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Sasuke's Fan Girls Meet Edward

What sticky messes will Edward, Alice, Bella, and Emmett get themselves into when they've found themselves in the world of Naruto?

I don't own any of the characters

1. Ninjas?!

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It was a normal, quiet day in the Cullen household. Almost too quiet, if you asked Emmett.

"Let's invite Bella over to do something." Emmett announced. Bella's a total magnet for danger; maybe she'll bring an army of ghosts along with her this thought made him chuckle. Things at the Cullens fell into a repetitious, boring pattern whenever Bella was at work or school.

"You're right. It's much more fun with Bella around." Alice agreed, turning her focus to Edward.

"She's not a play thing." Edward rolled his eyes as he snapped his cell phone open and dialed Bella's number. "Hello Bella, are you busy?" Edward gave a quiet laugh. "No, it's not a party. Alice and Emmett here are bored out of their minds," He shot a quick glare at them both. "I appreciate it. Bye." He snapped the phone shut. After a few minutes of mindless staring at their TV, Bella showed up with a willing expression.

"Hey Alice, Emmett, and Edward," She gave them all a hug. "What do you feel like do-" Her question was interrupted when she saw everyone swirl around to stare at Alice. Bella's gaze turned to Alice's blank expression.

"A new...dimensions? Someone's sending us a portal?" Alice asked herself with glazed eyes. Her expression quickly turned into a grimace.

"What is it?" Edward asked, his velvet voice muted.

"I-I don't know. All I saw was a vision of some...anime show," Alice shook her head in confusion.

"With ninjas?" Emmett asked.

"Yes, ninjas with… eccentric outfits."

"Naruto!" Emmett gasped. Everyone's gaze turned to Emmett in surprise. "It's this anime on Cartoon Network. I've seen it a few times." Emmett admitted sheepishly.

"Well, whatever is going on, it's happening outside!" Bella gasped and pointed at the TV. A hypnotic, swirly haze came seeping through the television screen. Before they knew it, the haze lashed out, took a firm hold on their ankles, and tugged them through the screen with a terrifying strength. Bella's scream of surprise echoed in their ears as they fell through an endless pit of white haze.

As quick as a flash of lighting; the haze faded away and with a -CRASH-, they landed on a figure with an orange and blue suit.

"Hey, what the heck is your problem?" The ninja yelled in their faces.

"You're Naruto Uzumaki!" Emmett yelled back.

"You got that right! I’m going to be the next Hokage! Believe it!" Naruto disappeared in purple smoke.

“Whoah, we’re in the show, Naruto!” Emmett bounced up and gawked at his arms. “And we’ve been animefied!”

Alice, Edward, and Bella inspected their own figures in shock; it was as if God took them out of Forks and forgot them somewhere in a strange, new dimension, and their bodies somehow adapted to it.

“Wow you guys, look at my hair!” Alice chirped, pointing at her hair. Her hair looked sharp and shiny, as if there were knives hidden in them. Fascinated, Bella reached out and poked her anime locks.

“Ouch, I’m bleeding!” Bella groaned in surprise and put her injured finger in her mouth.

“I have a feeling that things are just going to get stranger and stranger.” A deep crease appeared on Edward’s stone forehead.

As if Edward’s uneasy feelings were on cue, another smoke bomb blinded their sight momentarily.

“Foreigners! Maybe they can help us out. What do you think, Itachi?” A blue shark man…thing in a black and red trench coat grunted.

“Absolutely, they could be of some use to the Akatsuki.” A man with a black ponytail and a spiteful expression sneered. Before they could ask any questions, the two men fled and left behind another smoke bomb. As the smoke slowly dissipated, they quickly noticed that Alice was gone!

“Where could Alice be?” Bella cried out. A growing rumble from the distance alerted them.

“Alice can take of herself; I think we have a bigger problem at the moment.” Emmett’s eyes widened with true fear; a feat that Bella thought impossible to achieve.

As the ground itself started to shudder as the rumbling came closer and closer; Edward and Emmett used their preternatural eye sight to discover the phenomenon.

“Girls.” Edward gasped.

“No, not just any kind of girls. Sasuke’s fan girls.” Emmett shivered in fear again. He had recognized them immediately; nobody had a larger fan base in Konoha than Sasuke did. Nobody.

“What are they after?” Bella asked, still confused.
Emmett gave Edward a long, sympathetic gaze that neither Edward, nor Bella trusted.

5 Seconds Later

“Here, take him! His name is Edward Cullen! Just don’t hurt me!” Emmett yelled at the mob. He was hiding in a tall tree, pointing at Edward. Edward was tied up in thick, cable cords that wrapped his arms and legs tightly against himself. He gave Emmett a frantic look with plain terror in his eyes.

“Sorry Edward, but I have to use you as bait to get rid of them. You’re the best looking one out of the three of us,” Emmett shrugged. “No offence to you, Bella.”

“None taken!” Bella yelled in agreement. She gave Edward an apologizing gaze. “It is true.”

“What do you think you’re doing Emmett!? You’ll just encourage them to pester you to find out more about me!” Edward yelled back. He noticed Bella’s brow furrow in confusion. “Let’s just say that this isn't the first time a situation like this has occurred.” His eye twitched involuntarily at the not so fond memories.

“Crap, he’s right…” Emmett muttered to himself.

“There’s no time to lose!” Edward yelled back. He was right; the humongous mob of girls with crazy gleams in their eyes was only a hundred meters away. In a split second, Emmett sprang out of the tree and yanked Edward and Bella out of the way and threw them into bushes nearby, just in the nick of time. As they held their breaths, they could feel the mob’s thunderous stampede pass them by.

Once they were positive that the fan girls left, they quietly crawled out of the bushes.

“I can’t believe that you would sacrifice your own brother to a stampede of fan girls.” Edward pursed his lips. Emmett thought it would be best to not correct his incorrect use of brother.

“Look,” He put his hand on Edward’s shoulder. “I wouldn’t really leave you out as bait for a crazy bunch of girls. It’s just that….they aren’t your normal batch of fan girls, in real life or otherwise. Trust me on this one.” An anime sweat drop appeared on Bella and Edward’s heads as Emmett shut his eyes and nodded.

“Err, let’s go look for Alice now.” Bella broke the awkward silence first, reminding them of her disappearance. Edward and Emmett nodded in agreement and they ventured out into the unknown.