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Who We Are

Sequel to 'What We Become'. Two years have passed since Bella gave birth to the twins. Things have changed, but things have also stayed the same.
Horrors keep coming back to scare Bella, and soon she is afraid to even get lose to Edward. What can happen when you forget what happens most?

AN: So this is a bit of an introduction to the second part of my series. We shall see how this unfolds, and that will tell me whether or not there will be a third part. Sounds good? So, to new readers, it would be wise to go back and read "What We Become." Believe me, you won't be dissapointed.

13. Chapter 13

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Standing in the midst of all the trouble I have caused, I am pretty well forced to think about all the events that have occurred over the past several months. There have been acts that I just feel terrible about, and when I try to come out and apologize or say anything to Edward he hushes me and tells me to live now. Our life has started up again. There is no reason why we must live and regret about the past, because there is nothing either of us can do about it now. It’s over. But we still have a long and wonderful life to look forward too.

Edward tried to tell me the reasons behind the things he did during my dark spell, but to tell you the truth I don’t really want to know. I mean I have been waiting a long time to find out the complete truth, but for now it just feels like it is better if it is left unsaid. We both have done wrong. No secrets though, but everything will be laid out onto the future, I know. But at a time when we are stronger and ready to grasp and accept what has happened.

It is amazing how much the twins have grown over the short years of their lives. It feels like just last night I was giving birth to them, and now they are getting ready to go to pre-school. Carlisle wants them to go and thinks it would be a good idea for them to go to prep-school in the future too. It made me smile when Esme turned to him and said “they can do what they please. Let us just worry about spoiling them, sound good?” Carlisle smiled, nodded, kissed her on the cheek and closed his eye in contempt.

I wouldn’t say that my relationship with my own father has become prefect, but it is growing. We’re able to keep a conversation and he loves the children and he truly wants to be here. And I want him here. I love him to death and don’t know what I would do without him.

“Oh! Now there’s one more to spoil!” Esme crowed as she placed her hand on Emmett’s shoulder. Emmett was standing so proudly over Rosalie that you could almost compare him to a tin soldier. He had a quirky, pleased smile on his face, his dimple adding to the image. In his arms was baby Caitlynn. And anyone could tell just by looking at the child’s blue eyes, that she was going to grow to look just as beautiful as her mother. As it should be. Emmett didn’t care either way. He had his daughter. He touched her nose playfully.

“And you said you wanted a son to play football with.” Edward added in as he looked on. Henry was almost falling out of his arms trying to get a look at the new born. I held Annie in my arms and she kept her cheek against my neck looking on lazily at everything happening around her.

“Who says my daughter won’t want to play football with me?” Emmett demanded. “And even if she doesn’t, which she won’t, this ain’t the only child I’m having.”

“Give me time to recover first, kay baby?” Rosalie smiled, her eyes closed as she rested on the hospital bed. Emmett laughed.

“But we have to beat these guys in children. They’re already ahead by one.”

I coughed. Emmett turned to me, his eyebrows raised. “What?” He asked. I took in a breath and looked at Edward, who nodded.

“Two.” I whispered.

“What?!” Alice screamed.

“I’m pregnant.” I said.

“I don’t even have one yet!” Alice seemed upset. I smiled. I could hear Carlisle laughing.

“You better get busy, Jasper.” He smiled, his face slightly red. Jasper’s face went even redder. But he looked happy enough.

“We’d have to get married first though.” He said slowly. Alice looked up at him incredulously.

“For real?”

Jasper looked embarrassed to have all the attention on him. “Well, yeah.” His voice was covered by Alice’s cheer of victory.

“I knew you’d come around!” She said as she leaped into his arms.

“If only they were this perfect when they were awake.” I whispered. Edward sighed in agreement as he wrapped his arms around my waist in the dark, his breath on my neck making me shiver. He still had that effect on me after al these years. We looked on to the beds of our twins as they slept. “They’re perfect when awake too. Just hard to handle.

Edward rubbed his hands on my swelling stomach. “Handle with care.” He whispered in my ear. “We’re all perfect together.” He turned me around and pulled me out of the doorway and towards our bedroom. In bed, I leaned my head against his chest and listened to his heart. Everything else, but our breathing-- a light snoring from down the hall-- could be heard.

“Who we are..” Edward whispered a moment later. “is perfect.”