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Gone and goodbye

He promised to always be there for her. with Jacob gone, Bella has no one to live for anymore. what will she do and how will everyone react CHAPTER TWO HAS BEEN RE-WRITEN

please enjoy this story. it is a two part, first chapter is what happens and chapter two is the letters

2. the letters

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Charlie’s letter:


We both knew this was coming, I saw the look in your eyes when I come home today, I saw you shoulders shake with internal tears. Thank you for sticking by me through this whole thing when you could have sent me to live with mum.

You mean the world to me Dad but I just couldn’t continue on, you have seen me at my worst and I never want you to see me like that again. Please don’t guilt yourself over this, you did everything you could and I promise you it did help but it was just not enough, if it wasn’t for you I do not think I would have even lasted this long. Please understand this is what I wanted, it was bound to happen sooner or later with the way I was going.

I ask you not to go looking for the Cullen’s or Jacob, what Jacob did was unforgivable and he should have realized what the ending our relationship would do to me, but he has to live with that the rest of his life but I do hope that Sam will know think twice before taking friends away from their true friends, Sam has to live with himself knowing that his actions in part lead to my death

The Cullen’s, I doubt will ever come back so you don’t have to worry about dealing with that, if they ever do come back please give them their letters and a brief description on what happened to me, they need to understand what their actions caused.

I love you dad and always will.

Always your daughter


Jacobs letter:


I am not to sure what friendship actually means to you but what ever it is, its wrong and you need to have a long talk with yourself.

What happened to all those promises you made, did you always plan to break them and did you plan on finishing Edwards work.

I hope Sam can be just as much of a friend to you I thought I was. How can you even be friends with a man who made you give up your old friends, how many times did you say you where scared of him. Just think of what we could be could be doing if he didn’t get involved, we could be sitting in the emergency room because I fell of the bike again or tripping when we were hiking, but here you are reading my suicide note waiting for Charlie to bury me.

You were my stone Jake, my light in the darkness. You promised you would always be there for me but you lied and because of that I can never forgive you. You can not blame everything on the Cullen’s; you do not have the right to blame anyone but yourself for how our relationship ended.

Things were starting to get better Jake, but you went and ruined it all, I hope you are happy with your knew ones.


Renee’s letter.


I am sorry that our goodbye has to be in letter form but I do not believe I could ever say goodbye to you any other way. I really did not mean for this to happen but I just can’t stand it anymore, the memories of Edward are wearing me down.

I wish everything turned out better but something’s are set into stone and we can’t change the outcome.

I don’t regret coming to live with Charlie, I don’t regret not coming back and living with you but I do regret ever meeting some people here, some people don’t know when enough is enough, Some people don’t know not to attack when some one is already down and struggling.

I will always love you, even your horrible cooking. I hope you and Phil have a great life together.

Always your daughter


Edwards letter:


If you are reading this it means that you somehow got my letter and figured out what has happened. I really don’t understand you, we were meant to be together forever but than you turn around and tell me that you never loved me and that I was a distraction. You will never understand the pain I went through, you took all the goodness in my life and through it all away, nothing was the same after the day you left.

You made me promise never to hurt myself or put myself in harms way, well I broke that promise many times, just as you did when you said you loved me and than left.

You do not have anyone to yourself to blame but yourself for my death, so don’t even think about blaming Jake.

In my opinion you and your family deserve all the horrid things that have happened to you and maybe one day you will understand what it feels like to be raped of all your emotions and no one around you understands, I don’t care what you do with your life from now on, go find another girl you and family can toy with, but remember this… you have no heart and will never feel our pain like you think you do.


Alice ’s Letter:

Alice ,

I honestly don’t know what to write, every time I think of you, shock runs through my body. Was it just a game to you, did you have fun playing the best friend of human, the Alice I became friends with would have stayed, at least to say goodbye.

You were meant to be my best friend, my sister, my confidant but you are as bad as your brother. I’m glad I died the way I did and not joined your family. I died with a heart, I died knowing who I was, I died being able to cry and feel pain. You and your family can keep your cold hard exterior; you were not the friend I thought you were.


The Cullen’s letter:

Esme, Carlisle, Emmet and Rosalie.

You may think you are better then the rest of the vampires in the world, but your not. You may not drink blood and take away lives, but you do ruin lives, you ruined my life… you all destroyed me.

I hope you are doing fine without being distracted by the lovely smelling human girl that always sat on your couch. If I was that much of a distraction like Edward said I was why didn’t you tell me?

You are all perfect liars but I guess that comes with the territory because I really thought I meant something to you all.

You all destroyed me and I will never forgive any of you for that, I died when you left, the blade and pills just made it official.


Jaspers Letter:


I know we really never talked or hung out but you were always watching over me, making sure I was ok. I know some people may accidentally blame you for pushing Edward’s hard, making him decide to leave, but I want you to know that I never blamed you. On that day I saw in your eyes that it was a shock that you went for me, your instincts kicked in while your mind tried to fight it.

I know you are strong person Jasper and with enough training and discipline you can make it, I believe in you.