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Daunting Thank you, Marauder by Midnight, for the banner 3rd and last story in the 'Life in Love' series Sequal to 'Possibilities' "This is what we have been waiting for. This was the formidable fight. This was something that I wasn’t sure we were even going to win. Each pair of daunting red eyes stared back at me, filled with hope that they would win. Hoping, just like us, that they would live."

Disclaimer-I'm not Stephenie Meyer-end of story

11. Month 1, Part 3

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“Bella- please let me help you carry that.” Edward asked-well, rather demanded- for the millionth time, as we walked down the stairs with our bags.

“In a few weeks you can carry anything you want-I just want to carry things while I still can.” I shook my head, still walking down the stairs. I didn’t bother changing out of the dress Alice made me wear-there was no point. Of course, Edward and I wouldn’t look as inconspicuous as we would like, but it was just a plane ride.

“Don’t forget these!” Alice handed me a pair of sunglasses I had never seen before. I eyed them,

“That’s your other birthday present from me; I didn’t bother wrapping it, seeing as you’ll need it for the plane ride.” They were designer sun glasses (Versace), of course. They were just tinted enough to not tell that my eyes were red. They must have cost, at least, 400 dollars.

“Thanks Alice.” I said, hugging her. I tried to ignore the fact that she made it a present so that I couldn’t refuse it. My regular glasses worked just as good-but she must have hid them. I couldn’t find them in my room at all when Edward and I were packing. I’ll play nice-I was leaving in a couple of minutes anyway.

“Bye, sweetheart-have fun.” Esme hugged me. She hugged Edward too and the rest of the family waved goodbye as we walked out of the house. Edward took my bag so that I could have the keys he tossed me.

“Do you trust my driving skills?” I smirked at him as he put our bags in the trunk. He faked a horrified expression-at least, I think he was faking it.

“I’m not too sure at the moment.” He muttered as we got into the car. One of the family members must have already taken the big pink bow off of the top. Once he was in the car I put the right key in the ignition and turned. With a purr, the engine was on.

I put it in drive and hoped to dear life that I wouldn’t run into a tree. Luckily, I didn’t and we were on the highway in seconds. It took a bit of getting used to-just a tiny bit of pressure on the accelerator and the Viper would fly forward.

“This is nice.” I commented as we continued to drive to the Anchorage airport. I could hear Emmett a mile away, running behind us.

Edward was holding the tickets in his right hand and was holding my hand in the other. “They will be happy to know you like it.”

It was 10 at night when we arrived at the airport. Edward handed me the tickets so that he could grab both of our bags. I tossed Emmett the keys as he ran up behind us. Though he had been running for an hour, he didn’t even look like he had been running even a minute.

“Glad you like it, Bella.” Emmett grinned, giving me a high-five before getting in my car.

“Thanks Emmett.” I smiled back as he waved and turned the car around to drive it back to Denali, where it could be parked safely in our over-sized garage.

Edward took my hand as we walked into the air port. After checking our bags in we had to go through security. Since we didn’t have a carry-on item (except for our jackets-just part of the illusion of being human) we just had to be scanned with a wand. Then, for no real reason, they checked our passports-even if we weren’t leaving the country. It was a good thing Alice stuck them in my bag-probably when I wasn’t looking. She must have known, due to a vision.

“Mrs. Cullen, I really need you to take your sun glasses off.” my eyes widened as I looked to Edward, who had already passed the security guard.

“Is there honestly a reason for that?” I asked him, trying to do the dazzling thing Edward made always work for me.

“Well, Ma’am, it’s just to see if your face matches up to the picture on your ID.” He stuttered slightly... Edward was frozen-he had no idea what to do either. We had never run into a security problem at an airport like this. I was trying not to panic-but then I realize-there was something I could do.

I used my pregnancy to my advantage.

“But-but just because I’m pregnant everyone has to pick on me! What if I don’t want to take off my sun glasses? Does it really seem fair? It’s not like I asked for this! I-I-I-” I faked crying, and stomped my foot on the ground. The man started to get wide eyed as I continued to act like I was having a pregnancy emotional attack.

“No-no ma’am you can just go right ahead.” He handed me my passport quickly and I snatched it, still pretending to cry, from him. I marched on, towards Edward. He put his arm around me trying not to laugh at the man as we walked to our gate.

“That was amazing.” He complemented as we sat down and waited. I shrugged,

“It wasn’t too hard. I shouldn’t be getting all emotional for another couple of weeks though, so you have nothing to worry about for right now.” I smirked at him. He gulped,

“Thank you for the warning.” I smiled as he kissed me.

“Flight 359 to Chicago, now boarding.” A woman’s voice announced from speakers. Edward helped me up and we walked to the flight attendant behind the desk, before you could go through the doorway and to the entrance of the plane. The flight attendant scanned our boarding passes before letting us walk to the plane entrance.

“We’re first class.” Edward looked at our passes as he gestured for me to take the window seat. I smiled and sat down as he did after me.

“This was nice of Carlisle and Esme, to give us this.” I said as more people started boarding the plane. I noticed that each stopped and glanced at us in wonder before being forced to continue. I leaned my head on his shoulder.

“Are you okay?” Edward asked me. I nodded,

“I’ll just hold my breath.” I was okay-I had more self control then I ever thought I would. I shifted around in my seat a bit-the blood and beating hearts of the other passengers was making me a little uncomfortable, especially because we were packed in this tight little area for a few hours. Edward’s hand on mine helped a lot.

After around 5 hours we finally landed in Chicago. Once the plane had come to a complete stop the announcer started to tell us what the weather was like. I un-buckled myself and sat up.

“We are now letting any handicapped passengers as well as any pregnant passengers off first.” A flight attendant said on the intercom.

“Well, I suppose this whole thing does come with a bit of advantage.” I smiled to Edward as he winked and escorted me off the plane.

“Shall we go get our luggage?” he asked me. I nodded as we walked to baggage claim. I still held my breath, and it was annoying without being able to smell. But not as uncomfortable as being able to smell the human blood that pulsed through the veins of every person in the O’Hare airport.

“Why is everyone staring at us?” I asked him quietly as we stood waiting for our bags, just like everyone else around us.

He put his arm around me, “Did you look in the mirror lately? You are beautiful.” He kissed me on the cheek. I rolled my eyes,

“Thanks-but I think most of those girls over there are looking at you.” I said to him. A few girls, probably a bit older than me, were sneaking awed glances at him every few seconds. They were using every old trick in the book-including pretending to put on makeup but really looking at Edward through the compact’s mirror. He looked up and then shrugged,

“Perhaps-it’s just too bad for them that I have an amazing wife who is more beautiful than any women in this world and beyond.” He smiled. He didn’t look at any women but me while we waited for our bags. I don’t even think he noticed them before I pointed them out. I let myself breathe again-the airport’s exit doors were opening and closing, sending cool fresh air in.

“Your bag is coming.” I informed him, smelling it even before it was visible. He nodded, grabbing it when it came to us as easily as if he was picking up a feather. And in truth, I noticed that everything I ever had to hold was so light I almost forgot there was something in my hands.

Once we had both bags, we walked out of the airport and Edward motioned for a cab. Unfortunately, nobody saw him.

“Maybe if I try?” I offered. He grimaced but nodded his head and gestured for me to go ahead. I waved my hand up in the air and yelled Taxi while three were driving by. They all stopped right away and backed up towards me.

I smirked at Edward as he grumbled something I didn’t understand. We walked to the nearest taxi and Edward handed our bags to the driver as we both got in the car. There was no point in renting a car, because we wouldn’t be going to very many places. And if we did, even if I couldn’t run, Edward could carry me and run at the same time. With our 2 bags it would be harder for him to run with me in his arms, so a taxi was the only logical fix.

Edward recited the address for his parent’s house, and in turn the house he had grown up in, and then at the speed limit (which was rather annoying) he began to drive there. It was very early in the morning, around 6 when we reached the white Victorian house, just outside the city of Chicago.

Edward paid the driver, who was a little awestruck at the sight of me, and then made sure the driver drove away quickly. Edward looked peeved-I think it was from what the driver was thinking about me.

As soon as Edward looked at me (or maybe it was because the driver was gone), he was normal again. I smiled as he carried both of our bags. He set them down on the porch quickly and got out a set of keys from his pocket. Then he un-locked the door and picked up the bags.

Once we were inside, Edward ran the bags upstairs in less than a second. That way he could take my hand. “Can you believe the last time I was here I was human and we weren’t even engaged?” I mused as we walked up the stairs.

Nothing had changed one bit since we were last here, hiding from Victoria. Victoria seemed so silly to me now-I could kill her easily. If Edward didn’t get the great honor of killing her then I surely would have.

“And now you’re a vampire, we’re happily married, and we’re expecting a child.” He smiled down at me as we ended up walking into his room. I think it was hard for the both of us to believe.

“Bella, I waited until now to give you your birthday present, I hope you don’t mind.” He suddenly said. I almost completely forgot he hadn’t given me one yet. I made a face-I hated presents.

“I don’t want a present, Edward-you’re perfectly fine.” I objected as he took something out of his pocket, completely ignoring me.

“Bella, I don’t know how I can ever re-pay you for all you have given me including your heart. It’s a…almost surreal feeling being back in the house that I grew up in 100 years ago, only to see that I have a wife and a child on the way-exactly what my mother always wanted for me; just to be happy and to have a family. I never thought I would ever have a son or daughter, or even a wife at that.” he said to me.

“Edward-your love is enough to repay me.” He smiled,

“I want to give you this, love. Happy 20th birthday.” He kept on smiling as he handed me a small jewelry box. I opened it up, almost afraid of what it would be. If he spent a lot of money I wouldn’t forgive him. Despite myself, I gasped.

There, sitting in black velvet, was a golden locket. It was shaped like a heart, and on the front it had a picture engraved in it of a rose. When I opened it up, Edward had filled the space for a picture with a picture from our wedding-Edward and I standing at the altar facing each other. Engraved on the left side of the heart said ‘our love will last forever’.

“I hope you don’t mind a hand-me-down, but that was the same locket my father gave to my mother on her 20th birthday. If you look on the back it says ‘happy 20th’” He explained. I flipped it over and saw the engraving.

“Bella, you are truly a rose that can bloom anywhere.” He whispered-that explained the rose on the front. I smiled.

“This is beautiful.” I whispered. He gently took it from me and put it around my neck.

“I know it doesn’t compare well to a car-” he began. I shushed him,

“This is by far the best gift I have ever gotten.”

“I’m happy you like it.”

It had been an hour since we had gotten in the house when I decided to ask him a serious question.

“Edward,” I whispered as he leaned in and kissed me for what seemed like the millionth time, “do you ever wonder…how we are going to raise our child? I’m assuming the baby will be a vampire-but there has never been something like an immortal baby before…how will it grow?” I asked. It was something that had been eating me up this past month.

We were both lounging on his bed, lying on our backs. He put his arm around me to gently pull me closer to him, and then he put his hand gently on my stomach.

“Bella, I have all the faith in the world that you will be an amazing mother to our son or daughter. You must know that.” he started off. I smiled and kissed him,

“Thanks.” I mumbled.

“The baby will be a vampire-Alice has seen that much. Though I told her not to after that vision-I want our baby to be a complete surprise. It is just what I have grown up with…” I saw him sneak a glance over at his desk, where many human pictures of his family and him were, “it is true, there has never been a baby conceived by two vampires before…it will be a first to all of us. It is growing inside of you just as a normal baby would, but as to the age it will grow to I have no idea.” I buried my head in his chest,

“Maybe, for the age, we shouldn’t think about it at all. We should just push away the thoughts until the right time comes.” I whispered.

“Perhaps you’re right.” He whispered back.

“There is something else that is bothering you.” I said, after a couple of minutes lying like this. I looked him in the eye, “you can tell me.” I reminded him. He took a deep breath,

“Both of us have amazing powers-I suppose you could say-in other people’s eyes. To have a child together might have passed powers along…our baby could have the same power’s as us…opposite powers….completely new powers…but he or she will have a power. And because of our baby’s back ground, it will be a good power. There are some…people…that might think of-” he tried to explain before I stopped him.

“No.” I whispered, my eyes widened. I went completely ridged. “no-they-they can’t do that!” I sat up. He grimaced, expecting this reaction from me. He talked in a steady voice as I continued to panic.

“If Aro heard about our baby, and with him knowing about our powers and now this human trait you have acquired, he would want to see it for himself. And if our baby had a good power…Aro collects vampires and puts them in his guard that have unique and possibly threatening powers to other vampires…so he may possibly find some ridicules excuse to-” he looked pained when he said this, “kill our baby, or take our child for himself.” He held his head in his hands as I did the same.

“Some ridicules excuse….what? Like saying that our baby has no self control and will make some type of army or something?” I guessed, distressed. It was only something I had flung out there…but to my surprise Edward nodded his head,

“Yes, some ridicules excuse exactly like that.” he looked sick. I folded my arms over my stomach,

“This is bad.” I murmured, holding my locket in one hand.

“Yes…and if the Volturi do find out and Aro decides to skip the excuse, there is always the member of the guard that basically hypnotizes you into wanting to please Aro any way you can…that is partially why Jane, Heidi, Alec and Giana are so loyal.” He said to me.

“Why didn’t you tell me any of this?” I asked him.

“It may not happen…its only if Aro finds out. All we have to do is make sure he doesn’t.” Edward pulled me into his arms.

“Alice’s visions….you don’t think that perhaps me being hurt and the burnt visions of the Volturi have anything to do with this, do you?” I murmured suddenly. Alice’s visions have been increasing in the last month.

“You weren’t pregnant in that vision.” He said. He quickly sat me right side up and dialed a number on his cell phone.

“Alice, Bella might be on to something I didn’t even consider before.” He greeted her, talking at top vampire speed. I could still listen easily, though it was a little horrifying to listen to.

“What is it?” she asked.

“Bella wasn’t pregnant in the vision of her hurt-which means something different than what we thought. That vision may come true-it may be after when she is pregnant though. And with the Volturi’s visions being burned as well they most likely are linked. It might be that they don’t want us to find out that they know something?” He began. I heard her gasp,

“Oh no…is it possible that the Volturi-?” she asked.

“I don’t know…it may be possible that they might find out…forget what I said about no visions about the baby. Try to find out as much as possible….and when you do, tell me only the things that are important-I still wouldn’t like to know the gender…”

“But what about Esme?” she asked.

“Esme can make the baby’s nursery if she would like….but please ask her not to think about the gender or what the nursery looks like around me.” Edward was smiling slightly now at something he could hear in the background-most likely Esme.

“Oh she will love that part...,” Alice’s voice became serious again, “but I will try and look for anything about the Volturi coming here and any danger about your baby.” She said on the other end. The conversation carried on a few more seconds, just basically about what Edward and I had talked about.

“Thank you, Alice.” He said before shutting the cell phone. I looked warily up at him before running to the bathroom from morning sickness. Things would go on as normal…until there was something abnormal that Alice foresees.