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The Little Human

Set in New moon, after Edward leaves. Bella hasn't spoken in four months. She barely eats, she wakes each night screaming and Charlie is at his wit's end. Bella takes a walk in the woods, with the intention of taking her own life. Instead, she meets a woman, young and beautiful, who offers her everything she wants - needs - to get Edward back, without three days of screaming pain and an insatiable bloodlust. But there is a price. Bella must give up her voice, and then, she has three days to get Edward to prove his love for her. She agrees readily - after all, why would she need a voice when she hasn't spoken in four months, and if Edward still doesn't love her, she'll probably just kill herself anyway. So, the spell is performed, and Bella goes to sleep that night without any nightmares, eager for her new life to begin. However, the results aren't quite what she expected...

Yeah, I know, Little Mermaid rip-off Ok, I don't actually own a single copy of Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse. I know, *gasp* Shock horror, etc... But anywho, what I'm saying is that some of this might not be completely accurate, but I tried, ok? Just bear with me...

7. VII ~ Speechless

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I stumbled up the stairs to bed, after bidding Charlie goodnight. He was astounded at my sudden change of temper, even more so with how I casually chatted with him whilst making, serving and eating dinner. He’d nearly had a heart-attack when I’d laughed at his joke.

I gathered my wash things and headed to the bathroom. At the top of the stairs, I paused, having heard Charlie say my name. However, I soon realised he was on the phone with my mother, and continued on to the toilet, giving him privacy to discuss my fate. I really didn’t care anymore – Charlie wouldn’t send me away this late at night, so I’d have tonight, and tomorrow… Well, I’d either have to die, or start searching for Edward.

I finished brushing my teeth and headed back to my room. Calling out goodnight to Charlie, I clambered into my bed, and waited for the dreamless sleep The Mother of The Earth had promised me.

Charlie’s POV

“It’s remarkable Renee, Bella seems so much better! She spoke, she cooked, she ate, and she even laughed! A proper laugh too, not forced in the slightest!” My ex-wife didn’t seem convinced that our daughter was recovering.

“But Charlie, she was so depressed! How can she have recovered so quickly?”

“I'm not sure – I mean, we had an argument, she didn’t want to leave Forks, and she ran out of the house and disappeared into the forest. I chased after her, but she’d disappeared.” I didn’t feel the need to mention to her the frayed rope I’d seen hanging from a tree in the forest. After all, there was no proof that Bella had tried hanging herself – and she was home wasn’t she? Safe and sound… “I went back to the house, and searched again. I was just going to look in the woods again when she walked out. She tripped over a tree root the second she got out of the forest, but other than that…”

“And she’s fine now?”

“Yeah, she seems so much happier. Maybe she just needed some time to think about everything. Maybe she just needed shocking out of her depression.”

“Maybe she tripped over in the woods and smacked her head on a rock. Did you think of that, Charlie? Maybe our daughter has brain damage! Maybe she has amnesia and thinks Edward is going to come pick her up for school in the morning!” Renee was almost hysterical at his point. I opened my mouth to reassure her, but before I could say a word I heard the deep tones of Renee’s new husband, Phil in the background. I ground my teeth slightly. Of course, I knew that our marriage was over long before Renee met Phil, but still…

I well remembered that day in the woods when she’d convinced me not to kill myself, the day I’d fallen in love with the beautiful, pale stranger who would later become my wife, the mother of my child, then divorce me.

“I think I’d notice if Bella had brain damage Renee. And I don’t think that she has amnesia – the pain is still there, she’s just not overwhelmed by it anymore. Look Renee, I have to go, it’s getting late and I have work tomorrow.” My tone was cold.

“You’re going to work tomorrow? But what if Bella needs you? Maybe I should fly out there…” A scream cut through the air from upstairs. Bella.

“What was that? Was that Bella?”

“Yup. Told you she doesn’t have amnesia. Goodnight Renee. Say hi to Phil for me too!” I hung up on her protestations with a sigh as Bella screamed again. Normally, I ignored her, but after what Renee had said… I decided to check on Bella.

When I pushed the door of her room open, she was rocking back and forth, forehead pressed to her knees and sobbing. I strode across the room and sat down besides her. Tentatively, I put my arm around her shoulders.

“Bells? Talk to me Bells, what’s wrong? Another nightmare?” She nodded, burying her head in my shoulder. A memory sprang to mind – Bella, four years old, tripping over a cracked paving slab and breaking her wrist. She had clung to me like this whilst the doctor examined the break. “What’s that Bells?” I asked, trying, and failing, to understand what she’d mumbled into my shirt.

“She promised! She said no more nightmares! I guess I was hallucinating then…” She started to control her sobs. “Sorry dad, I guess I got my hopes up for nothing. I'm ok now, I think.” The cuckoo clock in the kitchen downstairs chimed – midnight.

There was a sudden change of pressure in the room – my ears popped, and I worked my jaw, swallowing, to try and fix it. Bella opened her mouth to speak – but no noise came out. She frowned, and tried again, but achieved the same result. Her face broke into a huge grin and she hugged me tight, leaping out of bed and spinning around the room. I was starting to worry – what if Renee was right about the brain damage?

“Bella? Bella honey, are you feeling ok?” She span to face me and opened her mouth, then shut it again, biting her lip and frowning. Then her eyes lit up again, and she scrabbled in her desk drawers for pen and paper. She wrote something on it, and showed it to me.

I'm fine Charlie, I can’t really explain it I wish I could but you wouldn’t believe me anyway. I won’t be able to talk for the next few days, but after that I should be ok.

She paused thoughtfully, and then scribbled something else.

Do I look any different?

“No, Bella, what’s all this about? Is this some attention thing? Do you want me to stay home tomorrow?” She rolled her eyes.

Dad, I'm fine, honestly. I’ll explain everything later, but now I want to go to bed. Can we talk in the morning?

“Fine Bells, but this isn’t over, ok? I’ll call the station in the morning and tell them I'm not coming in.”

Dad, you can go to work, I’ll be fine on my own.

“No arguing Bella.” Was it arguing if you were only talking through a piece of paper? “Now go to bed and get some rest. Maybe I’ll make you a doctor’s appointment.” She flinched. Then sighed. Made shooing motions with her hands. I moved off of her bed and stood in the doorway. She pulled the duvet over her head. “Goodnight Bella.”

I flipped the light switch, plunging the room into darkness. The only illumination came from the slightly ajar door. I stepped out, and pulled it shut behind me.

What if Renee was right? What if Bella did have brain damage? What if she would never fully recover from Edward leaving? Damn, but I hated that jerk. What he’d done to Bella was unforgivable. If I ever saw him again…

I sighed. I needed a drink… I headed downstairs to find my whiskey.