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Family Mistakes

During the first week of being a Vampire Proves to be a challenge for Bella. While a Vampire, Bella has made a mistake that gets them chased out of the little town of Forks by the Wolves. Bella Mistake was taking the life of someone who everyone loved and knew.


5. Chapter 5

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Charlie sat in the front with Edward, while Bella sat in the back with a walkie-talkie, Alice had the other walkie-talkie. It was only to keep an eye on Charlie as they passed many humans. A couple times, Bella had to wrap her arms around Charlie and the seat from the back to keep him in the seat, other times, she just told him to hold his breath and don’t talk. Funny thing is he listened.

“Bella grab him” Alice’s voice, rang through the walkie-talkie, Bella took off her seat belt and wrapped her arms around Charlie making a human… Vampire restraining coat/belt, Edward sped up, passing cars. They were a few cars a head of the others, and now had to be ahead even more, Edward closed the windows that were open just a bit, and turned off the air conditioning. A couple seconds later, Charlie starting fighting Bella to get free.

“Let me go, I want it” he repeated, Bella only hugged him harder, keeping his arms to his sides, “Bella Let me go” he said, his voice filled with anger and irritation.

“No, Just hold your breath.” she said, Charlie still struggled.

Bella held him for an hour before he had calmed down and his eyes back to a regular red.

“Where are we going?” he asked, Bella sat back against her seat,

“Where Edward and I had our honeymoon” she said,

“You mean up to Alaska?” he asked Bella and he turned around, Bella nodded.

“Bella and I spent our Honeymoon in Alaska because that is when we changed her” Edward said, looking straight a head.

“You mean, Bella didn’t… change,” he shuddered at that word, “like the way I did?” he asked, moving his head to look at Edward, Edward nodded. “Wait when you mean “we”, you’re talking about more then one had an opinion on this?” Edward nodded again.

“It wasn’t my choice, that time Edward left, and my so called trill of jumping of a cliff into unknown water episode, he thought that I had killed my self, he called the house wondering if I actually died because of something Rosalie said, so he called, Jacob picked up and told him the you were gone to the funeral, he thought it was mine, so he went to Volterra, Italy and asked the Volturi to kill him” Edward shuddered and Bella stopped, took an unnecessary breath, and kept going, “ I stopped him before he even had time to walk out in the middle of all those people in the sun, we got picked up by one of there guards and brought back to the Volturi, where they decided my fate, either become a vampire or be killed, as you can see, I chose to become a vampire.” She finished, Charlie’s look was something in-between, figuring things out and confusion.

“What are the Volturi?” he asked,

“The Volturi are like an incredibly influential coven. They act as guardians, keeping the secret society of vampires hidden from the human world as needed. They often send others to travel from Volterra to prevent overzealous covens and renegade vampires from exposing us. (Wikipedia),” Edward explained.

“So these Vampire, are like Royal or something?” he asked, Edward nodded. “What else am I missing?” Charlie asked,

“Well, I didn’t actually fall down a flight of stairs and out a window that one time in Phoenix, Arizona. I got tricked thinking that a vampire, who wanted me as a snack, had Renee and was going to kill her, but it was all a ploy to get me alone with him, he attacked me, then bit me, luckily Edward and his family made it in time to get all the venom out before it could spread.” She explained,

“Venom?” he asked,

“We vampire have a couple of built in “Weapons” you could say, we are extremely fast, and strong, when biting our prey, we inject them with venom that is now used as a substitute for blood, if left, it will spread through-out the body and turn them into a vampire.” Edward said,

“What about animals, what if you left them?” Charlie asked,

“They just die” Bella said,

“Anything else?” he asked,

“Umm…. No, Nothing. Nothing at all” Bella said, Charlie looked hesitant, then turned back to face the front.

“How long until we get there?” he asked, looking around, the green trees had now been covered by snow,

“We only have a few minutes left to go” Edward said, Bella shifted seats and was now sitting in the middle leaning towards the front.

“Bella, Put your seat belt on,” Charlie said, Bella looked at him,

“You haven’t been wearing your seat belt since we left or well since you broke it” Bella said. If Charlie still had blood he would have been blushing by now. Edward tried hard not to frown; he didn’t like that Charlie was wreaking his car with his newborn strength, he succeeded with a small smile.

They ended up at another mansion, the same one where Bella and Edward spent their honeymoon, at one of the many houses that the Cullens owned; it was right beside the Denali’s house, with the other vampires who has the same “diet ideas” as the Cullens.

“Here we are.” Edward said as he stopped his car, Bella opened he door of the car and got out.

“I missed this place already,” Bella said walking over towards Edward “I had so much fun here.” she finished. Edwards smiled, picked her up and gave her a kiss,

“Meet too.” he said still hugging her. Charlie got out of the car and walked around towards the couple.

“So this is where we will be living?” he asked, Both Bella and Edward nodded. He looked at Bella, “Why do I feel like I haven’t had anything to drink in a long time?” he asked, Bella looked at Edward then at Charlie.

“You need to hunt, and thinking about it, I think I will hunt to. Can we?” he asked, Edward nodded.

“Hunting, what do you mean hunting?” Charlie asked, Bella smiled,

“You’ll see” she smiled, her new white teeth showing through. She walked out of Edward embrace and grabbed her father hand, then walked back to Edward with her father in tow.

“Do you want to walk, or run?” he asked,

“Run, I like to run” Bella said, Charlie looked at her,

“Um, Bells, if you don’t remember, you can’t walk across a flat surface with our tripping.” He said, Bella smiled,

“When I changed, I gained grace” she said letting go and dancing around both of them, While showing her father, Edward thought it would be funny to stick out his foot and trip her, Bella knowing what Edward was going to turned around and tripped him instead, he looked up from the ground at Bella who was smiling innocently.

“Bella” he whined, she smiled and held out her hand to help him up, he grabbed it got up.

“Let’s go” Edward said, Bella nodded gabbing a hold of Charlie hand, Who was watching as Bella and Edward had their fun, and took off into the forest.