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Caramel: The Musings and Adventures of a Miss Charlotte Marigold And of a Dr. Carlisle Cullen

"There was something very, very strange about this Carlisle Cullen, and she was determined to figure it out by the end of the evening. It was not often that such a mystery crossed her path, and Charlotte was not about to allow Dr. Cullen to cross hers without so much as an inquiry." Dr. Carlisle Cullen has been a vampire for nearly 150 years. He's established himself as a neutral of the Volturi, a 'vegetarian' vampire, and as an unsuitable husband for any young woman of the upper British crust by 1778. But Charlotte Marigold seems to find herself fiercely attracted to him when all the other young women flee... Caramel Author's Note: Caramel is now finished! Thank you for your support, everyone!

Disclaimer: All characters from the Twilight series are not mine - they belong to the genius of Stephenie Meyer. I am merely a humble writer who lets her imaginations run away with her.

10. Ten

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The moment they were safely gone, Carlisle embraced all of Charlotte, and he could feel her soft tears on his jacket.

“I am so, so sorry about all of this,” he murmured. “I knew that this would happen…I knew they would give us choices. The Volturi love lethal choices.”

Charlotte took a deep breath and looked up at him. “What is it like?”

He furrowed his eyebrows. “What is what like?”

She gulped. “Being a vampire.”

“You don’t need to know.”

“Yes, I do,” she replied seriously, calming her tears for a moment. “It is the only way to-“

He put one hand behind her neck and the other upon her lips. “No, it isn’t. I do not wish to make you suffer more than you already have.”

Charlotte slowly unclasped his hand from her neck and moved her hair to the side, tilting her head to allow a clear access to her white skin. She took a deep breath. “Bite me.”
“No,” he refused, backing up for a moment.

“Then I know who will,” she sighed, putting her head up and walking to the door.

He caught her hand. “No! He’ll slaughter you!”

“But I don’t want to cause anyone more pain!”

“Being self-sacrificial is not going to help anyone. Let us sit down and talk about this rationally.” They collapsed upon the sofa again.

“Carlisle, I love you, and I want to marry you very, very badly…but what…what will it look like if I’m…I mean you have been 23 for a century and a half. I’m not going to stay nineteen forever.”

“Charlotte, you don’t understand. This life is a hell-“

“If it is so bad, then why do you have and love me? I make you happy, don’t I?”

“Indescribably so,” he murmured, cupping her face gently. “But you are too pure to drink blood. You’re too fragile. Too human.”

“Make me unbreakable.”

He sighed. “I couldn’t stand watching you in pain.”

“Pain?” she asked quietly, her emerald eyes full of curiosity.

“My teeth are venomous when they need to be. If I bite you, or if anyone bites you for that matter, venom will flow through your veins, and you will feel as if you are on fire. You would be in intense, squealing, shrieking pain for days.”


“And that is something I could never, ever subject you to.”

“I’m glad you are so noble…but if I want to become one of you, I will find a way.”

He sighed. How could he ignore her will? “I respect you an awful lot, and because of my heightened compassion, I would have to comply. I’m too self-less. I…I am finding it difficult to resist biting you now, as you want me to so badly…and because you smell so wonderful…”

“Then do it,” she whispered.

“I cannot bring myself to it,” he whispered back. He touched her hair. “I could never forgive myself for destroying such an angel.”

“An angel?” she breathed. “That sounds ironic. Too ironic.”

“You are my angel.” His cool, sweet breath was close to her lips, and she immersed herself within it.

“But what part of you wants me?” she asked, blushing.

“All parts, both man and beast.”

No longer able to resist him, she met their lips. The contact was all he needed for encouragement, and he pulled her onto his lap, welcoming the sheer, soft fabric of her skirt as it splayed across the couch, and adoring the feeling of her all over him.

And Carlisle’s human side seemed to be awakened from a very deep sleep, trading places with the usual, violent vampire. He did not thirst. Instead of responding to that inescapable hell; he worshipped the fragile heaven that sat upon him. He was gripped by love, and, very inappropriately, he was gripped by lust.

Softly, she gasped for air and pulled herself closer to him. He brushed her hair of the way and kissed down her jaw, her neck, her throat, her collarbones…

The vampire came back in short bursts. But this consequence only heightened his human awareness of her existence so close to him. As her heart sped its pulse, his own extemporaneous, uneven breathing grew rapid and jagged. His lips were softly perched between her collarbone and covered breast, where her heart pulsed only layers of skin below…

When he caught himself at last, he felt her hands deeply knotted in his dark blonde hair, her breathing soft and fast, her eyes closed in a long moment of desire.

“Do you have any idea of how much I adore you?” he whispered, meeting their eyes.

She could not exactly respond, but hugged her torso closer to him. “I wish to marry you,” she whispered nearly inaudibly.

He looked up from gently pressing his lips to the column of her throat. “My darling," he murmured.

“I do. I wish it with all my heart.” And still, she knew there was a good possibility that if she waited until she were his age or a year younger, he would change her, or consent for someone else to change her at least.

“And it doesn’t bother you that you will age whilst I stay the same?”

“It is not what is on my mind now.”

He grinned, his eyes sparkling up at her. “That is not exactly what is on my mind, either. My mind is filled with ideas on how the two of us can become lovers.”

She blushed and locked his hands in hers. “How awfully improper!”

“You are the only person I would dare to be improper with. In three mornings, you and I shall leave for Vienna, where we will either marry or become lovers…whichever you prefer the moment we arrive.”

Once again, Charlotte colored scarlet. “As of late, I prefer the second…however un-Christian it may seem.”

He shifted the two of them so that he could whisper in her ear. “I know exactly how you feel.”

He leaned in and kissed her softer, with less lust and passion. “But for now, you must sleep.”

Without another word, he stood up, with his lady still in his arms, and carried her to the guest room in the basement.

“Carlisle,” whispered Aro after Carlisle tucked Charlotte into the small feather bed.

He slowly turned. “Aro.”

“Your verdict?”

“We are to go to Vienna to marry. I refuse to condemn her.”

“I see. We shall keep an eye on you. For the rest of her life, and your existence, let this be a lesson. Do not ever stay in one place for more than twenty years.”

“Yes, I have definitely learned a lot from this experience.” He paused. “Who are you planning to kill?”
Aro shook his head. “Nobody yet. We are merely going to London to interrogate.”

“And if you are unsuccessful?”

“Whoever is in the room will die.”

“And her parents?”
“We gave the girl our word. We never go back on our word.” Aro sighed and outstretched his hand to Carlisle. “Best of luck, in the future, Carlisle.”

Carlisle took his hand. “And to you. Your theory of la tua cantante proved correct.”

Aro furrowed his eyebrows and released the shake. “What?”

“You said each of us had one. You were right.”

A twinge of emotion rippled through Aro’s face. “Yes. Did I ever tell you about mine?”


“She was a singer of operas about two hundred years ago. She was rather infatuated with me, and one day, I took her down here, I leaned in to kiss her, and I killed her instead.”

Carlisle kept Aro’s gaze.

“She tasted wonderful. Everything I could have imagined and more,” murmured Aro. “Are you sure you do not-“

“I will enjoy her company for the rest of my existence. I would rather love her forever than carry the print of her blood upon my hands.”