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Family Mistakes

During the first week of being a Vampire Proves to be a challenge for Bella. While a Vampire, Bella has made a mistake that gets them chased out of the little town of Forks by the Wolves. Bella Mistake was taking the life of someone who everyone loved and knew.


4. Chapter 4

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Charlie stared at the Cullen in shock, "First there is Vampires, now there are Werewolves, this is too much to handle, and I am going home." He said getting up and heading towards the door. He was just about to open the door when there was a knock.

Jasper grabbed Charlie and pulled him behind the rest of the Cullens; Carlisle walked up to the door, and opened it to reveal Sam Uley, Seth Clearwater, and Jacob Black.

Bella turned around and faced Charlie who was about to say something.

"Don't say anything," she said almost hissing at her own father, he closed him mouth.

"Come in you three or would you like to discuss this outside?" Carlisle asked. Sam motioned towards the living room. All of the Cullens, including Charlie, walked back to the living room.

As soon as Sam saw Charlie he stopped, stared, then whipped his head towards Carlisle,

"You only said you would only change Bella, That was the deal no one else!" Sam said shaking.

Bella stood up, "It wasn't any of there fault, I sort of slipped, I bit Charlie," she said. Sam walked away from Carlisle and towards Bella.

"You bit Charlie, What the hell where you doing by the house?" he asked, Bella backed up and started walking backwards towards the door, the Cullens followed.

"Sam, leave her alone, she is only a newborn," Edward said trying to get him away from Bella, but he kept walking away, he turn toward Edward and the other Cullens.

"Well you should have been watching her more closely." he said, he was shaking all over.

"Sam it's not there fault I ran a different direction with Edward, but as soon as I smelt Charlie I took off and since I am a newborn, I was faster then him." she said.

Sam did something that surprised the Cullens, Charlie, Bella and the Other Wolves, He changed in mid air and jumped on Bella pinning her to the ground.

"I don't know how to control my blood lust yet, I am a week old vampire, you don’t know how hard that is," she said, Sam eased up on his pressure but still had his front paws on her torso. Bella took that moment to flip him and kept him on the ground.

"Bella I don't think you should do that." Jacob said, his voice filled with anger, when she looked at the Cullens they all gasped, her eyes had gone completely black, her lip curled over her front teeth growling at Jacob. Edward ran toward Bella and took her off Sam and brought her over towards the other Cullens, Bella was struggling in Edwards arms trying to free herself, Jasper sent some waves of calmness around, Jacob stopped shaking, and Bella eyes turned back red, Sam disappeared in the wood then came back with only pants on and a glare directed towards Bella only.

"Get off this land." Sam said, Carlisle walked forward,

"We will leave, if we can pack first before we leave." He said, Sam nodded,

"One hour is all I am going to give you." By the time he finished that sentence; the other Cullens took of and started packing, Leaving Bella, Carlisle, Edward and Charlie in the driveway.

"Come on Bella, we have to pack," Edward said, they started walking away, Bella grabbed Charlie by the shirt and tried pulling him towards the house but he was just staring.

"Dad lets go." Bella said. But he wouldn't move,

"Want me to carry him?" Bella nodded. Edward grabbed Charlie and threw him over his shoulder and walking inside, Carlisle left before them.

"Just set him on the couch... Jasper?" Bella asked calling Jasper to calm him down, a few seconds later, Charlie was moving again.

"He just changed into a wolf," he said shocked,

"We told you, Werewolf." Bella said point out the door, "Vampire." she said pointing at Edward and herself. "We have to go pack... STAY IN THIS ROOM!" she said sternly, Charlie only nodded, not wanting to get on vampire Bella's bad side, and in a flash they were gone.

While Charlie sat there, he watched as the Cullens ran around the house packing stuff that would take more then a week to finish, but they were finishing in under and hour and packing it a U-haul van that they had somehow got, all-in-all they were finished in 45 min, with everything packed and ready to go.

"Charlie can you stand up?" Emmett asked, Charlie stood, and he and Rosalie moved the couch out the door and into the truck. Bella came down with Edward, Charlie walked over to them.

"So this isn't a dream?" he asked, Bella nodded,

"I'm sorry I bit you, I....I would have killed you if you haven't of screamed." she said, Charlie was just about to reply Sam spoke,

"Your hour is up, Get out of here!" he said. All the Cullens were in the room and nodded, they each decided which car to take, Emmett would drive the U-haul truck, while the other drove there own cars, the rest was packed in the U-haul. Charlie went with Bella and Edward in the Volvo.

In a few hours, they were out of Forks and headed to a new town.