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Family Mistakes

During the first week of being a Vampire Proves to be a challenge for Bella. While a Vampire, Bella has made a mistake that gets them chased out of the little town of Forks by the Wolves. Bella Mistake was taking the life of someone who everyone loved and knew.


2. Chapter 2

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Bella stayed in the room where her father was for the three days it took. Edward had come in a couple times and sat down beside Bella while she watched her father, Sometimes Bella would get up and sit on his lap and let him play with her hair, other times she cried on his shirt when Charlie was trying to scream but couldn't because he screamed to much, by the second day, Carlisle and Emmett had to come and hold Charlie down while he was thrashing around. By the second day, Charlie had grown stronger, his skin was turning white, his teeth looked white then it had been in a long time, this hair turned glossy and didn't look oil like it had when she last saw him, all of his wrinkles that he had achieved from the stress of his job vanished leaving her with the face of her father which her mother fell in love with. With 2 hours left to go, Jasper came running in the room.

"What wrong Jazz?" Edward asked as he held Bella, Bella moved her head and look at Charlie then Jasper.

"The wolves, they suspect something, Alice think that they are coming here soon" he said Bella sat up straighter,

"How soon?" she asked, then turned her head to look at her father again,

"Well Alice thinks that they will come after he is finish, there still might be a chance that they will come before." Jasper said, Bella got off of his lap, then looked at Edward,

"I am going to go to my old house" she said, Edward stood up,

"Why?" he asked, Bella looked at her father again, He blacked out from the pain earlier in the day, she could hear each of his heart beat getting slower and slower each beat.

"I am going to make it look like he has gone on a trip, also i should get some clothes for him, I don't know..." she whispered so a certain little pixie like Vampire couldn't hear "I don't know if Charlie would like to wear what Alice might buy him, I think that is where I got my fashion sense from." Edward and Jasper smiled.

"I'll come with you" Edward said getting off the end of Charlie's bed, Bella nodded and the both walked out the door. She stopped at Alice's Room.

"I'll watch him Bella, Take the Clothes from the Top and middle Drawers, Those are the clothes that he will like" she said, jumping out of her room towards Charlie's, Bella smiled.

Both Edward and Bella ran Toward her old house and up to her fathers room, the listen to Alice and took out the clothes from the top and middle drawers.

"You got everything?" Edward Asked, Bella Turned around looking at the room.

"One more thing" she said and walked over to the little side table and took out a photo album, "This has photos of when I was born to age seven."

"Is there another one?" Edward asked, Bella nodded and took out another one.

"This one have picture from age seven to 14" she said placing it in the bag with the others. They walked down the stairs and Bella stopped, her eyes going black, Edward stiffen, then looked at Bella.

"When was the last time you fed?" he asked Softly, she looked at him,

"Since I Bit Charlie" she said, Edward looked towards the door then at Bella,

"Do you think you can open the door and say Charlie had a Family Emergency and tell him that he is going to be gone for a while with out bitting him?" he asked cautiously, Bella slowly nodded.

"I will be with you" He said, then the door bell rang.

"Coming" Bella said, her eyes going back a deep red. she walked over towards the door and opened it to find one for Charlie's Buddies he has down at the Station.

"Is Charlie here?" he asked, Bella Shook her head,

"Sorry, Mr. Hunter, Charlie had an Emergency with his sister, he went to go see her for a couple days" she said, Mr. Hunter nodded,

"Do you know when he will be back?" he asked, Bella swallowed, the scent of his blood was making it difficult for her to talk,

"I don't know, I don't live here anymore" she said, he looked shocked,

"You don't?" he asked, Bella nodded,

"I married Edward Cullen 2 weeks ago, weren't you there?" she asked, she looked at Edward who was walking closer toward her.

"2 weeks ago, nope I think I was In Seattle that day, but Congratulation" he said, Bella coughed, and Mr. Hunter look at her,

"Are you alright?" he asked, Bella nodded then Coughed again.

"Bella and I, Spent our Hunnymoon in the Northwest Territories, up where it snows, she caught a cold" Edward said, Bella looked down and coughed a bit more, but forcing it to make it look like she had a cold.

"Well sorry to hear that you got sick, Anyways I must get going, Tell Charlie... Bella what are you doing?" he asked as Bella started walking toward him, her eyes gone black a smile playing on her face, Edward grabbed her hand, and she broke out of her trance.

"Oh.... I... I was... I was going to get some fresh air?" she said making it sound like more of a question then an answer.

"Oh, Ok" he said, " I Must be going, good-bye Bella, Edward" he said then turned around and headed back towards the car.

As soon as he was out of the yard Bella fell on her knees again,

"Edward, I can't do it, Every time I am around a Human, I want them for food" she said, Edward crouched down beside her,

"But you did good today, you didn't bite Mr. Hunter, he can go home to his family, you did good today, not many Newborns could do what you just did" he said, he grabbed her chin and tilted it up for a sweet kiss. " You did good" he said then kissed her again.

Bella walked with Edward through the door of her new home.

"Were back" she said, Jasper came walking down the stairs,

"What took you so long?" he joked, they only took 20 minutes to grab everything the need, Bella and Edward walked up toward the room Charlie was in and dropped the bag of him clothes and photo albums.

"Well be right back" Edward Told Alice and Carlisle, "I am going to take Bella hunting" they both nodded.

"Good-job Bella" Alice said, Bella smiled a bit.

"Thanks Alice," she said the walked out the door with Edward.

Luck was on their side when they got back to the house, the wolves hadn't visited and Bella didn't make another mistake, she had fed on a couple deer and a fox.

"Bella, you father is almost done" Alice said, bella ran upstairs into his room. He was wide awake and was struggling against Jasper, Emmett and Carlisle.

"Edward get over here and help" Emmett said, trying to keep his chest down. Edward walked over and helped to keep Charlie down while he trashed around. Bella walked over and stood by her father.

"Dad, Calm down, Please?" she asked, and he settle down a bit,

"Bells" he said then moved his head to look at her, "Bells" he smiled then fell asleep. Bella looked at her father, then at everyone in the room.

"Well, That was weird" Emmett said, Everyone nodded.