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Daunting Thank you, Marauder by Midnight, for the banner 3rd and last story in the 'Life in Love' series Sequal to 'Possibilities' "This is what we have been waiting for. This was the formidable fight. This was something that I wasn’t sure we were even going to win. Each pair of daunting red eyes stared back at me, filled with hope that they would win. Hoping, just like us, that they would live."

Disclaimer-I'm not Stephenie Meyer-end of story

13. Month 2, Part 2

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1001   Review this Chapter

“Family conference, NOW!” Alice called, or rather demanded, to various parts of the house and outside. Rosalie came from the garage, and Tanya and Esme came from outside. Carlisle just pulled up to the driveway, ironically enough. Carmen, Eleazar, Kate, and Irina all came from upstairs, and Jasper and Emmett came up from the basement-where they were playing a video game in the den.

“What’s going on?” Carlisle walked into the house, walking strait to the dining room table. He had his white doctor coat underneath his dark dress coat and his bag with him. I walked behind him. The table was huge, and it sat all 13 of us, leaving one extra chair for the soon to be 14. That empty chair freaked me out in a way-and I turned my head so I couldn’t see it.

“We have some very bad news.” Edward began. Esme looked alarmed,

“Nothing with the baby, right?” she asked. I shook my head,

“No-we’re both fine.” I assured her, putting a hand on my stomach. She relaxed a little bit, as some of the other family members did, too.

“Then what is the matter?” Eleazar asked Edward. He let Alice explain, holding onto my hand.

“I can’t see the Volturi anymore,” that was all it took for everyone to get a little scared, “Aro changed a vampire-which just happened to have the gift of creating barriers that can blur and muffle out voices. Aro keeps the vampire with him at all times,” there was a few growls and sharp intakes of breath, “so that the only visions I have of them are blurred or burnt.” She explained. Jasper looked deep in thought, concentrating on something-he knew, from a military perspective, that the Volturi had the upper hand now. Our secret weapon, Alice, was no use now. The only thing we had was William.

“And we have learned, from William,” Everyone seemed to know who he was for some reason, “that the Volturi plans to send Demetri,” Edward was saying as Emmett’s hands clenched to fists, “here to check on us in 2 months.” Emmett swore,

“We can’t hide Bella, it will give them a reason to come here later.” he pointed out.

“She will be too far in her pregnancy to hide the fact that she is pregnant. You can already tell now a little bit-in two months she will be well into her second trimester.” Carlisle pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to think.

“What if my power hid it? I can try and shift into my vampire self without being pregnant. After all, it is just an illusion when I shift, right?” I spoke up.

“Can you try it now?” Jasper asked me, eyes intent. I nodded, standing up. I focused on myself and switched,

“Anything?” I asked them. I looked down at my stomach-nothing happened.

“I don’t think it’s an illusion-Bella. I think you really can shift into people-and because you’re pregnant I don’t think your power will work at all in the next 9 months-at least, if you shift all of your body.” Edward explained.

“Even if you only want to switch your eye color or face it won’t work,” Alice grimaced, “I looked into the future to see when you would try it,” she shook her head, “Even if you weren’t pregnant there is no way your eyes can change color…you are still a vampire, and the eyes just have to run its natural course-no power can affect it. But in this case, it is something with your baby that simply won’t let you use your power now.” she explained.

“So what do we do?” I asked grimacing as well as I slouched back down in my chair. That was the question that was revolving in everyone’s minds.

“We kill Demetri?” Emmett asked, hopeful.

“Um...Emmett…I think if the Volturi’s best tracker didn’t come back from Denali that would give them more than enough reason to come.” Kate pointed out.

“Fine…” Emmett shrugged. Irina bit her lip, deep in thought.

“Knowing the Volturi, he may come later than 2 months.” Eleazar muttered. Alice shook her head,

“No...They are looking forward to this. If anything, he may come earlier.” She disagreed. I was feeling nauseas again-and I don’t think it was just from morning sickness.

“I could wear a larger sweat shirt? Or maybe, when he comes, I could have a blanket over me?” I asked, as a last resort.

“The sweat shirt wouldn’t work-what vampire wears one?” Alice shook her head.

“And he will want to shake hands with you-you can’t stay on the couch with a blanket over you when that happens.” Carmen pointed out.

“They’re right. We can’t give them any reason to be suspicious of you, Bella.” Rosalie spoke up.

This was horrible. I wanted so badly to find an answer, a way out of this mess.

“We should do what any good host or hostess does,” Tanya said, “We be hospitable.” She flashed her teeth with a somewhat menacing smile.

“Bathroom!” I squeaked, getting up quickly and bolting for the downstairs bathroom. Edward followed me and I knelt down beside the toilet quickly. Edward held my hair and morning sickness took over.

The idea of Demetri coming here, and what Tanya may have in mind, made me even sicker.

The family continued to talk about her plan, as I just tried to think of something else.

“You okay, Bella?” Emmett asked as I walked into the dining room again, Edward following behind me.

“Yeah-I’m fine.” I gave him a small smile that didn’t reach my eyes before sinking back in my seat.