for comfort. I can see that she’s deeply saddened by what she heard as well. If she can cry like I could, she might be already.

“We’ll sort things out, don’t worry” she said. The old man talked again.

“For the meantime,” he said. “You two can stay here. We have to keep Bella safe. Also we’ll inform the Cullens about this-“

“No!” I quickly said.

“Lyka, they have the right to know” The old man reasoned. “They are Bella’s family now, even though how much I am against it”

“Not this time,” I said. “If I am really not supposed to be in this body, then that vampire boy seeing me again in this state will just make him in a worse condition”

“I..see your point” the old man surrendered.

I looked in the window behind me. The sun was already setting. What am I going to do now? What is the right thing to do?





I turned my face to look at Jacob. Something the way I look at him made him red. Was he blushing?

“yes?” I said.

“So you’re not Bella, huh?” he said, not looking in my eyes.

We were in the beach. He’s showing me around as if he was a tourist guide or something. Being the tomboyish as I was, I can still sense that he is kinda flirting with me. I smiled at my self and and turned to punch him playfully in his left arm.

“So what’s it to you, huh, punk?” I said teasingly.

He’s so red in the face by now that he really looked like a person with a high fever.

“Well, it’s just that you really look like Bella, but seeing you like this I can tell that you’re really not her” he said looking in the sand.

“Why? What’s the difference between us?” I asked curiously.

“Well,” he started, “She’s so much lady-like no matter how clumsy she was. So quiet, yet composed. But that’s her charm, by the way. But you..”

“What?!” I challenged

“Well…. You’re kinda too cool and punky, but in a cute way” he said and then he turned his back at me.

I raised one eyebrow. I feel something fluttering in my heart, but ignored it. I punched him again and ran away from him. “Whatever, man!” I told him.

I don’t like this feeling but I just can’t help but feel easy and happy whenever Jacob is near me. Even though this life is just borrowed, I guess I could enjoy it while it last.

“Wanna race back to the house?” he challenged.

“You’ll never gonna win” I told him.

And we raced back to the house, feeling like we’re just children with no problems at all…..