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Five Becomes Four

What happens when Jacob finally imprints? My first try at fanfic so please don't laugh.


3. Crash Into Me

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"So what your saying is that you turn into a giant wolf?" I asked. It took me a minute but the shock wore off and I could actually think now.

"Yeah, that’s pretty much exactly what I'm saying," Jacob said with a smile.

"So why are you telling me, some random stranger? And why does it happen to you?" I fired questions at him.

"It happens to me because it did to my great grandfather. It all started because the bloodsuckers are back. There were no werewolves for a while but once they came back, so did we," he tried to explain.

"I'll just pretend that makes sense," I laughed. "But you still didn't answer one of my questions. Why are you telling me? Sam made it seem like it was a big secret. When I showed up before you did, he told me I had to leave. So if it is some big secret why do I get to know?"

"Yeah, it is a secret. But who would believe us if we told them? I got to tell you 'cause..." he struggled with the words to say. "Well, I imprinted on you."

"I heard Quill say something about that to you at the airport. What does that mean? " I asked confused.

"It's really hard to explain," he sighed. "It's kinda like finding you soul mate. Like love at first sight only so much more.It happens the first time you see the person after you first phase. When you got off the plane at the airport and I saw you I just knew you were the one for me. I can't even exlpain it. I love you so much Rachael."

"I...I don't know what to say..." I said stumbling over the words. How do you possibly respond to something like that? I just met this guy and now hes madly in love with me?

"You don't have to say anything. I know, it's a lot to take in. I get it," he said. He said he gets it, but he couldn't possibly understand how this feels right now. I felt like I was going into shock like I did when he told me he was a giant wolf. But I didn't thankfully.

"So, wait. What does that make me?" I asked still confused.

"I was hoping that would make you my girlfriend," he said slowly. What a sweetie.

"I'd like that," I whispered. The logical side of me was shouting 'run away! You've known this guy for only a few hours!' but some other part made me stay.

"We better get back to everyone. They'll be wondering where we are," he said with a smile. He

As we walked back up to the bonfire Sam came over to us. He still looked scary to me even though Jacob said he wasn't bad. Attached at his side was Emily. I had been introduced to her when I first got to the bonfire. She was Sam's fiancé. I tried hard not to stare at the three giant scratches that ran down her face. The story was that she had been mauled by a bear, but it was Sam that gave her those marks. She was standing to close when he phased and couldn't control himself.

"Jacob, can we talk." The way Sam said it, it wasn't a question.

"I'll be back in just a second," Jacob said letting go of my hand. He walked over to the other side of the fire with Sam.

"It's Rachael, right?" Emily asked as soon as they left.

I nodded my head.

"It will be nice to have another girl around. Its about time Jacob imprinted," she laughed.

I didn't say anything back. I stood there staring into the fire. I love fire. Probably a little too much. I think I'm a pyro. I love to sit and watch the way fire moves. The way it flows and flickers too hot to hold. Something about it entices me. We stood there in silence, neither off us feeling the need to babble on and try to make conversation, listening to the crackle of the fire. It wasn't awkward silence though. Emily was watching the fire like I was, only it was obvious she didn't actually see the fire; her mind was somewhere far away. Jacob and Sam came walking back over to us about fifteen minutes later.

"Sorry about that," Jacob said as he put his arm around my waist and held me close. "It took longer than I expected." He threw an angry glance to Sam who simply ignored it.

"It's fine, don't worry about it," I said. My voice was quieter than I expected it to be. As if the quiet didn't want to be disturbed.

"It's getting late, ready to go home?" he asked me. I looked around and most people had already left.

"Yeah, I'm pretty tired since someone wouldn't let me sleep," I said playfully pushing him.

"Then lets get you home," he said walking over to Carter and getting in the drivers seat. I handed him the key and we headed for my house.

"Wait, how are you going to get home?" I asked relizing half way home that he didn't have his car.

"I'll just run, its only about twenty miles," he said as if it was no big deal.

"Twenty miles! That's a lot. Are you crazy?"

"That will take me about two minutes in wolf form," he explained.

"Oh." Enter awkward silence.

The silence was broken by my phone that was sitting on the dashboard shouting MESSAGE over and over in a really loud obnoxious voice.

"I got a message," I said defensively as Jacob gave me a weird look.

"I know that," he joked. "So who's it from?"

"Lets see," I said reaching for my phone. "JAMES!" I shouted when I saw the name. I had totally forgotten about him in the craziness of this evening. I opened the text to read it. How was your trip? I miss you. Alot.

"Who's this James guy?" Jacob asked before I could reply.

"My best friend from camp and one of the most amazing people ever!" I said. Quickly I hit reply and started typing. It was good. I sleep the whole 5 hr plane ride haha how was your trip? I miss you too :(

"Not as amazing as me though?" he asked jokingly.

"Ehhh, I guess not," I joked back.

"Rachael! That hurts," Jacob said putting his hand where his heart was.

"Calm down, I'm just kidding," I said with a laugh.

"Sure you are...." he said pretending to be mad. That’s when we pulled into my driveway. The light on the porch was on and my sister was probably sitting in the living room waiting for me to come in. Jacob got out of the car and walked me up to my porch.

"Want to come over tomorrow and meet all the guys? he asked.

"Yeah sounds good. Call me when you want me to come over," I answered.

"Ok, see you tomorrow," He leaned over and kissed me on the forehead. "I love you Rachael."

I just smiled in return. I was still a little creped out by this werewolf imprint love stuff. He opened the door for me and when I was inside I saw him run into the woods across the street. A minute later I heard a loud howl.

"Nice of you to finally come home," Elizabeth said sarcastically.

"Oh, sorry. I lost track of time. What time is it anyways?" I asked. I really hoped she wasn't mad.

"It's only eleven thirty. Your fine. I got home just a minute ago and thought it would be fun to mess with you," she said with a laugh.

"Good, I thought I was in trouble," I said truthfully.

"So how was you evening? What did you guys do?" she asked.

"It was fun. We had a bonfire and just cooked out and stuff." I figured I shouldn't tell her what 'stuff' was. "I'm pretty tired. I think I'm going to up to bed. Night Elizabeth."

"Ok, see you in the morning. Good Night," She called as I walked up the steps.

I got to my room and fell into my bed. Finally I could get some sleep.

"MESSAGE!" my phone shouted. I guess I would wait to sleep. I pulled out my phone to read my text from James.

My trip was long and boring. when i got home i went straight to bed. i woke up just a little bit ago. my bed felt so nice =]

Your so lucky i got home at 3 and just now am laying on my bed.

Whys that?

When i got home i went to a bonfire with some friends. i wanted to go to sleep but they wouldnt let me. i was basically dragged there.

i feel like such a loser now. you go home and party with friends and have fun and i just sleep. i am such a nerd lol :) i'll let you get some sleep now talk to you later. goodnight rachael.

Night loser, i mean James! lol call me soon. sleep tight and dont let the bed bugs bite ;)

I threw my phone across the room where it landed in my open suitcase. I turned off the light and finally crawled under to my warm bed. Oh how I missed my big comfy bed all summer. It felt so nice after the long day I had.

I had got home from camp, found out my best friend befriend people who turn into giant wolves, and now have a new boyfriend that I met only this afternoon. And all I planed on doing today was laundry. Which I still need to do if I want to have anything to wear. My head hit the pillow and I was out. I fell stright to sleep.