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Cheating on Alice

A Bella/Jasper story. Edward leaves Bella, leaving Alice and Jasper to pick up the pieces. What happend when Alice goes hunting? The start of a whirlwind love adventure, of course!


1. Getting Caught

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In a dressing room. They were in a public dressing room, at a communal, heaving public mall, and Bella had Jasper pinned against the dull beige wall in a way that was anything but innocent. Bella’s deep brown eyes were sparkling with almost childish mischievousness, but no, there was nothing childish about what they were doing. To the untrained eye, it might have appeared that they were fighting; they scrabbled and bit and clawed at one another like savage animals, but no, they weren’t fighting; not even in the loosest sense of the word. Jasper stopped struggling when he finished reading the sign, and then without any warning whatsoever, Bella was licking down his pale, bite-mark ridden neck, her fingers teasing the open fly of Jaspers tight, dark blue designer skinnys. She dipped her fingers below the dangerously low waistband, rubbing soft, smooth fingertips against the hard pale skin there, and Jasper swore he could feel something bursting behind his eyes in the most pleasurable way. He gripped the front of Bella’s black tank top, pulling her closer and crashing their lips together.

If Bella had held herself back, they might have been able to get out the mall and find somewhere less… public to finish, but then Jasper grunted in that appreciative way of his and to Bella, that was the equivalent of her name being screamed at the top of her lovers lungs, the swollen nub in between her legs throbbing with desireand there was no way in hell that they were going anywhere now. Still, this was just a little bit too risky, wasn’t it? What if Alice saw what the two of them were doing? Thank Carlisle she went off to find Bella a dress for the party. But, oh god, the fact that they could be seen or discovered by shop assistants at any moment just heightened the heart-pounding experience, combining it with more fear and excitement than Bella had felt since that time in the shower at the Cullen’s house when they were nearly discovered by Edward. It was absolutely exhilarating, and she just couldn’t seem to ever get enough.

“Hurry up, Bells, I'm getting old here,” Jasper whispered with that oh so sexy smile of his plastered on his face, lacing the fingers of one hand into Bella’s messy chestnut hair and tugging impatiently yet lovingly; his other hand upon the supple mound of flesh, just hidden behind the thin fabric of Bella’s top, his thumb brushing against a hardened nipple.

Jasper didn’t like having sex in public places. As much as he hated to admit it, he was rather loud during sex, and he definitely didn’t want anyone other than Bella hearing him. Hell, he’d even considered making Bella plug her ears a few times; it was embarrassing and inappropriate of a vampire like himself to be so verbal when making love to the stunning woman in front of him.

But fuck− Bella sunk her teeth into the alabaster skin of Jasper’s exposed collarbone, her fingers brushing ever so lightly against the inside of his defined, denim-clad thighs, over the short teeth of his unzipped zipper, and felt Jaspers painfully constricted cock pound in response− for a woman with barely any experience in this department, Bells was good.

“Your getting old huh? Rue the day that Jasper Whitlock, the sexiest vampire alive, gets old. And don’t tell me what to do,” her tongue darted out to lick at his hardening nipple, and he sucked in his breath, “I’m in charge here.”

“Your wish is my command. However, as a former officer, I order you to take my jeans off, I might break them.” Jasper elaborated, wiggling uncomfortably and trying in vain to push the trousers past his slim hips.

“Oh. Sorry.” Bella blushed furiously, averting her eyes from his pained face as she slipped her fingers into the overly tight waistband of the Levi jeans and forcefully (for a human) jerked them over her lover’s hips and thighs, his confined cock finally springing free; sighing in relief, and then hissing out in pleasure as Bella lightly flicked the head of his penis. Bella smiled at him, and pulled back slightly, moving to slip the designer top (a present from Alice) over her head.

“Leave it on,” Jas demanded hoarsely. She gave him a curious look, but respected his wishes, fixing the black fabric and leaning in for another kiss. Pressing herself against his bare chest, Bella’s hardened nipples brushed against Jaspers, drawing a shaky grunt from his shiny pale lips. Bella could feel Jasper’s hands moving down her own hips, aiming to remove her own jeans completely. Bella followed Jaspers’s descent with her owns hands, stopping the blonde by gripping his pale wrists meaningfully. She stared directly into Jaspers intense, normally honey coloured eyes, now black with passion and her tongue flicked out to moisten his chapped lips.

“Not here,” she whispered, and before Jasper could protest she crushed their lips together in another desperate kiss.

“Lets go home."

“I was thinking we could finish off here,” Jasper said, forgetting his fears of having public sex- being with Bella, especially THIS Bella, made him forget about all his worries.

“Jeans- mine- off- now,” Bella mumbled incoherently into Jasper’s neck, rubbing her still denim-clad hips against Jasper’s bare erection to further clarify her meaning. Jasper gasped, nodded, and moved his hands down, momentarily struggling with the button on the human’s jeans before it popped open, and then the zipper was down and her jeans were gathered around her ankles, and then her lacy boy shorts too.

The feeling of absolute gratification when they finally touched was something that never ceased to amaze Jasper and Bella. Their hearts skipped a beat- or Jaspers would have restarted itself if it were able too, wonderful shocks ran up and down their spines, and every thought was wiped from their minds, except one; more.

Bella shoved a shocked Jasper back against the wall, his body connecting fully and with a loud thump. They were worried for a millisecond that someone would hear them, but when Bella’s hand was wrapped around his cock and her smooth hands were gliding and tugging and Jasper wasn’t worried about anything anymore; nothing but finishing what Bella had started. His hips jerked and bucked, trying to bring Bells closer, trying to push her away, trying to do anything that would just give him that sensation again. Oh fuck it, as long as I’m going to cheat on Alice I might as well do it properly.

Jasper flipped them around and aligned their bodies, shoving Bella’s bare ass against the wall as he ground their hips together, thrusting with abandon and not caring if anyone heard the strange thumps or the frenzied pants or the pleasured grunts and sighs and moans. As long as he could make Bella’s abnormally beautiful face look like that again, and fuck− he placed his hand at Bella’s hot, wet centre, bringing his fingers to the swollen nub of flesh and started to rub furiously, occasionally squeezing or pinching− Bella’s eyes were shut tight, her brows furrowed, biting her full bottom lip to keep from making any noise.

“Scream for me, Bella.” Jasper whispered this into her ear, wondering if Dominant Bella would be pissed at him later for his cliché dirty talk. Right now he really didn’t care, because she was biting his lip even harder, and she’d brought her own hand down and placed it around Jasper’s cold, granite manhood, moving her hand at a more rapid pace; it felt fucking good. So much so that Jasper probably would have collapsed from wobbly knees and light-headedness if he hadn’t been leaning against Bella so heavily.

Their movement was constricted by the clothes they were still wearing, and all they could really do was buck their hips in time with the frenzied movement of their hands. But oh, the feeling of denim rubbing against their thighs was so gratifying of an advantage that it nearly made up for all of the other disadvantages all on its own. Friction was a wonderful, wonderful thing.

“B- bella,” Jasper panted, “faster.”

Bella nodded shakily, increasing the pace and also sliding her thumb over the tip of Jasper’s cock, swirling the pre-cum around the slit with her thumb pad and then spreading it along the length for extra lubrication. Jasper called out when Bella’s freshly manicured nails slid lightly down his erection, and he could feel his toes curling of their own volition. It was so good, too good; he felt like he was about to explode. Bella turned them again and moved closer, grinding Jasper into the wall with their hands still between them, her fingers still curling around Jasper’s enormous erection and giving it an extra hard tug, his nails scraping from the base to the tip and then squeezing

“Bella!” Jasper yelled, his entire body arching against her as he came and came, his cock spurting over his own stomach and Bella’s pale hand, swearing under his breath at the intensity of it all. When Jasper came back to awareness, Bella was still moving against him, using her own hand to finish herself off, and oh god, Jasper had to close his eyes again because that was just too much; an aftershock of orgasmic euphoria sparked through him from that image alone, and he slumped against the wall, too spent to do anything but listen to Bella as she moaned, and screamed, and gasped Jasper’s name quietly before her own cum came running down her legs in a burst, her orgasm rocking her body.

“F-fuck,” Bella panted, stabilizing herself by placing her sweaty palms against the dressing room wall. Jasper grunted, and nodded in agreement, still feeling much too raw from his orgasm to form coherent words. Bella chuckled at the speechless Jasper, craned her neck and tilted her head to the side, pressing their lips together in a softer kiss than the ones they’d shared before. Bella opened her mouth and Jasper’s icy, sweet tongue slid inside, twisted around Bella’s tongue and drew a moan from her dry throat. It felt so good, but they were feeling much too sticky to be able to enjoy it properly.

“Mm!” Bella murmured urgently into Jasper’s mouth. Abruptly, she broke the kiss and directed Jasper’s gaze to his soiled stomach, eyebrows raised.

Sliding to her knees, Bella glanced up at Jasper momentarily before she began dragging her tongue along Jasper’s stomach in long, slow strokes, leisurely lapping up the drying fluids. Jasper shivered, blinking in surprise as he watched Bella clean him- Alice had never done that before, and then sucked his own hands clean as well. She stood and took Jasper’s hand in his, bringing the fingertips to his lips and licking up any trace of cum that might have been clinging to them without a second thought. Jasper watched her in awe; Bella could be really fucking sexy when she wanted to be. No, strike that- all the time.

Letting the arm drop to Jasper’s side, she moved off of him and pulled her underwear and jeans back up where they belonged. Zipping them and buttoning them closed, she pulled her tank top down over her jeans and straightened her hair.

“That was pretty kinky, huh?” Jasper said finally, smiling that goofy, overexcited smile of his that Bella was sure only he would ever manage to pull off.

“I’m never going shopping with you ever again,” Bella said lightly, narrowing her eyes in mock anger at Jasper.

“What? But Bella!” Jasper whined, his fingers trailing absentmindedly down her pale sides as he leaned closer, chilly breaths ghosting against Bella’s neck. Bella swallowed, and, making up her mind to restore her dignity and feeling guilt towards her best friend, her lovers wife, pushed Jasper back as forcefully as she could. This, to say, was hardly anything.

“I love you Bella, never doubt that.”

Bella sighed and laid her head upon Jaspers chest.

“I love you too, with all my heart. I'm sorry for what I said the other day. I really do love you, Jas.”

Suddenly the door burst open. Standing there was a small form in the shape of Alice, holding a beautiful dark blue dress and matching shoes but with a face so heartbroken it was almost excruciating to look at as she took in the sight before her.

“What the hell is this?”