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Bella's Fate

bannerHow can this be possible? Me? A different vampire? These questions erupted from Bella after her talk with Alice in her room. She knew something is different from her. She knew that it is impossible for everything to settle down just that. And now, she face this new challenge in her life that might break her clutch to Edward and to the rest of the world.

I made this out of my head one day while reading New Moon and still continued to rack my brain after Eclipse. Hope you enjoy it.

5. Chapter 5: "Marcus"

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I am already awake. But still I don’t want to open my eyes. I am not ready to see the reality that awaits me. Besides, if I already did become one of them, then this will definitely be my last sleep. Better enjoy every minute of it...

I don’t feel any pain in my body now too. Has it been 3 days since that unforgettable afternoon? I wondered what Alice’s reaction when she didn’t found me on her back. I thought about Charlie too. He might already be worried sick and already informed Renee about my disappearance….

Because of these worries that came upon me, I already decided to open my eyes.

“Oh, Good morning, Bella! Did you enjoy your sleep?”

I quickly sat up from the very comfortable bed that I am in, and looked around to see the owner of the voice. I gasped in shock.

Marcus, one of the three ‘kings’ of Volterra, is sitting beside my bed, cross-legged and hands together. He’s looking at me as if I am a very interesting meat. I wondered why he’s eyeing me like this now. The last time I saw him was when I was in that dungeon with Edward and Alice, and he was so bored by us, he did not even glanced at me that time, not even once. But now…

“Where am I?” I told him.

Well, I looked around. We were in a very beautiful room, but the only light source is from the yellow lights coming from the marvelous well-crafted ceiling. No sunlight. The flowers that are scattered around us looked like those from the funeral service. I guessed I might now be in the depths of Volterra.

“Home” he finally said. His smile gave me the creeps.

“This is not my home” I said through gritted teeth giving a slight emphasis on the last word, “nor will it be”

He laughed. The sound coming from him was just like a whisper. It scares me. After his laughing session, he went back into staring at me and this time I, because he was on my nerve already, demanded the reason.

“Why the heck are you staring at me?” I said. I can’t help but shake in anger. One thing I hate the most is when people stare at me.

He laughed again before he answered me, “Well, Bella, I was just very interested in you, really, I mean this is the first time that I witnessed a transformation that took only 12 hours to complete. And the most intriguing part is that, you woke without being wild in demanding for blood which every newborn vampire usually does. Look at you! You’re as calm as a baby!”

I tried to give him a disgusting look but all I could manage was a curious look. I do feel calm. And still whenever I think about blood, I still wanted to puke. Am I really a vampire now? But I don’t want to ask this monster for anything. So I quickly changed the subject.

“So, what do you plan now huh?” I said, snarling as I do so. “Planning to make me as your personal servant I guess? Or a bodyguard like Felix and Demetri? Or a fishergirl just like Heidi? Ha! In your dreams, octopus” I snickered.

He didn’t seem to mind my ranting. He just looked at me with the same sickening interest that I am really starting to hate. He’s really getting me on my nerves now, seriously.

“Well, no Bella. Certainly not” he shrugged and went on, “Seriously, how can you think that we’ll put you in such low ranks when you are almost as powerful as us, Bella! You will become one of us, Bella. One of us” He said, and he smiled.

There was a pause for a moment. Then as blood rushed through me (if there was any blood left on me by the way) I leaned to him and said with heavy breathing, emphasis on every word, “I-will-never-ever-in-my-whole-existence- join-you” I said, clutching the comforters and I really want to tear him badly.

Marcus didn’t back away or even move from his seat. He just looked at me. “Well, voluntary yes you will not” he said, “But forcefully, I guess you’ll have no choice”

I eyed him for a moment, “What do you mean?” I asked. I felt great panic for the past 24 hours, and I am feeling that panic again right now. Marcus tried to touch my hand but I quickly dodged him. He smiled at my reaction.

“You still do not know my ability do you?” he asked, his face wide with grin, “You all have this impression that Aro was the leader of this family; the Highest King, the most powerful one. And I believe that you also thought the same?”

I didn’t respond. Yeah, I thought that. I remembered that Aro was the friendliest among them. No wait, friendly is not the word but I guess something like that. Marcus and Caius gave me the impression that they were just working in the background while Aro does the socializing part. He continued.

“My ability, Bella, is something you may never have imagined. You might not even have read this in your little fantasy books.” He said, face blank. “What I can do is that, I can give a person another personality. Something which I prefer, the one I designed. And after I gave that new personality to that person, I will take away the old one and locked it somewhere inside you that surely you will never ever find.”

I was trembling as I hear this. New personality? Something he prefers? I don’t get it. He went on.

“Aro was my son, Bella.” He looked at me and I gasped. His SON???

“He was a coward, goody-goody boy who had no brains to even do simple arithmetic. I was an ambitious father, I want a son which I could be proud of.”

I was listening very hard. Usually, I can’t breathe in this situation. But I guess I don’t need to breathe now that it didn’t make any difference.

“Then one night, when he was 14, something attacked me in the middle of the night while doing barter. And after that I became this” he said, looking at his own body.

“I discovered my ability during one of my hunting evenings. My victim, named Hendrick, was a middle-aged pot maker. I experimented my ability to him and, Presto! He became my instant colleague. I made his personality to my liking. I wanted him to be brave and bearable, and he did! I made him as perfect as possible to be my friend. He didn’t remember anything about his past of course. I took away everything from him. So I changed his name and he became Caius”

I know now what he’s up to. Panic, Stress, Helplessness, Terror, Horror, Sickness and other negative emotions started to swell upon me. Tears started to flood my face, and I am too scared to wipe them off. I’ll be changed too.

It’s as if he didn’t noticed my terror because he still finished his story without glancing at me.

“So after 30 years, I saw that my son, who’s name was still James back then, still didn’t changed. I wanted to be a father to him. I wanted to correct him. I’ll make him the son that I wanted him to be. And that is the story of how he became Aro, my so-called bestfriend”

“But I wanted a daughter too you know” he said. He stopped for a moment and slowly tilted his face to me. I was horrified to see that his features changed. He now possessed wide red-blood eyes that looked like it will pop out of his eye socket. He suddenly have no lips nor teeth nor tongue. Just a deep hollow in his mouth.

His face was so horrifying. Something you wish that will never appear in your nightmare. I started to moan as I backed away from him. I wanted to run. I took off from the bed and ran to the corner of the room. I was trapped. I felt extreme negative emotions in my chest where my heart used to be beating. This is much worse than when my heart was still pounding. He stood up and walked slowly, zombie-like, still possessing that horrifying face, eyes very wide.

“Don’t you dare” I threatened. I remembered about what Alice told me. I was powerful right? I quickly tried to do something. I focused myself in his eyes, trying to imitate what Jane was doing. No effect. He is still coming.

I am really very scared now. I started pounding in the wall. “HEEELLLP!!!!” I screamed. I look to Marcus again, He’s nearer now. I pounded very hard in the wall. ‘I know I can break this’ I said or so I thought. I am powerful right now. I am still a newborn. I looked back again…

And regretted it as I was already face to face with him.

“AAAAHHHHHHHH” my knees break away and I cowered in the wall, “Please, oh please, stop now!!”

But he still came near me, he is so near now that his nose where already touching mine…


……………………and then everything went blank.