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Bella's Fate

bannerHow can this be possible? Me? A different vampire? These questions erupted from Bella after her talk with Alice in her room. She knew something is different from her. She knew that it is impossible for everything to settle down just that. And now, she face this new challenge in her life that might break her clutch to Edward and to the rest of the world.

I made this out of my head one day while reading New Moon and still continued to rack my brain after Eclipse. Hope you enjoy it.

3. Chapter 3: "Pain"

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“Quick, Bella! There isn’t any time!” Alice told me and when I came to her, without further ado she swiftly put me on her back and immediately went outside my house. Next thing I knew, we were speeding in the forest. Trees blurred past us as she ran fast. Edward is right, Alice’s speed is quite extraordinary.

“Damn! How can this thing happen today! I send Carlisle, Esme and Rosalie to a hunting trip so that Edward could have his Stag Party at home!” She said. Her pace was increasing as the time went by. I know it was just seconds since we left Charlie’s house but I don’t know how deep we are now inside the forest. It’s obvious that we’re heading towards their home. She held me in her back supported by her left arm while her right hand grabbed her cell phone from her shirt pocket.

“Hello, Carlisle? It’s me Alice” she’s bellowing to her cell phone. This is the first time I heard panic in her voice, and that gave me the reason to feel very terrified. Whatever she saw back there in the house with Jane in it, to give her the reason to panic for the first time, I couldn’t imagine how terrible it might be.

“Caius and company are on their way now and they are extremely fast! Get here as soon as-“
But I didn’t hear her next words as we suddenly stopped. No… wait…. Everything stopped. Falling leaves that are supposed to fall suddenly floated in mid-air. Birds hang up above us like they were just glued there in the air. Alice is very still as a statue, her cell phone still pressed in her ears, but she’s not talking anymore. Clearly, time stopped but I am not included in it.

“Alice!” I said, panic overflowing my chest. “ALICE!!” I shouted again and again but I know that no matter how loud my voice is, she couldn’t hear me.

Then at that moment, chuckles came from my back. I heard their laugh before. The same baby-like chuckles I heard last from Volterra. I slowly tilted my head at my back, and my eyes widened in terror at the waiting scene.

The group of the Volturi is quite less than the last time they went here. But this time, instead of a large group of ‘servants’, the group now is mostly composed of the highest ranking vampires in the Vampire Royal Family. There were 5 of them. Alec’s hand is raised towards us, snickering with Jane at his side clearly praising the good work of her ‘lover’. A tall, muscular guy I recognized immediately as Demetri is at the far back.

But the other two were the ones who gave me the true horror that engulfed my chest so much.

The first one, a tall beautiful girl with eyes very purple who wears a black tube stared at me with full interest just like the last time I saw her during my visit at Volterra. Heidi didn’t changed so much. She’s still as beautiful as before. As my eyes drifted to the person next to her, that gave me goose bumps that I never felt before. Clearly, for him to need to leave their “den”, this excursion of theirs might be really that important. Caius was the first one to break the silence.

“That was great, Alec. Good timing” he said, “You’re ability to stop time really overpowers everything!”
Alec seems very flattered at this praise Caius gave him. He and Jane laughed so angelically that they looked like babies from a cute commercial. But my heart was pounding at the sound of their laugh.

“Bella! Such a surprise to see you……still human” Caius told me as if he still doesn’t know that I haven’t changed yet. He went on, “Jane here told me this very interesting news once she came back from the mess that, I heard, Carlisle’s coven had cleaned for us. I am here to personally thank them.”

I hate my lips for giving away the trembling. Alec’s power was extreme. He can stop time? I never thought vampire venom can go as far as stopping time. I have so much more to learn. But this is not the time for vampire lessons. I am currently facing a great danger that might take me away from Edward. I felt a sudden hollow in my chest and stomach as I realized this. I shouldn’t think about it.

“By the way, Bella, I came here not because I want to chitchat,” Caius said. This is it, I heard my mind telling me. “I certainly know that Carlisle is on his way right now and if it wasn't for Alec's marvelous ability, he might be here by now." he smirked nodding approvingly to Alec. Alec chuckled again. "I should do this thing as fast as I could. I don’t plan to wait any longer. We’ve done our waiting long enough, because your stubborn boyfriend didn’t do his part on the bargain.” He smiled and looked to his right, “Heidi?” He said.

Heidi raised her hand towards me and at that moment, I was detached from Alice’s body and fell towards the ground. I started to feel numb. Something cold crept from my head and slowly to my feet. I felt dizzy. My eyesight became a blur for a moment and then back again. And then that’s it…. I can’t feel my body anymore! My hands, my feet, I can’t move them, but I can still see through my eyes. But I have no control whatsoever on any part of my body as if paralyzed. I heard Heidi speak, “I now have her under my full control, Caius,”

Heidi looked at me and saw her eyes lit! Then suddenly, out of my will, I stood up….gracefully. I was shocked because my body didn’t give any hint that it was controlled by another being. It’s as if I was still the one doing the action. I heard myself speak, “Oh dear Caius, I was waiting for you for a while now. I am ready to join your family” I felt real horror as I heard these words coming from my mouth. This is not happening! And I heard Caius laugh.

“Marvelous, Heidi!” he said while laughing, “No wonder you are the best in fishing. You method is certainly wonderful”

“Oh dear Caius, certainly piece of cake!” she laughed. Caius eyed me for a moment. His eyes were fixed against mine.

“Her nullification ability really didn’t handle your power. You guessed right. You are really something Heidi.” Caius said. I saw Jane slumped in the grass, lips pouted. She looked like a child that didn’t get her candy. She still feels really awful about her powers not working on me.

“Oh, don’t be too happy, dear Caius.” Heidi said, reprovingly. “I can only control her physical body and I guarantee you that I can control everything from it, but her mind is still intact. untouched. If my guess is correct as you have said, master, that only abilities concerning the mind can be repelled by her, then it is still a big problem. That is not good, Your highness.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that” Caius said and then he looked at me, “What did you say again, Bella?” he said and looked at Heidi and then she looked at me. And my mouth started to speak again. My voice really sounded very enthusiastic, “I said that I am ready to join your family.”

I am really beginning to feel sick. I don’t like what’s happening and where we’re heading. I thought to myself ‘this is not good, this is not good’…………………..

“Oh, okay then Bella! Of course you can! WELCOME” Caius laughed very loudly, “Heidi, make her one of us now, immediately! We don’t want our new princess to be deprived of what she wants!” he said.
Then Heidi walked towards me, her grace is comparable to a model walking in a runway show. Her lips gave way to what I imagined to be her fangs. ‘NOOO!!’ I screamed from my head….

Then suddenly, I heard a voice from my head. A voice so familiar that I was so relieved to hear.

Bella? Bella this is me Jacob, what’s happening to you? Where are you?

Heidi stopped from where she was, her eyes darted from my left hand. I followed her gaze. From my left wrist, I saw that the wolf figurine was glowing very mad. White light was emanating from it. Jacob can hear me.

Jacob! Jacob, help me! Alert Edward please!!


“What’s that?!” I heard Caius bellowed. He was also pointing at the now blazing wolf bracelet. Quickly, Heidi tried to grab my wrist and tried to take the wolf bracelet from me. But the bracelet didn’t budge. Instead, the diamond bracelet, the one Edward gave me, was the one removed from my hand. It thudded to the grass. The light coming from the wolf figurine burned the hand of Heidi. She screamed backing away while clutching her hands.

NOOOO!!! My diamond bracelet!! I shouted in my mind.

BELLA, I AM COMING!!! I heard Jacob again in my head

“BITE HER QUICKLY!! I can smell the wolves already!” Caius screamed.

And then suddenly, I felt fangs dig themselves deeply to my neck. As soon as it did, the burning sensation started. I can’t scream…… but my mind can.


And then I heard Jacob scream as well…. AAAAARRGHHH! BELLA WHAT’S HAPPENING?!! IT HURRTTS

Out of nowhere, I heard wolves scream in agony. Surely, my pain, Jacob’s pain is also the pain of the whole pack.

Then my thoughts started to whirl.

Flashbacks as they call it?
I saw myself when I was still a kinder. My friend Toby started laughing at me when I tripped from the chair.
I was in grade 5. Charlie took me to California for a change. I can see the sun blizzard from the sky.
I was in my room crying. The pain of me learning that Renee decided to marry Phil came back to me again.
I was crying at my old room at Charlie’s house. Remembering how good Phoenix was.

then I saw Edward. His smile. His lips touching mine. The feeling of his chest. The way we danced during that dreadful Prom. When I saw him again at Italy. How he proposed to me. How delighted he was when I said, yes….. How he said that he will be the one to change me…… all those things are starting to fade as I grasp for consciousness….

My eyes are dry but I know my mind is flooding with tears as realization hit me. I am going to be taken to Volterra…. I will be taken away from my future family….. I will be taken from Edward…. Forever…….

And this pain, this particular pain that doesn't have anything to do with the pain coming from the venom that is now enveloping my whole body, went straight to my mind, body and soul.

It is the most painful thing that I have ever felt.

And I screamed the loudest yet in my entire life............