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Five Becomes Four

What happens when Jacob finally imprints? My first try at fanfic so please don't laugh.


2. Backs Against the Wall

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"So are you doing anything tonight, Rachael?" Jacob asked in the car on the way home.

"I don't know! I just got home," I laughed at him. "Why? What'd you got in mind?"

"Well, their having this big bonfire tonight that were all going to and I was wondering if you would want to go with me," he said casually.

"You have to come!" Sara shouted from the backseat. "Your my best friend and I haven't seen you all summer. And I'm getting tired of being one of the only girls with all these guys"

"What’s that supposed to mean?" Quill asked jokingly. "Do you not like hanging out with us? Sara Renee, that hurts!"

"Shut up Quill," Sara said only half kidding. She hated when people used her middle name.

"You really should come," Embry finally said. "I bet you didn't have bonfires like this back at camp."

"Well, actually, we had some pretty awesome bonfires," I lied. We didn't have bonfires but I missed messing with him.

"Ours are better," Embry said defensively. He crossed his arms and sunk back into his seat. I tried to keep a straight face but it didn't work. I burst out laughing and so did everyone else in the car.

"So are you going to come with me or am I dateless?" Jacob asked.

"Your not dateless, but don't be surprised if I fall asleep in the middle of it. I'm still super tired," I said pushing him gently.

"Hey now! No distracting the driver!" he shot back at me.

"Sorry," I said sarcastically. "Do I have time to go home to take a shower and get ready?"

"Yeah, you got like two hours. It's only four. I'll drop you off at your house to get ready then I'll com pick you up," he said.

"Don't worry about picking me up, I miss Carter and I want to drive." Carter was my car, my baby. Yes, I named my car. And no, I didn't name him Carter because the name starts with the word car. I actually just realized that now. He was a little red two door Oldsmobile Alero, nothing fancy. Carter is the love of my life! I hadn't got to drive him in two months! How sad it that?

"Who's Carter?" Embry asked from the back.

"Her car. Carters her baby," Sara explaind laughing.

"Here we are," Jacob said pulling into my driveway. Elizabeth quickly got out of the car and went inside probaly to call her friends to make plans. "Want some help with you suitcase?"

"Yes please! That thing almost killed me when I had to carry it!" I laughed. Jacob got my bag out of the trunk and pulled it to the front door before I could even get out my key. He made the suitcase look like it weighed two pounds. I opened the door and he carried it up the stairs to my room.

"Were starting the bonfire around six-ish. You’re not going to fall asleep before then or anything right?" Jacob asked.

"If I'm not out there you'll know why," I answered sarcastically.

"I'm glad your coming with me," he said as he hugged me tight. His body was warm as if he had a fever.

"I can't go if I die," I gasped, "Now let me go so I can breathe!"

"Sorry," he laughed. "See you at six."

"Bye." I waved as he walked out the door and to his car.

I stood staring at my closet. I had taken my shower and was trying to find something to wear. It wasn't working out well. My closet was empty. Everything was dirty in my suitcase. I seriously need to do some laundry. I figured that's what tomorrow would consist of from me. I planed on doing it tonight, but I had been roped into the bonfire. I was glad for a reason to put it off, I hated doing laundry, but now there was nothing for me to wear.

I grabbed a pair of blue jeans of one of my shelf’s that had managed to escape my mad packing before I left, and went to Elizabeth’s room. It was a good thing we wore the same size. Opening her closet, I started rummaging through her clothes. I pulled out a random pink and white shirt and headed back to my room. Twenty minutes later I was complete ready. I was too tired to mess with my hair so I put it in a ponytail and threw a baseball hat on.

It was thirty minutes to six. I knew it would take me less than five minutes to get there, especially with my fast driving, but I decided to leave anyway. Somebody would be out setting up for the bonfire and it would probably be Jacob. Then I could get him alone and ask him about that mysterious conversation I overheard at the airport today.

I walked outside and sank into the driver’s seat of Carter. I missed him so much. For almost three minutes I just sat there without even starting the engine. I leaned forwards and hugged the steering wheel and the dash. I know its weird, but I love cars more than any girl should. Being without my car for two months had been one of the only bad things about camp.

Finally, I started Carter and pulled out of the driveway. I lived at the end of a long road in the woods that nobody went on unless they were going to my house. I loved it because I could go eighty or ninety without having to worry about other cars. As much as I loved cars, I loved driving fast even more. Elizabeth always freaked out about so I had to drive safely when she’s in the car. I never even came close to a wreck though. As dangerous as it was, I was a safe driver. I just love the adrenaline pump it gives you.

With my speed I got to the bonfire in four minutes. Like I expected, there were only a few people, most of whom I didn't know. I parked my car and walked over to where the people were. One of the guys noticed me and headed my way. He was tall and rough looking. He seemed to be about twenty-something and looked kinda angry.

"This is a private party, you need to leave," he almost growled at me.

"Um, Jacob told me to come...I guess I am kinda early..."I tried to explain. Who ever this guy was he scared me a lot.

"Ohhh, so your the girl Jacob told me about," he said smiling now, "Sorry about that, Rachael isn't it? My names Sam by the way. Jacob's getting some wood he'll be back in just a moment. Come and join everyone."

He lead me over to where some people were standing around. I recognized one of them to be Jacobs’s dad, Billy. And just as Sam had said, Jacob was back in just a few minutes.

"Rachael! I see you didn't fall asleep," Jacob said running up to me.

"My bed looked mighty comfy though," I joked.

"There will be plenty of time for sleeping later. I see you meet Sam."

"Yeah, who is he? Is he like really important or something? He acted kinda weird," I mumbled.

"Don't worry about it, he is kinda weird. And yeah, he is really important...or something," he trailed off.

About that time everyone who didn't get there ridiculously early started arriving. The only ones I knew were Sara, Quill, and Embry. There were about twenty people there. And I probably couldn't tell you half their names.

After about an hour of cooking hot dogs and making s'mores around the fire, one of the elders of the tribe stood up. As soon as he did, the talking and laughter suddenly stoped. He started telling the ledgen’s of the tribe. His voice was deep and mysterious. I couldn't have not listened if I tried. And the ledgeds were so interesting. I was lost in the stories. I wasn't aware of what was going on around me.

Suddenly I felt a chill. I came to my senses and realized it had gotten really cold outside. I left my jacket in the car and wasn't about to go get it in the middle of the stories. Jacob noticed I was shivering and wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in close without saying anything. I felt so warm being next to him. His body felt like he had a fever or something but it felt nice.

"So what'd you think?" Jacob asked me when the ledgens ended. "Did you fall asleep?"

"I couldn't if I wanted to! That was intense," I said seriously.

"You have no idea," he said under his breath. "You want to go for a walk; I need to tell you something."

"Lead the way," I answered.

We walked out to the beach next to the waves coming in. I looked up at the sky to see the stars I missed for the last two months. At camp there was a lake so we had a beach and you could see the stars, but it didn't come close to here at home. We walked for a few minutes in silence, both of us mesmerized by the stars above us.

"So...." I said finally breaking the silence. "You wanted to tell me something?"

"Yeah...I don't really know how to put this, so I'm just going to say it....You know the ledgens you just heard? Well..." I started to get worried. What did he have to tell me that was so hard to say? "Well, there kinda real....not kinda, they are real."

I stopped walking. So, my best friend’s crazy, that just great. Those ledgens couldn't be real. They were about werewolves and vampires and crazy things like that. Jacob looked at me to see how I would react. His face was serious. He wasn't just kidding around.

"No there not," I said mater-of-factly. I said that and keep walking. They weren't real and that’s all there was to it.

"Rachael, listen to me," Jacob said. He grabbed my shoulders and turned me to face him. "Those ledgens are real. Everything you just heard is real and happening now. I am a werewolf. So is Quill and Embry and Sam and most of those guys there. You have to believe me."

"You can't be serious. That's fairytale stuff. There's no such thing as werewolves. If so, prove it," I challenged him.

"Stay right here," He said.

He took a deep breath and ran into the woods that were next to us. Just a minute later, a massive wolf came out of the woods where Jacob went in. Slowly the wolf walked up to me. I stood there frozen. The wolf was so much bigger than any wolf should be. It was the size of a bear. There was no way that that thing was Jacob. It just couldn't be possible. Suddenly the wolf turned around and ran back into the woods. I still stood there frozen, to scared to move. A moment later Jacob returned out of the woods were the wolf had entered.

"You believe me now?" he said as he walked up to me.

I say anything. I still couldn't move.

"Rachael? Are you ok?" His voice sounded scared and concerned. "Don't be scared, everything’s going to be fine."