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Daunting Thank you, Marauder by Midnight, for the banner 3rd and last story in the 'Life in Love' series Sequal to 'Possibilities' "This is what we have been waiting for. This was the formidable fight. This was something that I wasn’t sure we were even going to win. Each pair of daunting red eyes stared back at me, filled with hope that they would win. Hoping, just like us, that they would live."

Disclaimer-I'm not Stephenie Meyer-end of story

4. Baseball

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1073   Review this Chapter

“Strike one!” Tanya called, acting as our referee. I watched as Jasper kicked the dirt with his shoe in frustration before holding the bat up to try again. Alice was too good of a pitcher, and I was next to bat.

Just to make it fun and interesting, Edward and I were on opposing teams, just like the rest of the family. Jasper, I, Carlisle, and Emmett were on one team. Esme, Edward, Rosalie, and Alice were on the other. I looked towards Edward; he was catcher for the outfield, which I thought of as cheating because he ran so fast. Though we did have Emmett, who hit hardest. Everyone had some type of special talent for baseball, though since this was my first time-I had no idea what it was, or even if I had one. Irina, Kate, Carmen, and Eleazar had decided not to come-since Carmen and Eleazar were on a vacation and Kate and Irina didn’t like baseball.

“Bella, come here.” Emmett asked me. I walked over. He kept his voice low,

“Are you sure you can’t use your…you know, ‘power’ to fool the other team?” he asked me for the millionth time.

“That would be cheating!!!” Edward yelled from the other side of the field-not missing it.

“I know, I know!” I yelled back to him. He winked before moving his attention back to Jasper.

“Fine…it would have worked though.” He grumbled before a loud boom thundered off, right next to me. I jumped, only to see that Jasper had hit the ball. We had Carlisle out on 2nd base, and as Edward ran to go get the ball, Carlisle ran to 3rd, not being able to make it to home because almost two seconds later Edward had come back from the trees with the baseball, throwing it to Esme who was about to get Carlisle out. Rain drops started to fall from the sky as I reluctantly took the bat in my hands.

It reminded me way to much of Gym in high school. Alice smiled at me before flicking the ball out of her hand; I didn’t even see it coming-which was sad, since I was a vampire. Rosalie, who was kneeling behind me caught it and threw it back to Alice.

“Strike one!” Tanya called from the side of our make-shift field.

“Relax, just hit the ball.” Emmett said from behind me. He was next to bat and I had to hit this, so that Carlisle and hopefully Jasper could get home. All those times of watching baseball with Charlie when I was little seemed to pay off.

“Okay.” I nodded once, taking my stance again. Alice flicked the ball at me again, this time I just close my eyes and swung the bat.

To my up most surprise, there was an even louder boom than when Jasper hit the ball.


“What?!” I screamed, realizing that I hit the ball.

“GO GO!!!” Emmett screamed, smiling.

I dropped the bat and took off towards first base. Jasper was already at second and Carlisle made it to home. Edward had caught the ball from what I could hear and was already running back towards me. Jasper ran to 2nd and now to 3rd as I passed second. Esme was trailing me, waiting for Edward to throw her the ball.

Edward was finally in view and threw the ball to Esme. I was coming up to third-do I stay or do I try to make it to home?


“What is she doing?” Jasper asked Carlisle as they all watched me. Esme caught the ball and just as I made it to home, or at least I think, Esme bumped into me, creating an ear splattering explosive echo.

“SAFE!” Tanya exclaimed.

“Sorry I ran into you, sweetheart.” Esme said. She patted me on the back, “You did so well for your first time playing.” She said.

“Thanks, Esme. And it’s alright.” I laughed.

“YAY BELLA!” Emmet exclaimed. That made me laugh even harder. Jasper held out a hand so that I could get up from the ground-I slid into home.

“Amazing.” Jasper complemented, pulling me up. Carlisle hugged me,

“Good job.”

“Thanks.” I laughed.

After the game, of which we won, I went to go change. I had grass stains and dirt all over my jeans and T-shirt. I laughed to myself- I even had a leaf in my hair. Despite being dirty, I was happy Edward asked me to do this.

“You were perfect out there.” Edward whispered, putting his arms around my waist and resting his chin on my shoulder.

“Well thank you.” I said to him. I kept on looking in the mirror of the bathroom.

“Don’t worry, Love. Your eyes are getting less red every day.” Edward murmured.

“I thought you couldn’t read my mind.” I muttered.

“I don’t have to in order to know that you have been thinking about your eyes every day.” He said, taking my hand so that I could look at him.

“Don’t think about it.” He suggested.

“You’re right.” I mumbled. My eyes…they just bothered me. I didn’t want to look in the mirror every day and see red eyes staring back. Red eyes-like the Volturi. Suddenly, I felt Edward’s lips on mine. My head still became dizzy as it used to. I kissed him back, knotting my fingers in his hair before pulling back.

“If you can’t get your mind off of your eyes I will just have to distract you.” He said simply.

“It worked.” I smiled. He grinned, “Before you go and take a shower, let’s go hunting. We are both already covered in dirt anyways.” He proposed, taking the leaf out of my hair. “Plus, if we are leaving soon, it would be better if we hunted before.” He added.

“Alright.” I nodded. His eyes were almost black; he hadn’t hunted in a while. I had of course but only because Edward had insisted I go. ‘Newborns get weaker and more vulnerable when thirsty’-his words not mine.

“So where are we going?” I asked. I hadn’t been hunting more than 5 or 6 times here.

“I was thinking around the Denali national park, by Mt. McKinley. There are grizzly bears, Caribou, deer, wolves-” I glared up at him on the last example.

“Not wolves….” He apologized. I nodded once before walking out the door with him.