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Daunting Thank you, Marauder by Midnight, for the banner 3rd and last story in the 'Life in Love' series Sequal to 'Possibilities' "This is what we have been waiting for. This was the formidable fight. This was something that I wasn’t sure we were even going to win. Each pair of daunting red eyes stared back at me, filled with hope that they would win. Hoping, just like us, that they would live."

Disclaimer-I'm not Stephenie Meyer-end of story

16. Month 4, Part 2

Rating 5/5   Word Count 2073   Review this Chapter

“Hey, Edward?” I called, in front of Alice’s mirror. I was done with make-up and we had just gotten home from Angela’s around three hours ago. It was nearing dinner time, well for humans anyway, and we would leave for Charlie’s house soon.

“What is it, Sweet?” he asked me, walking into the rather vacant bathroom. All of Alice’s things were cleared out of here. It was a weird scene.

“I don’t know which to wear-this one or this?” I asked, holding up two different maternity shirts. One was blue and the other ivory. I already had dark jeans on, and a tank top. I just couldn’t decide on the shirt. I had never really cared about my clothing before, and I think he noticed this.

“Why are you so nervous about what to wear? Bella, Love, whatever you wear will look wonderful on you.” he said to me, reaching and tucking a loose hair behind my ear. I gave him a small smile,

“Thanks, but I think it’s just the whole ‘going to see Charlie’ thing that has me frazzled.” I explained, turning away to look at the mirror again. I bit my lip, noticing my worried expression, as I continued to hold up both shirts.

“Well in that case, the ivory.” He decided, I nodded once and smiled back. The ivory-perfect. He kissed my lips before walking out of the room to get his shoes on.

Once we were both ready to leave and I had my brown contacts in place, with extra in my pocket, we walked out of the house. I hated the haze that the contacts had to offer when I wore them, but it was an unfortunate must.

“I’m so nervous! Do you think he will even be home?” I asked Edward as we drove over the bridge above the river.

“Alice saw that he was.” Edward nodded, calm and certain. I think, behind that calm demeanor of a mask, he was just as freaked as I was. He was only acting like he was for my sake. If he was nervous, my feelings would be doubled-maybe even tripled.

“Speaking of Alice, what is going on with Demetri?” I asked him, trying to be casual about it but my voice broke. Edward took an unnecessary deep breath,

“I don’t know. He hasn’t come yet, at least he hasn’t since Emmett and I last talked this afternoon. He said that Alice hasn’t seen a thing about him, and they talked to William already. There isn’t any news.” He explained, staring out the front window at the road.

“Okay…that is a bit suspicious but okay.” I decided, trying to calm myself, as we pulled up to the driveway. Edward looked at me before turning off the engine.

“Are you ready?” he asked me. I looked to the house and back at him. I nodded reluctantly,

“Let’s go.” He smiled and helped me get out of the car-which was not needed but I didn’t object now. Edward held on to my waist carefully so I wouldn’t slip-it had been snowing all day today. It was December, which was one of the worst months of snow for Forks. A Christmas wreath was hanging on the front door as I knocked. I smiled-it was the same one, musty and slightly damaged as if it had seen better days, which was in the box in the basement that Charlie put up every year around this time.

I heard Charlie grunt as he got up, footsteps slowly stepping on the linoleum of the kitchen, before he unlocked the door and opened it.

“Hey dad!” I smiled. His eyes were wide as he looked at Edward and I on his doorstep.

“Bella?” he asked me, “what are you doing here?” a delighted and pleasantly surprised smile forming on his face.

“We were in town for Angela and Ben’s wedding.” I said to him, smiling back.

“Come on in, Bells! Edward how are you?” he asked as I stepped in. I took my coat off and hung it on the coat hanger. Everything looked the same, a little bit messier but still the same.

“I’m doing very well, Charlie. How are you?” Edward asked politely.

“I’m good. I’m so sorry the place is a mess-I wasn’t expecting anybody.” Charlie tried to clear some old newspapers that were lying on the couch. There was his folder open, notes written in dark blue ink in his messy scrawl inside. I folded it up, handing it back to him. He must have been working on a new case. Usually he didn’t work at home…either it was difficult, or he was bored.

“Its okay, Dad. It’s just us.” I laughed, helping him anyway.

“So what’s going on with you two? How is everyone?” Charlie asked us as we sat down next to each other on the couch. Charlie took the recliner, setting the volume lower on the television before sitting back.

“They’re all doing wonderful.” I told him, “Hey Dad-I’ll go get you some water.” I said, noticing that his glass was empty as he went to reach for it.

“Thanks Bells. Do you both want anything?” he asked. We both shook our heads-I don’t think he had what we normally drank in the fridge.

“Thank you anyway, Charlie.” Edward said to him. I smiled, grabbing his glass and going to the kitchen. Once I was done I shut the faucet off and walked back towards them. How disgusting water would be now…it looked so sick-what with being clear and so thin.

“Here you go, Dad.” I said, handing him his glass.

“Thanks Bella.” He took a sip and as I went to go sit back down his eyes widened and he spit a little of his drink out of this month.

“What’s-?” I began.

“You’re…are you…are you pregnant?” he asked me, finally swallowing what was left in his mouth and being able to talk. He choked on the last word.

“Yes, Dad.” I nodded. I bit my lip and Edward took my hand.

“Were you planning on telling me any time soon?” he asked incredulously.

“Well, yes I was going to get to that.” I tried to explain.

“Congratulations!” I couldn’t help but raise my eyebrows in surprise. He was actually grinning…

“Thank you.” Edward said for me.

Charlie wasn’t the hugging type but he got up and hugged me and even Edward before sitting back down.

“How long now?” he asked us.

“4 months.” I told him, smiling.

“Is it a boy or a girl?” he asked, at this he seemed more curious.

“We both don’t know yet. I wanted it to be a surprise, and with Alice-as lovely as she is, she likes to know everything, so the secret would be out if one of us knew.” Edward explained.

“Renée and I wanted to be surprised too, when we had Bella.” He told us. I gave a small smile-I think they already were surprised enough as it was when Mom found out she was pregnant anyway. We both smiled as he asked, “So how is the family taking the news?”

“Oh they are very protective-but excited. Alice-she can’t wait for a baby to be in the house. Especially Esme-she is doing the nursery. And Carlisle is delivering him or her. Jasper and Emmett already want to be called uncles. Rosalie is helping as much as she can. Everyone is in high spirits.” I explained.

“That’s really great.” Charlie said. It was-but it was hard not to say that I was nervous at the same time-and that all of us were in danger-especially me and the baby. Edward’s cell phone rang in his pocket. I tensed up and looked at him, my eyes widening. My pulse would have been speeding up if it wasn’t for not having a heart beat.

“Excuse me, Charlie. It’s Carlisle-I will just be a moment.” Edward said to him as he squeezed my hand.

“That’s fine-take your time.” Edward walked over to the front door and opened his cell phone while opening the door.

“Dad- how-” Edward started.

“Sorry Edward- I’m just using your father’s phone. It really is too bad that I missed you and dear Isabella.” I bit my tongue from not growling right there, as I know he did too.

“Bella, are you okay?” Charlie asked me.

“Um...No-no I’m actually feeling sort of sick…” I put my hand on my stomach as I continued to listen to Edward’s phone call.

“Demetri,” he said curtly, letting out a low growl-but keeping the conversation civilized.

“A friend’s wedding planned on the exact day I was coming…it really is bad luck. The Volturi always likes to check up on our favorite vampires from time to time.” he drawled.

“Bella-is there anything I can do? Your mother used to um get sick sometimes too. How about some water?” Charlie asked me…yuck-water.

“It’s alright dad-I’m used to it. Water might make me sicker.” I shrugged, still trying to listen outside.

“It’s nice to know we’re one of your favorite. Yes…Bella and I are here for a wedding tomorrow. I’m sorry we’ve missed you. But you can go back to Volterra now and tell Aro that we are all doing perfectly fine-if not, we would let you know.” Edward said to him.

“I’ll go back to Volterra-but I was really counting on seeing the both of you. So, perhaps another time. Good night, Edward.” and Demetri hung up. Edward cursed and shut his tiny silver cell phone before walking back in the house, acting like it was just a talk with his father.

“The family sends you their love.” Edward said to Charlie before pocketing his cell phone.

Charlie could sense something was out of place. But he said nothing about that the rest of the time we were there. I was just afraid he might before we left the wedding tomorrow-we would see him there. Most of the town was invited-which meant telling even more people about my pregnancy.

“He’s coming back.” I told Edward as we were in the car back to our house.

“Yes, and I was afraid of that. Of course William will be on the alert, and Alice will be looking into the future harder than ever. Carlisle would have never let him use his cell phone to call me if it wasn’t going okay there.” Edward added.

“We should call them.” I told him, before taking my cell phone out and hitting Alice’s number-since it came first on my contact list. She answered the phone in less than a second after it rang.

“He’s gone. Everything went fine.” Alice said to me.

“Good, as long as nobody was hurt.” I told her.

“No-everyone is fine. He insisted on talking to you, Bella. But Carlisle typed in Edward’s cell phone number instead without him knowing.” Alice explained, “We didn’t want to have him talk to you.”

“Thank you. But he’s coming back.” I told her. She sighed,

“We know. It won’t end until he see’s you. He might bring reinforcements next time, seeing as though he rather ruined the element of surprise weapon. We may not know the exact date for a while-but we do know he will be coming.” Alice told me.

“What do we do then?” I asked her.

“There may be a fight, Bella. For right now all of us have decided to ignore it and focus more on you and the baby. Everything will be alright in the end.” She promised me.

“Thanks again, Alice. Love you.” I told her.

“It’s no problem-love you too, Bella.” And then she hung up.