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The Little Human

Set in New moon, after Edward leaves. Bella hasn't spoken in four months. She barely eats, she wakes each night screaming and Charlie is at his wit's end. Bella takes a walk in the woods, with the intention of taking her own life. Instead, she meets a woman, young and beautiful, who offers her everything she wants - needs - to get Edward back, without three days of screaming pain and an insatiable bloodlust. But there is a price. Bella must give up her voice, and then, she has three days to get Edward to prove his love for her. She agrees readily - after all, why would she need a voice when she hasn't spoken in four months, and if Edward still doesn't love her, she'll probably just kill herself anyway. So, the spell is performed, and Bella goes to sleep that night without any nightmares, eager for her new life to begin. However, the results aren't quite what she expected...

Yeah, I know, Little Mermaid rip-off Ok, I don't actually own a single copy of Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse. I know, *gasp* Shock horror, etc... But anywho, what I'm saying is that some of this might not be completely accurate, but I tried, ok? Just bear with me...

2. II ~ Unwanted

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I lay on my bed, eyes squeezed tight shut, a pillow over my head. I didn’t want to face the world, I didn’t want to live.

But I couldn’t die.

And I couldn’t become one of them, because he didn’t love me anymore. And what was the point of eternity with no-one to love you?

But I couldn’t die.

I’d promised him, and I didn’t break my promises.

The door creaked as it opened, and Charlie peeked cautiously through the gap. I watched, silently, through a sliver between my pillow and the mattress, as he crossed the room and sat on the end of my bed.

“Bells?” He asked softly. I suddenly got the unshakeable feeling this was a conversation I didn’t want to be a part of.

Well, in a manner of speaking.

After all, you can hardly have a conversation when only one of you has a voice.

Nevertheless, I sat up. Wrapping my arms around my knees and clutching them to me. Charlie sighed I relief when he saw I was listening.

“Listen, Bells. I love you, you know that right?” I nodded, confused. Where was he going with this?

“And you know I only want the best for you?” I nodded again, warily.

Charlie sighed, putting his head in his hands.

“Why is this so hard?” He muttered “Bella, I – we – that is, your mother and I – well, we think. We think you should move back to live with Renee ok?” I gasped, a single, strangled 'no' slipping between my lips in a whisper, and we both gaped in shock at what had occurred.

“Bells? What did you say?” Asked Charlie cautiously, wary of pushing me too far.

I didn’t open my mouth again, not trusting myself to speak, not trusting myself to stay silent. Instead, I got my point across by shaking my head vehemently, the universal sign for no.

Charlie was having none of it though.

“Isabella Marie Swan, this is not a subject up for debate! You’re wasting away, Bells! Pining for him even after he left you!” I winced, still shaking my head.

I couldn’t leave here, I couldn’t! It was my last tie to him, to them!

Forks – my home

“Bella, I'm not going to argue with you!” Charlie shouted, his patience worn thin after four months of my depression. “You are going back to Renee and that is final!”

I leapt up, as tears burned in my eyes, and ran out of the house.

Charlie called after me, but it was in vain.

I stopped only to grab a piece of rope from the back of my truck, and sprinted into the woods, stumbling, unseeing, on branches and roots, leaves and shrubs.

If even Charlie didn’t want me – if he was so eager to be rid of me – then there was nothing left.

No reason.

I was... Unwanted.

I stumbled and sobbed my way to the place I had last seen him.

As good a place as any to end my life.

Though truly, my life ended the second he said he no longer loved me.

As I prepared the rope in a loop, and clambered up a tree to tie it to a branch, I could’ve sworn I heard his voice calling me, telling me to stop…