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Daunting Thank you, Marauder by Midnight, for the banner 3rd and last story in the 'Life in Love' series Sequal to 'Possibilities' "This is what we have been waiting for. This was the formidable fight. This was something that I wasn’t sure we were even going to win. Each pair of daunting red eyes stared back at me, filled with hope that they would win. Hoping, just like us, that they would live."

Disclaimer-I'm not Stephenie Meyer-end of story

17. Month 4, Part 3

Rating 5/5   Word Count 2826   Review this Chapter

“Good Morning.” Edward smiled, walking into his old bedroom. He had just come back from hunting-I had already done so four days ago and still felt full.

I put my book down and looked up at him, “It is, isn’t it?” I smiled too as he walked over and kissed me before sitting down on the couch next to me. He held me in his arms,

“How are you feeling?” he asked me. It had been a long night at the dinner rehearsal a few hours ago. I entwined my fingers with his,

“Really good, actually. There hasn’t been any mood swings or morning sickness lately-I feel like myself again.” I explained, grinning as he kissed my forehead.

“Wonderful, love. What are you reading now?” he asked me, brushing hair out of my face gently.

“Romeo and Juliet…” I shrugged, knowing what reaction this would get me.

“Is that the hundredth time you’ve read that, or the thousandth?” he joked. I rolled my eyes at this,

“Well, how many times have you read it? Considering the decades, it must be more than I have.” I grinned.

“Considering the decades…I have read it more than you have, I suppose.” He smiled before kissing me again. I laughed at him and he raised his eyebrows, “Well, what can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic.” He winked.

“Oh Edward…” I sighed, leaning my head against his chest. We stayed like this for a few minutes in silence. No matter how many times I tried to finish a page in the book, I kept on re-reading the same line.

“We have to be at the church in a few hours…what do you want to do until then?” he finally asked me. I closed the book,

“Can we just walk around outside? I need some fresh air and I miss how the trees look here...no brown-just green.” I winked. He laughed and nodded, helping me up.

“Bella.” he said as we walked hand in hand. For humans, it was more of a run-but this magically didn’t count as vampire speed. If I ran though…well that would be different.

“Yes?” I asked, smiling and look up at him.

“I love you.” he told me, kissing my hand. I laughed and put my arms around his neck,

“I love you too.” He leaned in and kissed me as my fingers knotted in his hair. His arm was around my waist, pulling me closer, and his hand was caressing my cheek. And then my cell phone vibrated in my back pocket of my jeans. I groaned and pulled back, reaching back for my phone. I didn’t bother with the caller ID-only my family and friends knew my number anyway.

“Hello?” I asked. Edward watched me, curious as to whom it might be.

“Bella-we have a huge problem.” It was Angela. My eyebrows furrowed,

“What’s wrong?” I asked her. She sounded stressed, excited and panicked-as is every bride before their wedding.

“Well, it’s the flowers. You know, that are supposed to be at the reception and then lining the aisle and that we are supposed to be holding-”

“Calm down, Ang.” I interrupted. Edward put his arm around my shoulders and turned us around to walk back to the house.

“Right. Sorry. It’s just, the flowers weren’t picked up. There was a traffic jam, and my cousin who is driving from Seattle can’t pick them up in time. But they need to start decorating now or it won’t be done in time. I have no idea what to do-and there is nobody to pick them up since it’s in Port Angeles and-” she explained fast, for a human anyway.

“You want us to pick them up?” I guessed.

“Oh Bella, that would be wonderful. I mean I know you’re pregnant so I didn’t want to bother you but-”

“It’s no problem, Angela. Edward and I would be happy to bring them. We’re pretty fast. They’ll be at the church in less than an hour.” I promised, winking at him. Edward nodded, picking me up and running so we would make it to the car faster.

“Oh thank you Bella! Thank Edward for me too! You’re a life saver!” she sighed in relief.

“You’re welcome.” And I snapped my cell phone shut.

“Thanks, Edward.” I said to him. He nodded,

“She’s my friend too-anything to help on her most important day.” He kissed my nose.


“Holy crow, these are a lot of flowers!” I told Edward as we were carrying them into the church. People were flurrying over decorations-it was a mad house.

“Oh, good! You have the flowers!” Angela exclaimed as Edward and I walked into the main room.

“And in less than fifty minutes.” Edward added handing a bouquet to her.

“Thank you guys so much!” Angela hugged Edward and hugged me, while I was holding my breath. I was having cravings for blood a few weeks ago, and I didn’t want the craving to come back for human blood instead.

“It was no problem.” I told her, “Oh there is more in the car too. It’s the Volvo in the parking lot. It was a miracle we fit it all in one car.” I told her.

“Alright, we’ll un-load it. If you could put the flowers over there in that corner, somebody will take care of them.” she said. We both nodded and Edward set his down before grabbing mine and setting them down for me. I let it go-he just wanted to keep me safe and healthy, even if it was only bending down.

“Bella, the other girls are getting ready in a room down the hall and to the left, if you want to go. Your dress is there.” Angela came back and told me. I nodded,

“Alright.” I smiled.

“Oh, and Edward- the guys are getting ready downstairs and to the right. It’s the,” she stopped and thought for a moment, “third door.” she remembered. Even if this was a huge church, Edward and I could hear, and in his case read other people’s minds, that were everywhere in the church-we would have found the rooms anyway.

“Alright, Love. I’ll see you in a couple of hours.” Edward told me, kissing me. He spoke quickly and low so that nobody could hear him, “be careful. If anything happens, yell for me. I’ll be listening.” I knew he was referring to any news from Alice or fainting.

“I know the name ‘Edward’ means happy guardian, but seriously-I’ll be fine.” I laughed under my breath. He winked and made his way downstairs, looking like an angel until he was out of sight.

“I’ll walk you over to the room. I have to start getting ready anyway. I’m just going to have to cross my fingers and hope that everything gets done.” She sighed, walking with me to the front of the church. I already heard girl’s voices coming from one room.

“So are you feeling good? Edward and you are, like, perfect-it’s like there is a complete balance between you two. I’ve never seen anything like It.” she told me.

“I’m feeling wonderful, actually. Mood swings and morning sickness are behind me, and I can actually start to wrap my head around the idea of having a baby. Edward has been the perfect husband-sure he can be a little protective, but I don’t know. The chemistry is natural-just like you and Ben.” I told her.

“Oh, thanks Bella.” She hugged me. I had my breath held the whole entire time, even when we walked into the girl’s dressing room

“Angela! Bella!” there was a loud chorus that greeted us. We both smiled and walked in, shutting the door behind us.

“Angela, your mom wanted to help you get ready over there.” Jessica told her as a girl I didn’t know hurried her away.

“Oh my god! Bella, are you pregnant?” Jessica asked me, freezing in her spot. Everyone looked at me with the same shocked expression. Oh, great.

“Yes, I have been for the past four, almost five, months now.” I smiled. I rocked back on my sneakers heels. After I said that, it was nonstop questions and smiles. I was prepared, so I couldn’t complain too much. After I was dressed in my pink (with a bow in the back) brides maid dress, and my hair was done by a stylist, I was finally able to stop and sit down.

I took my cell phone out of my purse and texted Edward- I’m in hell. You’d think this was a baby shower instead. Love You :)

He texted back quickly- I heard. Apparently Ben told everyone here-I feel your pain. Hang in there, love. See you in a few minutes.

I snickered-Edward in my position would have been funny to watch. I wasn’t listening to the guys downstairs, though.

“Come on Bella, all of us besides Angela are walking down to the doors of the main room.” Jessica said, gesturing me to follow her. I got up and walked, well in my case I sort of waddled, with the rest of them, leaving my cell phone hooked onto my bouquet-out of sight from anybody but me. There was no way I was going without it-if there was important news I didn’t want to be left not knowing.

“If you are with somebody please find them and then I’ll tell you the order you go in.” what looked like a coordinator said. I already knew where Edward was, and he walked towards me and took my arm.

“We’re the third going in.” Edward told me, reading the mind of the coordinator.

“You cleaned up nice.” I winked. He laughed,

“And you look like a fluffy pink snowball.” He joked. I grimaced,

“I know.” I smoothed the skirt of my dress and Jessica handed me my bouquet of flowers, “Try not to trip.” She winked, walking behind me.

“Ha. Ha.” I rolled my eyes.

“Bella!” Angela walked in, dressed in a beautiful white gown. She re-adjusted her veil. I turned around as did Edward.

“Oh, Angela-you look beautiful!” I told her.

“Absolutely perfect.” Edward agreed.

“Thank you! I wanted to talk with you-but I guess it will have to wait till the reception-Sherry is waving you over.” Angela smiled, pointing to the coordinator. I nodded,

“You’ll do fine.” I told her, turning back around as Edward took my right arm and I wrapped it around his left.

“What are people going to say?” I muttered under my breath-there was no way anybody thought that any Cullen’s were coming back-especially with one pregnant.

“What are people going to think?” he muttered back. I smiled slightly as music started playing, and two couples before me went before it was time for Edward and me to walk. My smiled got wider and Edward looked at me, winking.

As I focused on the footing, I noticed even Charlie was sitting in the crowd. And that was when I heard the quiet murmurs start to fly. Great. I was not going to let them spoil her wedding, though.

It was time for Edward and me to part on the two separate sides, and he smiled before walking behind Mike. I walked behind one of Angela’s cousins, and stood where I was supposed to for the whole entire ceremony. It was a good thing vampires specialized in not having to move. I looked at how I was angled more to my left like every brides maid up here, and realized that you would get a perfect view of my stomach from where people were sitting. UGHHH

Then, after the flower girls were at the end of the aisle, the wedding march song sounded and all eyes were on Angela. I was happy for her-I never thought she and Ben would actually get married. It was really sweet-and the best part was I didn’t have to worry about anything- because it wasn’t my wedding.

The ceremony was amazing, and I wanted to cry if only I had tears. After Ben and Angela said their I-Dos and were walking back down the aisle with rice being thrown at them Edward came over and took my arm, holding me steady just in case.

“So, what’s the verdict? What were they thinking?” I asked him as we tried to make a getaway to the reception instead of being held up at the church.

“Many things-hold that thought. Wait here-I’ll run and get your things.” He said quickly as I waited in a hallway. He was back in less than a minute. My clothes were folded neatly and put into my bag.

“Thank you.” I smiled as we went out the back entrance, making it into the Volvo just in time. “Can’t we just skip the reception?” I groaned as we pulled up to the parking lot of the restaurant.

“Too late now. They’ve spotted us.” Edward nodded his head over to a group of people-including Mike’s mom and Lauren and Tyler. I winced as he helped me out of the car. “Put on a brave face-we only have to stay for three hours max.” he told me as we walked over to the doors.

“Bella! Edward! We thought that was you two walking down the aisle.” Mrs. Newton waved us over.

“Hello, Mrs. Newton, Mr. Newton. Lauren, Tyler. Mike.” I told them. They smiled back,

“We thought you two disappeared!” she joked, “How is married life?” she asked.

“Really wonderful, actually. Everything has been going perfectly.” I told her.

“Bella and I couldn’t be any happier.” Edward told them, putting an arm around my waist.

“I couldn’t help but notice-is there a baby on the way?” Lauren asked. She was a little bit nicer now-since I was married and couldn’t steal Tyler away from her. Either that or it was a really horrible act.

“Yes,” I looked at Edward and then looked back at her, “There is.” I nodded.

“When is the due date?” Mrs. Newton asked excitedly.

“In May sometime-we don’t know the exact date.” Edward told her,

“We wanted the gender to be a surprise also.” I added-that saved another question.

“That’s wonderful.” She told us.

“Bella, Edward-We’re taking a group picture.” Jessica waved us inside. We both excused ourselves and walked inside, Edward taking both of our coats and putting them in the coat room before we stood in the wedding party’s picture. Now everyone would remember me like this…great….

“Bella, how are you feeling?” Edward asked me as I closed my eyes in the passenger’s seat. It was a long night.

“I’m feeling rather weak, actually.” I winced as my stomach growled. Edward put his foot on the gas pedal even more and looked at me alarmingly.

“What do you mean?” he asked me.

“Being around that many humans while pregnant didn’t do so well with me-especially at the reception.” I told him, pulling down the mirror from above to check my eyes. The contacts had mostly dissolved-and my eyes were black.

“We need to go hunting then.” he told me quickly, after I looked at him with midnight sky eyes. I nodded once,

“Not far, though.” I warned him. I didn’t feel like being out of the house-we were leaving tomorrow, and I wanted to spend the last night in Forks at the house with Edward alone.

The reception was…interesting. It was nice, seeing everyone from high school and the rest of the people in Forks. I missed them…and I got to say goodbye to Charlie. It was nice to know that I could come visit him every once in a while-and once the baby is born I wouldn’t have to use make-up, I could just shift into my human self. Of course everyone was talking about Edward and me, besides Angela and Ben. And I had a feeling that if we didn’t come back to show Charlie the baby at some point there would be even more talk.

“Why don’t you put your jeans on and a shirt before we leave-hunting in a pink frilly dress would be hard to do, I imagine.” Edward told me. I smiled and nodded, grabbing my cell phone and walking into the house.

Once we were done hunting, I cuddled up with Edward on the couch and watched the cheesiest love story that I could think of. All the while feeling absolutely perfect…because I was home-in his arms.