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Gone and goodbye

He promised to always be there for her. with Jacob gone, Bella has no one to live for anymore. what will she do and how will everyone react CHAPTER TWO HAS BEEN RE-WRITEN

please enjoy this story. it is a two part, first chapter is what happens and chapter two is the letters

3. Reactions: Charlie

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As I awoke I had a terrible feeling at the pit of my stomach…



As I walked into her room, I bit back the vomit that arose in my mouth.

“So much blood.” I thought

I slid down the wall, knowing it would be too late to do anything, too late to save my only daughter, my child. I could feel the tears pooling in my eyes before falling freely down my cheeks.

I knew it was going to happen one day, but I never truly believed it.


Anger flowed through my body,

It’s because of that rotten family that my little girl is gone.

I knew the moment she came home from Jacobs that it was over, I saw the dead look in her eyes, and I knew she would try but I didn’t think she would seriously go through with it…. How wrong I was.

As I sit here in front of the switched of TV as the paramedics take my daughter away, I can only think back to the good days, when she was little, when she used to ride on my shoulders smiling all the while - God I miss her smile, it use to light up the room.

She was so shy when she first moved back to Forks but became alive when she first met the Cullen Kid, God I hate him, he destroyed my baby’s life, and it’s because of him that she rarely smiled.

I was so happy when she became friends with Jacob; they could have been great together but now that kid better run because I will be coming after him and that friend of his Sam Uley.

I shudder at the thought of calling Renee, but knowing that it has to be done.

The walk to the phone was the longest walk I have ever taken, I dial her number quickly waiting for her to pick up.

“Hello” she answers cheerfully

“Renee, Its Charlie” I say, I could not hold the sadness out of voice.

“What is it, Is Bella alright” I could hear the panic in her voice.

“No, Bella is not alright” tears once again are pouring down my cheeks.

I hear the sobs down the phone, she knows “She did it, didn’t she” She cries.

“Yes” I cry back. “Found her this morning, Jacob broke off their friendship – it pushed her over the edge”

“Don’t do anything you will regret Charlie, Bella wouldn’t want that” I could hear her sobs lessoning as the shock sets in.

“There is a letter here for you” I tell her.

“I will be on the first plane down” the line goes dead and I know she is gone.

I turn around and head back to the couch but I am stopped when I see Billy outside. Anger explodes from within my chest.

“HOW DARE YOU COME HERE!!!” I yell at him as I storm out the house and towards him.

“I came here to apologise” Billy spoke with all seriousness “Jake wishes things could have been different”

“Don’t you dare talk about your son around me” I growl “You can tell your son and his friends that if I see them in Forks they will find themselves spending the night in lockup”

“I am sorry you feel that way Charlie” I watch as Billy wheels himself back over to his car; a young woman hops out and helps him in.


Bella’s not has become worn and torn; I have read it so many times. The ink is splotched from where my tears have fallen. Renee and Phil will be here on Friday for the funeral on Saturday, Bella is being buried in the old Swan family plot.

Two days after the Funeral I am leaving Forks for the first time in ten years and going to search for HIM and his family. Bella would never forgive me if they didn’t get their letters.

I cant stop the tears the pour down my cheeks, the house had always being quiet, even when Bella was here but now the house sounds… Dead.

In her Letter she asked me to move on but how can I ever move on, I still love her mother, but it was her last request and I am going to try my hardest, Renee has moved on and now it’s my turn, but firstly I have someone to hunt down.

He destroyed my daughter and now I am going to destroy him…