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Five Becomes Four

What happens when Jacob finally imprints? My first try at fanfic so please don't laugh.


1. Apathetic Way to Be

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"I didn't know two months could go by so fast," I thought out loud as I shoved a shirt into my huge, overflowing, bright pink suitcase. Most summers I just stay at home and do nothing, but this summer I had been adventurous. I had spent most of my summer break at a camp in Florida. The camp is the middle of some woods on a lake for high school juniors and seniors.

"I know its crazy, I feel like I just got here," Margie sighed. Margie was one of my cabin mates, and certainly my favorite. We had so much in common it was scary. We even looked the same. When we got to camp people thought we were sisters or something.

"I don't want to go back to the boring normal life I got stuck with," Claire said dramatically. She was the drama queen of our cabin but never in a bad way. She over exaggerated allot a made things seem worse than they were but she was really a sweet girl.

"Are you guys done yet?" Samantha asked sitting on her perfectly packed and closed suitcase. "We are supposed to be at the buses in twenty minutes and I still want to run by the mess hall and get some breakfast." Being the only girl with some brains, Samantha had packed the night before and she was ready to go.

"Yeah, me and Claire are done. We just waiting on Rachael over there," Margie jokingly said. She tried to throw me a dirty look but she was so consecrated on not laughing it made her face look really weird and I couldn't control my laughter.

"You guys go on ahead," I said as soon as I was done laughing. "I might be a while and I'm not hungry so I'm not going to even go to breakfast. We'll meet up at the buses."

"Are you sure? I feel bad leaving you," Claire said.

"No its fine. Go, eat!" I assured them as the left the cabin. I really did want to get some food but my suitcase was in need of packing and I didn't want to forget anything. I started piling clothes in from my closet not even sort of folding them. Once started to try and zip it up I realized I had a problem. I wished I hadn't sent my friends to breakfast because I could really use the three of them sitting on the top as I tried to close it. I was trying to figure out how that was going to work when I heard a knock on the door. Happy for a distracting from what was obviously not going to work out right, I went to answer the door.

"James! What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be packing?" I asked. James was my best friend of the whole camp. He was the first person I met when I got there. I was climbing out of the car that took me from the airport to the camp when I tripped almost ate it bad. But James was standing near by and caught me. We became best friends and spent almost every second together.

"I already packed and ate and everything so I thought I would come see if you needed any help getting you suitcase to the buses," he answered. "So, do you need any help?"

"Oh my gosh, yes!" I pulled him in the cabin. "Sit on this while I try to zip it pretty please with sprinkles!"

"Well only 'cause I really like sprinkles," he laughed as he sat on my overflowing suitcase. Even with him sitting on it, it was mighty difficult to close. As soon as it was closed he stood up and grabbed my suitcase to take to the buses.

"Awww, you’re so sweet! What am I going to do with out you James?" I asked mostly to myself.

"I don't know its going be hard to find someone as amazing as I am isn't it?" he said joking around.

"Yeah, so you better be in Washington to visit me as soon as you can."

"Well when I show up on your front porch you better remember you said that." Everything was a joke to him.

"You know you could always just...I don't know...um...Call first!" I shot at him. By that time we had made it to the buses and James was putting my suitcase in the back of the bus marked AIRPORT. There were four buses going different places and I was the only one of my friends getting on the bus to the airport so I had to say my goodbyes now. I know, how tragic.

I had lost James for a minute while we found our other friends. I was running around saying goodbye, hugging and promising to call everyone of my friends I could find in the busy crowded loading area. I was looking for someone I hadn't hugged yet when someone grabbed me from behind. It surprised me and I let out a small scream.

"Don't worry, It's just me," James said turning me around. "Look, you are absolutely one of the most amazing people I have ever met and I don't want camp to end and never see you again. I know every one's saying how there going to call and everything but I know I probably won't call half of them. But you better call," he said being serious for once.

"Pinky swear." I held out my pinky and waited to do the same. Once we shook pinky I reached up to hug him. I had to stand on my toes because he was a good four or five inches taller than me. "I'm going to miss you so much." I whispered as we hugged.

"Me too," he said and kissed me on the check. I tried my hardest not to cry but once I sunk down into a seat on the bus I couldn't help but let out a few tears. I didn't want to cry in front of James but I think he saw me through the window.

I pulled my iPod out of my backpack and turned it on. I put the headphones in a scrolled through the bands stopping on Three Days Grace. I let the music blare into my ears hoping it would take away some of the sadness of leaving everyone. It didn't work. I tried to think of the happiness of going home and seeing all my friends from Forks that I hadn't seen all summer.

The only bad thing about going to camp was that all my friends had fun together all summer and I wasn't a part of it. They were all going to have there inside jokes that I wouldn't get, and they wouldn't get any of mine. And they all probably all look different too. A part of me hoped that it was like summer didn't happen for them. That they all stayed the same as when I left two months ago and that they didn't hang out and make up inside jokes. But that was only a small part. I mostly just wanted to see all them again. I couldn't wait to see everyone. Especally my best friend Sara.

And my sister. I couldn't wait to see my sister again. I missed her a lot at camp. I live with my sister in Forks, Washington. Our parents died four years ago and she was the only family I had left. She had planned to go to college and get an education but when they died she stayed in La Pash to take care of me. I was only in seventh grade when it happened and they were going to put me in foster care if she had decided to go on with her life. She had a bright future in front of her and she gave it up so I could live with someone I actually knew and loved.

The bus slowed to a stop and I realized we were at the airport already. Grabbing my backpack I got off the bus and went to the back to get my massive suitcase. When I got the back somebody had pulled my suitcase off the bus and it was sitting on the curb. I lifted the handle and started to roll it. Goodness it was heavy. I wished James would have been there to help again.

It took almost an hour to get through security and to my gate. I got there right as the plane was loading so it worked out perfectly. I handed my ticket to the flight attendant and got on the plane to find my seat. Just my luck, my seat was in the very back so I had to push through a bunch of people trying to fit their giant carry on bags above them. I took my seat next to the window and quickly feel asleep. I sleep the whole five hours that it took to fly to Washington. I was woke up by the flight attendant pushing me gently.

"Miss, the plane had landed. It's time to unload," someone said with a fake smile. I looked around and I was the only person left on the plane.

"Oh, sorry," I mumbled. I jumped up and grabbed my backpack from the overhead compartment and headed off the plane.

"Rachael!" Elizabeth, my sister, shouted as I walked into the airport from the plane. I looked up and she wasn't alone. Standing next to her was my best friend Sara and three guys I didn't recognize. All three guys were huge, a good four or five inches taller than Elizabeth or Kim, and incredibly beautiful.

"Elizabeth! Kim! I've missed you guys so much!" I said as I walked up to them. Sara and Elizabeth started talking about there summer and asking about mine. I told them about everything, all my friends and what we did. The three guys that were there too joined in on the talking too. I figured out that their names were Embry, Quill, and Jacob.

"Oh, I forgot to introduce you to my friends! This is Embry, Quill, and Jacob," Sara said pointing to them. She told me about how she met them over the summer and that Embry was her boyfriend. Sara was normally not one to randomly meet people and become friends with them, but I guess she changed.

When we finally left to go find my luggage, Jacob held Quill back for a minute. He looked like he had something important to say to Quill so I couldn't help but spy on them. I wasn't paying attention to what Sara was saying to me and focused on what the guys were saying a few feet behind us.

"I think I just imprinted," Jacob said quietly.

"Are you serious?" Quill said happily.

"Yeah, what do I do?" Jacob asked confused.

"Bring her to the bonfire tonight," Quill answered. He didn't wait for Jacob to reply but ran up to catch the rest of us. Jacob followed behind him.

I was even more confused now. What the heck were they talking about? And what does Imprint mean? And why did Jacob not want Quill to say anything about it? And who was he not supposed to not say anything to? Why was it such a secret? Where did Kim find such weird people. I hate when things like that happen. When I've got millions of questions and absolutely no answers. I'm a nosey person and one of the things that bugs me the most is not knowing what people are talking about.