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Gone and goodbye

He promised to always be there for her. with Jacob gone, Bella has no one to live for anymore. what will she do and how will everyone react CHAPTER TWO HAS BEEN RE-WRITEN

please enjoy this story. it is a two part, first chapter is what happens and chapter two is the letters

1. Its over

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He promised.

He said he would always be there for me.

And now, I have no one and he has Sam.

He promised he would always be there for me.

When Billy came out I knew it was over, I couldn’t fight them anymore more.

The look Charlie gave me when he saw me… He knew it was over.

I’m now standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom, looking real close at myself.

Why would anyone want me?

I’m just Bella Swan, clumsy danger magnet.

I really thought Jacob was different; he wasn’t like him at all.

He was my strength.

My reason to live.

My Jake.

And now he is gone.

I knew Charlie would come check on me like every other night…. I would have to wait until he goes to bed.


It didn’t take long, I heard Charlie open my door checking on me before heading to bed.

I pulled the half full bottle of Valium out of my pocket and my razor from the bathroom, deftly pulling of the lid of the bottle; I poured the pills into my left hand and swiftly swallowed them all before I changed my mind. My room was dark with only the moon as my light, I carefully extracted the small razors from within the shaver and placed them on my bed side table. Before getting up from my double bed and walked over to my desk.

I pulled out several pieces of paper and wrote my goodbye letters.

One for Charlie.

One for Renee.

One for Jacob.

One for Edward.

One for Alice.

One for the rest of the Cullen’s.

I didn’t know how much time had passed since I started writing the letters, but by the last one I felt my gut twisting as the Valium kicked in and start to shut down my system. I knew it wouldn’t be long now.

I walked back over to my bed and picked up one of the three razor blades, looking at it carefully, watching it shine as the moon light hit it.

Shiny like Edwards Skin.

I looked away as I drew the blade across my left wrist, not wanting to see the blood as my life force poured from within me.

I could feel the blood pumping out of my veins, causing me to feel a thumping ache, I moved softly, not to cause myself any pain as I laid down.

I just wanted it to go away… all of it.

It didn’t take long before I could feel myself drifting off; I knew that if I closed my eyes…they would never open again and strangely… I was ok with that.

The last thing I heard before my eyes closed for the final time was a soft scratching at my window…