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Bella's Fate

bannerHow can this be possible? Me? A different vampire? These questions erupted from Bella after her talk with Alice in her room. She knew something is different from her. She knew that it is impossible for everything to settle down just that. And now, she face this new challenge in her life that might break her clutch to Edward and to the rest of the world.

I made this out of my head one day while reading New Moon and still continued to rack my brain after Eclipse. Hope you enjoy it.

4. Helpless

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My heart was pounding. It’s her scream. I know it. I can’t be wrong.….

“Edward, are you alright?”

I was in my room. Emmet is staring at me. His worried face can be seen through the dancing light coming from the disco ball.

"Did you hear that?" I said. Looking at him seriously. I grasp the handle of my chair. I know her voice so well. I CANT be wrong.

"I heard nothing, bro" Emmet said confused, but he might have misinterpreted my question and anxiety because he suddenly laughed and grinned at me.

“Hey, man! Don’t be that excited! Those vampire girls will come, just be extra patient okay?” Emmet said and then he laughed again.

Clearly, he's still talking about this stupid stag party of mine. Vampire Girls? There is only one woman in my heart and they can never ever replace her.

Balloons were in every corner of my room. Disco lights that Emmet had temporarily installed gave life to my boring room. But all of this didn’t matter as the horror that is swelling up in my chest is getting deeper and deeper. The most important person in my life is in danger!!

I stood up at once. The terror that I am feeling worsened as seconds went by.

“What?” Emmet asked, his anxious face returned.

“There is something wrong, Emmet. Bella’s in danger! I know it!!!” I said holding both his arms as I speak. I was shaking, and I can’t help it.

Emmet stared at me for a moment and then he said calmly, “Edward, don't worry! she’s with Alice having their own party. She’s safe in her house." But after a moment, his face suddenly became serious and his face curled as he said, "Oh, sheep! Now you've done it!. Alice will surely kill me for telling-“

Then the phone rang.

Emmet and I stared at each other for a moment. His eyes narrowed as he read my troubled face. He went and picked up the phone.

“Hello? Oh Carlisle! How’s the- ” Emmet paused. He was silent for a moment and then he looked at me, horrified.
He doesn’t need to say a word for me to know what gave him the fright.

I heard it plainly. I heard straight from his head. The confirmation of the horror that I desperately wished was not true. I don’t have time to stand here any longer. Bella is indeed in danger.

I ran as fast as I could. Not waiting for Emmet to hang up. In a fraction of a second, I was outside already, trees went past by me in a flash. I heard wolves’ cry everywhere. I don’t know why they acted like this. But surely, it has to do about a loss..maybe.. about Bella’s….disappearance.

Bella, oh Bella how could I leave you for a second?I thought. My heart blames me, and I know it’s my fault. I should’ve been with her every second. Every minute of her life. I promised her that. I feel idiot for not watching her for this stupid stag party.

I can smell Alice already. She’s not that far now.

I didn't took any longer because I saw her in an instant as I ran through a curve in the forest. She is slumped in the grass. Her eyes were blank. Face reflected the shock she’s currently experiencing. Carlisle, Esme and Rosalie were also there. Carlisle is already kneeling in front of Alice, his hands were on Alice's both cheeks.

“Alice, it wasn’t your fault” I heard Carlisle mumbled. I scanned Alice’s mind. But It's not necessary as she blurted out the words I am looking for anyway.

“No, Carlisle!! It's my fault! I shouldn't have put this party at all! but then, as we were speeding our way here, I don’t know why, I-I don’t know how....I am confused, Carlisle!! One moment she’s there and then… she’s gone!! And then those dogs started to scream and-“ she gulped, “This is the only thing I found” she held a bracelet I recognized at once. It was the same thing that I gave to Bella.

As I saw the bracelet, my knees gave away. I let a horrible growl escaped me as agony and pain came rushing to me at the same time.

“Edward! Pull yourself together! Your panic will not do anything good" Carlisle said firmly and then he looked behind me and said, "Jasper, come closer." I whirled to see Emmet and Jasper there. I never noticed their arrival because my mind is only focused in figuring out the mystery behind Bella's disappearance. I really feel helpless. It was so long ago since I felt being helpless.

“Go to the werewolves' whereabouts" Carlisle said to Jasper, pulling me back from my horrible thoughts, "see what was happening there, They’re not far from here. Actually, this is the first time they went this closer to our part of the land.”

Jasper nodded. “I’ll come with you” Emmet offered and the two of them were gone in a flash. Okay, that’s it my patience is gone!

“CARLISLE!” I bellowed. “WHAT DO WE DO?!” I can’t help but panic. Certainly, with Bella’s disappearance and with no brains to scan to extract useful information, this is already too much! I can’t handle it.

“Calm down, Edward” Carlisle said. “We’re doing all the things we can do”

"CALM DOWN? We don not even know where to start?!!" I said pacing and shaking.

“Calm down, son” Esme said. This is the first time she spoke, yet her uncertainty gave no relief whatsoever. I bit my lip. I can't let my temper be poured out to Esme. She doesn't deserve it and besides it's not her fault that Bella's in danger, it's my fault!

Before I could blame myself even further, Jasper emerged from the trees. His face was shocked as he said, “Quick! Follow me!”

He doesn’t have to say twice as the five of us ran to where he was pointing. It’s less than 2 seconds when we arrived.

At first, I never realized who was twitching and screaming in agony in the grass. But that awful stinking smell is unmistakable. I watched in shock to see Jacob Black, screaming in pain. I quickly scanned his mind for the reason but only I can see is pain.

“AAAARGHHHH IT BURRNS!!!!” Jacob screamed.

“No, this is not true. How can this be?” Carlisle said.

I noticed Carlisle was leaning towards Jacob, examining every part of him. I scanned Carlisle's mind to see what he was looking for…. And I gasped. He's looking for Bite marks .

Then I recognized immediately the way Jacob’ twists and turns in agony. His pain is not ordinary . This kind of pain can only be caused by Vampire Venom! Jacob has been bitten? Impossible! That can't happen.

“No marks” Carlisle said. His face was very confused.

“Surely, he cannot be suffering from a vampire bite. He's a werewolf for heaven's sake!" Jasper said, "but how can you explain his agony?"

Everyone was quiet for a moment. Suddenly, I heard a huge gasp. I whirled quickly to see Alice’s hand is on her mouth.

She looked like she will vomit.

“It was n-not Jacob Black who's been bitten, Carlisle” Alice finally said, her eyes wide in horror. I never saw her sacred like that.

“that M-Makatah must be the reason why Jacob-“

Wait, Makatah? I searched Alice’s mind. And then everything went clear. What I saw in her mind was Bella, explaining her trip to La Push to Alice. The Makatah. Sam Uley. My mind became blank for the first time in a century. This Makatah gave a magical link to Jacob and Bella. And if Jacob was experiencing pain caused by Vampire venom but no bite marks, then the bite must belong to................

“It’s burning! Take away the fire!!! PLEASE!!!” Jacob screamed.

This is not happening I said…

“Then who is it, Alice! Who's been bitten??!!” Carlisle said. His voice was superior.

Alice hesitated and I don’t need to hear her answer to know what she was going to say,

“It’s Bella” she finally said, "Bella has the bite"