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Family Mistakes

During the first week of being a Vampire Proves to be a challenge for Bella. While a Vampire, Bella has made a mistake that gets them chased out of the little town of Forks by the Wolves. Bella Mistake was taking the life of someone who everyone loved and knew.


1. Chapter 1

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Bella stared at her father as he withered on the floor in pain,

"Bells, What did you do?" he asked before he screamed again, Bella just stared in shock at what she had just done, she landed on her knees as Charlie withered in pain,

"Make it stop, I can't take it," he yelled over and over again. Bella got back up and walked over to where her father's head was, crossed her leg and sat down, she placed his head on her lap and placed her hands on his face to cool down the
intense heat that was now coursing through-out his body.


By the time Edward and his family had arrived Bella was dry sobbing whispering sorry over and over again, while she held her hand on his forehead.

Edward walked over the sobbing Bella, knelt beside her and put an arm around her whispering in her ear, "Bella, are you ok?"

Bella just sat there crying and holding her fathers head on her lap as he screamed in pain.

"Edward, we have to move him, the wolves could come at anytime" Carlisle said.

"Bella did you hear Carlisle, we have to go" Edward whispered,

"I can't leave him" Bella Whispered,

"No, Bella we can't leave him we must bring him with us" Edward said, Bella avoided Edward Gaze and looked at Emmett,

"Can you carry him?" she ask, Emmett smiled a bit, then nodded. He walked over to where Charlie laid in pain and picked him up, but not before Bella whispered Sorry again.

"Bella come on we must go back" Said Edward as he started to get up, he held a hand out for her, Bella grabbed a hold of his hand and Edward pulled her up, But instead of walking and following the rest of the family, she hugged him, crying, with invisible tear, on his chest.

"Edward, I'm sorry, I could help my self, he smelt so good, I just couldn't help it. I Bit him and drank his blood, Edward. I BIT AND DRANK MY OWN FATHERS BLOOD" she screamed, but it was muffled by the shirt that Edward was wearing.

"Shhhh.... Bella, at least you stopped" Edward said, trying to make her feel better, it had somewhat worked because Bella had stopped sobbing and was now sniffling a bit as she looked up at Edward, her crimson eyes meeting Edward topaz eyes.

"I only stopped because he screamed loud enough to make me stop, but now he is changing and it is my fault. Edward, I don't think I will ever forgive my self." she placed her face in his chest again.

Edward picked her up and held her in his arms as he walked out the door, after locking and closing it so it would look like they were not home. As soon as they reached the forest he took of toward his -there- house.

They arrived a couple seconds later, Bella wiggled out of Edward grasp and ran up to where her father was lying and screaming. As soon as she walked over to one of the many room that were never used that often, she opened the door and found Carlisle standing beside him. She walked over toward Charlie and sat at the end of the bed, she looked at Carlisle.

"Da-Carlisle," she looked at Charlie "I...I'm Sorry, I...I don't know what happen, all of a second I was hunting, and the next moment I was at my old house with Charlie" she started sniffing again, Carlisle walked over toward Bella.

"Shhh... it's Ok, All of us slip at the beginning" he said, Bella shook her head,

"It's not the same, I bit my father, my own father, the father that is half of who I am" Bella said, he voice rising a bit, Carlisle pulled Bella up in a fatherly Hug, Then kissed her forehead.

"No matter what happened, We all still love you, Being a Newborn, we know how hard the Bloodlust can be." he said, Bella smiled a bit then looked at her father who screamed again, she sighed.

"Well, look at the bright side, at least I will have my father forever now" Bella said quietly. Carlisle nodded and Charlie, Well all he did was screamed in pain.