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The Little Human

Set in New moon, after Edward leaves. Bella hasn't spoken in four months. She barely eats, she wakes each night screaming and Charlie is at his wit's end. Bella takes a walk in the woods, with the intention of taking her own life. Instead, she meets a woman, young and beautiful, who offers her everything she wants - needs - to get Edward back, without three days of screaming pain and an insatiable bloodlust. But there is a price. Bella must give up her voice, and then, she has three days to get Edward to prove his love for her. She agrees readily - after all, why would she need a voice when she hasn't spoken in four months, and if Edward still doesn't love her, she'll probably just kill herself anyway. So, the spell is performed, and Bella goes to sleep that night without any nightmares, eager for her new life to begin. However, the results aren't quite what she expected...

Yeah, I know, Little Mermaid rip-off Ok, I don't actually own a single copy of Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse. I know, *gasp* Shock horror, etc... But anywho, what I'm saying is that some of this might not be completely accurate, but I tried, ok? Just bear with me...

4. IV ~ Out of Time

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There was no point in living, so I wasn’t going to anymore. A simple solution to all my problems.

So what if I’d promised …Edward… not to put myself in danger, to look after myself? He’d broken promises too, so many times…

His name no longer brought me pain as I put my head through the loop. I’d heard that lack of oxygen to the brain caused hallucinations, and I hoped that they were pleasant ones.

I took a last breath, and imagined I could smell him. My imaginary Edward was oddly silent. I’d expected him to yell at me, to tell me off, to try and stop me from taking my own life. But only the sounds of the forest met my ears as I kicked the log from beneath my feet. And then, at last, I heard him.

He was fair screaming my name, but he sounded so far away…

Dark spots danced in front of my eyes, and my head throbbed from the pressure, my lungs screaming in protest. I fought to breathe, instinct telling me to break free, but then realised that I could hear a beautiful voice calling me.

It wasn’t him; the voice was softer, higher, more feminine.


No, not Alice, it was too… maternal for Alice.

Perhaps Esme?

No matter, it was only an illusion; a hallucination conjured by my dying brain as it fought for survival.

My vision began to blur, and the voice got louder. It wasn’t Esme, but it definitely sounded Vampiric in origin. But I didn’t know of any other female Vampires, unless…


But why would I hallucinate about Rosalie, when I only wanted to see him? It seemed that even whilst I was dying he would leave me.

I began to sob softly as I saw a blurred figure enter the clearing. I must still be hallucinating, because I was sure…

A slender, blonde woman walked towards me, holding out her arms and calling my name.

An angel, come to take me to Heaven? But where was he? Where was my angel?

Where was Edward?

Edward’s POV

I was running as fast as I could, trying to reach my Bella before she killed herself.

I knew where I was headed, to the clearing where I had left her.

The memories rushed into my head in a vicious onslaught, and I just wanted to fall to the ground in a ball and wallow in my pain, but I had to keep running, for her sake.

I screamed her name aloud, praying that she would hear me and pause, if just for a second. I wasn’t going to reach her in time; I could feel it in my heart.

Alice hadn’t given me a time scale, but by the way my long-absent heart, which had I had lost the day I broke Bella’s, was not only returned to my chest, but felt like it was dying all-over again, I knew that it was almost too late. But if I could just reach her before her heart stopped beating, I could bite her, change her.

I no longer cared about her soul, about damning her, if she was dying… It wouldn’t be killing her if there was no other way.

With my heart and mind firmly set in this resolve, I sprinted onwards.

I didn’t realise I had strayed onto Quileute territory until I was surrounded.

I fell to my knees, as one of them lunged at me, knowing that I could never save Bella now.

I curled up into a ball and began to sob, waiting for the wolves to tear into me…