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our tails are limp between our legs and broken hearts still smile


rosaleah is dedicated to elena, my muse. :)

1. our tails are limp between our legs and broken hearts still smile

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She isn't going to listen.

Ears covered with dirt-stained hands, a shrill voice whining, l can't hear you, that is the impression Rosalie receives from the human. (It almost makes her rethink her lifelong wish for children). The truth can stare her in the face, can kiss her on the lips, and she still would refuse to accept.

She suddenly loses a bit of respect for her bronze-haired brother. (He was more attractive when he had a taste for blondes.)

Is there no sense that can make it through to this girl? ls there no way to make her understand?

Rage fills her, at Bella's utter foolishness, at everything she's throwing away. At the children who could enjoy a beautiful existence.

What a selfish girl.

The border between home-for-now and enemy territory has never been less welcome. Although she is supposed to be patrolling, she wants nothing more than to totally disregard all the rules and visit the La Push werewolves. Just to see what they're up to.

(She's in a reckless mood.)

Nothing can touch her.


Leah is having one of those days.

Her pack is not excited by this development. One by one, they phase back to their human forms, having no desire to be inside her mind at the moment. She grimaces. It isn't as though she wants to be here either.

This is why she doesn't go over to Emily's house anymore. How could she be so stupid?

Pride has always been her major character flaw. The pain hurt but that was years ago and she figured she was mature enough to visit Emily's house at least once. She didn't count on Sam being there, too.

The wound in her chest, it turns out, has never fully healed.

Good thing she is a werewolf, she thinks bitterly. Running away comes easier now. With an explosion of fur and muscle she is invincible.

It's her duty to watch for the feline huntress tonight. The second unspoken (but always understood) command is to watch for the other vampires, the ones who call themselves civilized. She has to defend her territory, after all.

If one of those pretty bloodsuckers puts one toe out of line, she is going to rip them apart.


"Why hello, little dog. How's it feel, being the only bitch in the pack?"

Leah snarls at the vampire's cool demeanor, wanting nothing more than to smash her fist into that pretty face.

Rosalie only smiles.

Leah's canine features aren't ideal for speech, but her eyes say, "I swear to god, you piss me off, you're gonna pay."

She's starting to hate those perfect white teeth.

A dainty step and the pale woman is two inches from her face. Two inches from being in enemy territory, and two inches from starting a war.

"What are you going to do?" she whispers intimately, and a growl forms low in Leah's throat.

In the next moment the large shaggy wolf is on top of Rosalie and the rumble of her threat is echoing through the trees. She phases back to human form, her only thought being to scream in this chick's face. Too late does she realize her nakedness is part of the deal.

Dryly, the blonde says, "You do know you're --"

"Shut up," Leah mutters, and their lips crash together.

A second is as long as it lasts but somehow, Leah's still out of breath. For that moment she is frozen, her breath achingly loud in the silence. Their bodies are still oh so close together and she's acutely aware of the cold seeping through her exposed skin.

For that moment, there's peace in her angry mind.

They spring apart in the exact instant, eyes narrowed and teeth bared. Leah is yet again hyperaware of her lack of clothing, and Rosalie's eyes raking up and down her figure aren't helping.

"Fuck off," the girl says.

Rosalie laughs, and there's a short pause before Leah walks away.

Since when is she the one to back down?


Fists in hair and she moans so as not to hear herself think, no, it won't happen again.


The pack doesn't know until the third time, because after that she can't help but think of golden eyes and golden hair and cold lips on her own.

They don't have the heart to take her off patrol.

Let her have her fun.