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Bella's Fate

bannerHow can this be possible? Me? A different vampire? These questions erupted from Bella after her talk with Alice in her room. She knew something is different from her. She knew that it is impossible for everything to settle down just that. And now, she face this new challenge in her life that might break her clutch to Edward and to the rest of the world.

I made this out of my head one day while reading New Moon and still continued to rack my brain after Eclipse. Hope you enjoy it.

7. Chapter 7: "Lyka"

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“Oh, please Gianna!" I pleaded. "Just this once, I just want to see the parade!” We were in the main lobby of my home, the underground of Volterra.

“You know that’s impossible, Your High-" But I gave her a meaningful look and she sighed. As my best friend, there was no need for titles. “Fine, Lyka,” she complied. “But you know what Master Marcus told us! We’re not allowed to go up! It’s too risky, we might get exposed and that will be the end of us!”

I sighed and I let myself slump on the couch beside her desk, lips pouting. I was never allowed to explore the things that I was curious about, since the day that I had woken up. You know, one of the very hard things about not remembering anything about your past is that you feel stupid. I was sick of just asking what’s this or what’s that? When I could just go up there and see for myself.

I looked at my left wrist. The bracelet with the wolf figurine is the only thing that I had when I woke up that day, and I was hoping that it would help me remember everything of my past. Marcus told me that my name was Aria and that I was his adopted daughter. He was very strict to me and uncaring, as if I was a soldier, so even though he's my adoptive father, I have never learned to like him. On the other hand, Aro spoils me a lot, saying that I am their only princess in their household.

Looking at it, I should be contented about my life now. But I can’t help about wondering about my past. Looking at my bracelet, I imagined maybe I was a wolf princess or something. I knew this is too far-fetched, but living underground without ever going outside has certainly boosted my imagination. So I decided to name myself Lyka since it sounded wolfish enough to come from a tribe. I knew it sounded ridiculous, childish and absurd, but I still liked the idea. At least I still had a made-up past that I could cling on to. I didn’t like the name Aria since I felt like I belonged to Marcus if I accepted that ridiculous name. I was happy that Gianna complied with my fantasies.

Gianna looked at me apologetically from her desk.

“I'm sorry I can't do anything” she said. “You know that it’s just been a year since I became a vampire, and I still have no control of my blood cravings unlike you.” She eyed me wistfully.

“Eww, blood!” I still didn't understand how they all managed to enjoy drinking that stuff. “I know I'm a vampire but still no matter what Marcus says, I won’t drink blood!” The thought alone made me puke.

“That’s the point! You’re a vampire!” she retorted. “You know, I am starting to believe that you might not really be a vampire. You might be a wolf princess after all!” I laughed at the last comment.

“Oh, I am fine!” I said between laughs. “I don’t need any kind of food to survive! I am as strong as an elephant.”

“You’re a million times stronger than that,” Gianna added and she looked quite defeated. I smiled.

At that moment, Jane appeared from the corner and bowed to me. I knew Jane hated me for some reason, but I didn’t care because I hated her as well. I had hated her angelic face from the start, knowing she was far from being an angel.

“What’s funny, Aria?” Jane asked, irritated. She knew that she was the cause of my sudden burst of giggles. I raised an eyebrow. “Call me Lyka, Jane and well, it’s nothing. It’s just that it’s kind of weird seeing you without your darling, Alec.” I said, trying to look amused.

“It’s none of your business, Your Highness!” Jane said through gritted teeth. I ignored her.

I loved teasing Jane. It’s my favorite hobby.

“Say, Jane,” I said happily, “Care for diapers? I’ll buy some for you.”

Jane's face became contorted, and I felt goose bumps in my arms and legs. She was trying it again.

My face remained smooth. I really wanted her to feel the pain she made her victims feel...

And then she started screaming in pain, but I immediately stopped. It wasn't my thing to enjoy other people’s pain.

“Next time,” I warned, smiling the friendliest I could. “Choose the person that you plan to torture carefully. Because you might find yourself the one being tortured.”

And I stormed away, enjoying another day of triumph.

I walked through the Royal corridor. I was already going to my room when I heard people talking from one of the other rooms. “I thought this corridor is for the royals only,” I thought. Curious, I peeked in to that room with the voices to see who were there. It was Felix and Demetri, and they were talking about something. I leaned in to eavesdrop.

“Yes, Forks is a dangerous place already for us now,” Demetri said. “Since those wolves appeared.”

My mind raced. Wolves, he said?

“Yeah, I heard they slaughtered a lot of newborn vampires there a couple of months ago,” Felix agreed.

“Let them try us. Let’s see if they could last in 15 minutes,” Demetri guffawed.

I looked at my bracelet, and decided to show myself to them. Wherever Forks is, I needed to go there.

“Hi boys,” I said.

The two vampires looked at me, shocked. They quickly bowed to me. “Your Highness,” they chorused. I drew out my hand so that Demetri could kiss it. I usually didn't like this kind of Royal manner, and they knew it, but I have a purpose this time.

Demetri looked at me questioningly at first and then he took my hand and kissed it. As he touched my hand, I quickly mimicked Aro’s ability. Demetri’s thoughts washed over me like a wild river. I searched for the way to Forks, and found it. I scanned through the place, intriuged.

Forks was magnificent! There was... a meadow, I guess. But it was stunningly beautiful! If I was going outside, this place was worth the first visit. I quickly opened my eyes and let go of Demetri. I saw that he was looking at me suspiciously. Was I that obvious? I quickly distracted him with a question.

“What are you two doing in this room?” I questioned, managing some majesty in my voice. “You both know that the rooms in this corridor are strictly for royals only!”

“Sorry, Your Highness,” they chorused and bowed again.

“Go now,” I ordered. They scurried away immediately, and I was left alone in that room, excitement brewing behind my calmness. Wolves! There were wolves in Forks! I must see them, I must meet them!

I eyed my wolf bracelet and grasped it excitedly. I decided that I would go to Forks - to that meadow - as soon as possible.

I left the room quickly, planning my great escape.

To Be Continued

Special thanks to my Beta-reader, Moondancing Millie!