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Daunting Thank you, Marauder by Midnight, for the banner 3rd and last story in the 'Life in Love' series Sequal to 'Possibilities' "This is what we have been waiting for. This was the formidable fight. This was something that I wasn’t sure we were even going to win. Each pair of daunting red eyes stared back at me, filled with hope that they would win. Hoping, just like us, that they would live."

Disclaimer-I'm not Stephenie Meyer-end of story

1. Run Away

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 2980   Review this Chapter

“No!” Edward and I yelled together.

“I’m afraid we have no other choice. You must either join, or…” my eyes were wide with fright as I held Edward’s hand. It was dark, maybe midnight in volterra, and Edward and I were back in that same, horrific, room.

“Die.” Aro finished his warning.

“No.” I whispered. I backed away slowly, my head shaking back and forth, my mind becoming numb with paralysis, my mouth repeating the same word, "no", as if saying it enough will make it so.

The Volturi members all gave a wide grin, showing their white glistening teeth, all of them razor sharp and coated with venom.

“We don’t give third chances.” Alec reminded.

“Please, just once. We did what we promised!” I cried.

“We offered you the option of joining us, you declined it, and so there is only one more option.” Caius snarled, impatient.

“No!” I whispered again, horrified.

“You know the other option.” Marcus finished. I winced as I heard Edward growl-he was going to get hurt. The odds of a fight were great, but not in our favor .

“Please, no.” I begged as I dropped to my knees; somehow my legs gave out, preventing me from standing upright. I looked down at them, starting to panic. I couldn’t move a single thing! Edward took a position in front of me to try and defend me, we were surrounded.

But then I realized I was a vampire too, and I could do what Edward could do-fight for my life and his.

“No, Edward!” I screamed as Jane pounced on him. I knocked him out of the way so that Jane hit me instead. Somehow I was able to break free of whatever was holding me to the ground. Perhaps it was my strong willingness that did it, I didn’t know. Right now I was concentrating on the vampire who was on me.

I screamed as she bit me, it stung. I was a new born and strong, so I easily got her off of me and threw her across the room as hard as I could. I was inexperienced and they tried to take advantage of that. Just as I threw two others off of me (with six new stinging vampire bites and now ripped up clothes) I looked to Edward frantically. How were we supposed to do this?

“EDWARD!!” I screamed to him. He was fighting way too many Volturi guards at once. I tried to get to his side, but something was holding me back. I fought against it, but my legs were locked in place. Not again! I looked down to my legs; nothing was there, just as last time. But yet again, I couldn’t move. I couldn’t run fast enough to save him, I couldn’t run at all.

But all of a sudden Edward’s growl stopped. I anxiously looked to my right, away from my legs, and saw Edward, on the ground. His head and arms were limp, and torn.

“Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” my piercing scream rang over the growls. Then bright light of the fire they had made on Edward blazed into my eyes as I kept on screaming.

“Bella, BELLA!” Edward said as he shook me. I had continued to scream, even with my eyes now open. Then I stopped, now aware of where I was.

“Edward…but you!…and...” I then stupidly realized I was day dreaming. It seemed to affect me like a regular dream (or in this case nightmare) I had had when I was human, I just didn’t sleep now. I was panting and shaking. That last image of Edward burning up, on fire, played over in my head.

“Love, you were day dreaming. And I am sure whatever happened won’t in reality.” He assured me as he pulled me into his arms. He looked a bit worried and confused as he kissed my forehead. I didn’t blame him. Maybe there really was something wrong with my brain. I sighed, looking around. We were still sitting on the sofa watching TV with Emmett and Alice.

Alice looked at me with an expression of worry, but Emmett was just amused.

“Yeah, it was silly. Never mind it.” I whispered, my hands still trembling, as I turned my head back to the TV but the truth was it wasn’t exactly silly, or forgettable. I have been having the same dream for weeks now, and it wouldn’t exactly go away.

I calmed myself and continued to watch T.V in Tanya’s house. Tanya, Kate, Irina, Carmen and Eleazar disagreed with the idea of us moving out; they said it was much less boring when we were there. There was no need to spend all of that unneeded money (though money wasn’t an issue) to buy a new house for the Cullen clan when we could just stay here. I was fine with that decision.

Edward and I had stayed on the island in Hawaii for a month. I thought it was the longest honeymoon in the world until Edward informed me of the last time Emmett and Rosalie had their honey moon-it had lasted half a year.

But a month was perfectly alright with me-I was content with it. But I missed the rest of my new family, even Alice’s jabbering of clothes. That one surprised me just a little bit.

Life was perfect on the island. Nobody was there to harm us, or to even think about harming us. It was peaceful, and it was what Edward and I needed the most. I felt like we were a lot closer now, Edward and I. I think perhaps the family noticed too, once we got back. There was no more bickering between us, even if there was only a little before. We both felt a little more connected to each other.

But that thought still couldn’t keep my mind off of other things, for instance the dream. I knew the Volturi didn’t need to show, and I knew we wouldn’t die, hopefully.. But still, it was too vivid to just forget, and having it every day was just not normal. I’ll probably go to talk to Alice about it, I decided. But she would probably know what I would be talking about anyways, since it looked as though she just saw it in one of her visions.

She nodded to me, as if to answer my unasked question and I gave her a small smile. Edward seemed a little worried about me, but I smiled looking up to him and shrugged. My eyes said it was nothing to worry about and Edward’s eyes showed that he understood. I moved closer to Edward and hid my face from sight, pressing my face against his chest so that he could not see what else my eyes said.

I also missed Jake, surprisingly enough. The last time I had seen him was when we were fighting, after my wedding. We were now still in Alaska for a little more than a month, and Jake probably forgot all about me. That was good; I didn’t want him to get hurt at all from my absent presence. It was better this way.

I was wrong though, the more I thought about it the more I wanted to go back down to La Push and see him. But the treaty was off; they could rip me to pieces if they wanted to. But why would Jake want to do that? I didn’t want anyone to answer my own question…..

My selfishness came back to me; I wanted to see him, whether or not he was willing to see me back, or if it hurt him. I needed to see him. I continued to think about the idea until a huge problem occurred and sent a tiff through my pondering thoughts.

If I did go down there I would have to take a car-which car?

Edward hadn’t gotten me one yet, so if I had to chose, the Volvo would be my best bet. I could drive it down while they were hunting tomorrow; I had already hunted today. That’s what I would do. I was forgetting about the person next to me, though. Alice could see it if she had a vision, because my future would be lost while I was with werewolves. She could see the plan, and then Edward would see it. I would have to keep on changing it, that’s the only way to slip through her power. I tried focusing on different plans, all of which didn’t include Jacob. I thought about going to the mall (ha-ha-very likely), going with Carmen to go walk through the forest (she was a great friend), running, camping with Edward, driving around, getting a new car (she might expect something from that if she didn’t from the mall), and even unpacking (there was still a box full of things I was neglecting to open from Charlie’s house).

When the movie ended on T.V I decided I was going to go take another run (I loved it more than Edward did), just to try and clear this mess out of my mind.

“Where are you going, Bella?” Edward asked me as I gently untangled myself from his arms.

“I think for a run, just to clear my mind.” I smiled and ran to the door before he could ask to go with me. I had to go by myself; it was the only way I could even think attempt to calm myself this time.

In the house I could hear Alice and Edward talking. My hearing was greatly improved, and it had its advantages for eavesdropping.

“What was that all about?” Edward muttered.

“She said ‘to clear her head’; she’s got a bunch of plans up there that she is changing—you saw the flickers in my mind. First it was to go shopping, then walking with Carmen, then camping up in the mountains, then taking a drive somewhere, and that’s only a third of it-Edward it won’t stop.” I heard Alice say, almost complain.

“Interesting.” Edward muttered again.

“Not really, I have a feeling she is hiding something from us, especially me. She’s changing her future so that I don’t know what she is really going to do. She is up to something that she knows you won’t approve of.” I heard Alice say logically.

“What could she possibly do?” Edward asked Alice.

“I don’t know.” She admitted.

“It wouldn’t be going back to Forks, would it?” Edward guessed.

“I don’t know, it wouldn’t be anything in that area as far as I see, it’s not in her head-could that be for a reason though?” Alice asked herself. It wasn’t in Forks, but in that area. I bit my lip as I ran- she was getting close.

“I don’t know…possibly. We will just have to wait and see what she is up to. I don’t like it though.” Edward said.

My plan was working, although I would get bombarded with questions later on. I was right to get out of there while I did.

I decided to just run around inside the forest surrounding us. All of the trees covered in little icicles, like frozen rain drops, the ground covered in clean white snow. It was truly beautiful. And that helped clear my head.

After an hour or so I heard Edward come after me. So I slowed down and decided to sit on a rock. I leaned my head against a tree.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1- “Bella?” I heard Edward call. He was now right next to me.

“Hi.” I smiled up to him.

“Hello.” He said as he sat down next to me, then he put his arm around me. He looked as though he was going to ask me a question. But before he could, I leaned in and kissed him.

One of my most favorite things to do was to kiss Edward, because now that I was no longer a human, I didn’t have to hold back anymore.

I blushed as he kissed me back, his arms around me, his hand running through my hair. And without even realizing it, my plan had worked. He forgot about his questions for the moment.

But then he pulled back and picked me up in his arms, “What was that for?” he smiled.

“Because I love you.”I answered. It was true, that was part of the reason, but it was about the questions too. I resisted a flinch-It was too sneaky, even for me.

“I love you too.” He said. “I always will, no matter what crazy plan you're up to.”

I gulped and forced a smile. “I’ll hold you to that, you know." I whispered; he looked down at me disapprovingly before kissing me again.


“Bella, are you sure you’re not going to come with us? We are going up to the mountains.” Edward asked me for the millionth time. All of the Cullen’s were going, even Tanya’s family. It was perfect.

“Positive. I’ll just hang out here. I still have a little unpacking left anyways.” I said. I grabbed his jacket and gave it to him. I kissed him on the cheek and pushed him out the door with the family. It almost reminded me of a 50's household, the wife in polka dots wishing her husband luck at his job as he rushed off.

“Bye everyone! Have uh…. fun!” I laughed, “Emmett, tackle a grizzly for me, would you?” I joked, as he chuckled. “Sure thing.” He responded.

“Bye.” The rest said back to me and took off; Edward gave one last look of disappointment and worry, and something else I didn't quite see in time, and then ran after them as I waved.

It was hard work having to change my mind all the time, and I had to do it for a while. Now I just had to wait for fifteen minutes or so and they would get far away enough that by the time Alice see’s my plan, I will be gone. I plopped myself down on the couch, flipping through the channels on TV.

After it was around fifteen minutes or so of me sitting there, I went upstairs, continuing to make plans like go to the mall or go for a run. Then I grabbed my jacket and shoes.

I picked up my sunglasses from the table by the couch downstairs and sat down to write a note.


Don’t get mad, please!!!!


That should be enough for him to see, enough to not know where I was. He will get mad though, it was unavoidable.

I took Edward’s keys, locked the door, and ran to the garage in the back, revealing my plan for the probably watching Alice.

I got in Edward’s Volvo and started it up. I backed out, and drove it down the ‘road’.

I really surprised myself when I drove now; it was faster than even Edward would go.

I didn’t stop the whole way there. What would normally take days, only took me six hours. As I drove through Forks, I couldn’t help but go past Charlie’s house and stop there. I was a little on edge though-not only could neighbors be watching but Edward could be following. I wouldn’t feel completely sure I fully executed my plan until I was in La Push.

I parked the car in the driveway that I had parked in so many times before, and got out to go look around, to see how much it changed, despite my growing uneasiness. When I got inside, it was exactly the same. The dishes weren’t washed though, and there was hardly any food in the kitchen. Just to do him a favor, I cleaned all the dishes and put than back in the right place.

As I went upstairs, my room was the same too. It was empty, but still the same. I ran my hand over my desk and bed. So many memories, but I had to get out of here. I was on the verge of crying and breaking down at any moment.

With one last look I backed out of the drive way and made my way to La Push, trying to breath evenly.

I stopped at the divider line, or I guess where it used to be, and then waited. I got out of the car as I heard someone from the pack react to my scent.

And then a brown wolf came into view. When I was just about to talk, just to explain myself, I felt the gray wolf on top of me. He knocked me backwards, fifteen feet away from where I was standing.

“What the-” I screamed as I avoided the wolf’s teeth. The smell was so bad I felt as though I wanted to puke.

“Do you have any idea-” I was cut off, I needed to focus more on getting what looked like Jared off of me. I gasped as I quickly moved my head out of his way-I was so close to getting bitten.

“Fine.” I managed to say as I kicked the wolf off of me, making him land thirty feet away. He asked for it.

He growled at me getting up, “Look, all I wanted to do was see Jacob, could you pass the message along?” I asked him. He now realized who I was.

He growled again, but then reluctantly nodded. The stench was still unbearable, I wrinkled my nose. I stood up, brushing the dirt and leaves off of me. I smoothed my hair and readjusted my shirt.

Just then another wolf came into view; it was a reddish brown color. Jake. I swallowed hard.

He stopped some ways away to phase back and I looked down at my feet, sunglasses over my red eyes, as he walked up.

“Bella?” he asked, his voice barely above a whisper-as if he couldn’t believe it was me.

I looked up at him with a small smile,

“Hey Jake.”