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Who We Are

Sequel to 'What We Become'. Two years have passed since Bella gave birth to the twins. Things have changed, but things have also stayed the same.
Horrors keep coming back to scare Bella, and soon she is afraid to even get lose to Edward. What can happen when you forget what happens most?

AN: So this is a bit of an introduction to the second part of my series. We shall see how this unfolds, and that will tell me whether or not there will be a third part. Sounds good? So, to new readers, it would be wise to go back and read "What We Become." Believe me, you won't be dissapointed.

4. Chapter 3

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Chapter 3.

Edward's POV

I turned my Volvo down the street and out of the college, quickly letting the little red needle on the speedometre rise quickly, the engine quietly reving up. I wanted to get home before dark this time. I had chosen Forks for a reason, wanting to raise my children where they wouldn't have to fear playing in their own backyard. Waking up at five every morning and coming home shortly after six had really taken a chunk out of me. It's not like the college was right in the city anyway, it was closer to Forks than Olympia. Still, I could see in Bella's face ever evening when I came home, that it was taking a lot out of her as well.

I slid into town about around five, giving me forty-five mintues to make it to my parents new home. I drove around main street, and came out on the other side, making my way back around the town and into the forest. I turned off the main road and into my parents drive way. My mother was waiting on the front porch of the large house as I pulled up around the yard. I climb out of the car, trying to relax as best as I could. I looked at my watch, five-thirty. Moaning, I walked up the stairs and leaned into my mother. She smiled, patting her hand on my shoulder.

"Another long day, son?" My father asked, coming out onto the porch with a glass of iced-tea in each hand. He gave one to my mom, before taking a mouth full of his own.

"Don't ask." I murmured, standing up straighter. "It's been three months of this commuting, and it's not getting any easier." I leaned against the wall of the porch, closing my eyes. I could feel another headache coming on.

"Well..." My mom began, but I wouldn't let her finish.

"This family is the best thing that has happened to me." I almost whispered, not even opening my eyes. "I would do anything to make them happy." I could hear my dad clear his throat.

My father said, "Everything will work out." I opened my eyes to see him walk across the porch. He picked up a grocery bag off of the porch swing. He walked over to me and handed it over. "Until then, we are always here to help."

"I don't want you to have to buy my family food, " I said while clutching the bag. "I want to be able to feed them on my own." If only they knew...

"It's okay." My mom whispered, kissing me on the forehead. "Now go home to your wife." I nodded and turned around. I honked the horn as I pulled out of the driveway and back onto the highway. When I turned my head, I saw them still standing on the porch, and arm around eachother and a glass in their other hand. Completely at ease. Without a problem at all.


Bella's POV

I stood in the kitchen, my hands on my hips, my face tilted towards the ceiling.

"If you love me, God..." I whispered. I couldn't tell if I was angry or sad. But, the tears pooled up behind my eyes anyway. I messily wiped them away. There was no food in the entire house, nothing to cook for dinner. I was hungry. The babies were hungry, and I had no milk or anything to give them. I looked at the clock on the stove, it was a quarter past six. He should be here any minute.

I heard his car as he locked it, and I listened as he came up the front stairs.

"Bella?" I heard him yell quietly, assuming that the babies were asleep. I didn't move. But I pulled a pot out of the cupboard.

"Bella?" He was louder this time. And I knew he probably found the twins awake and smiling as he leaned over the cradle in the living room. He came around the corner, Anne in his arms. He had his hand pressed against her head comfortably holding her against him.

"Did you bring anything to eat?" I asked. He nodded solemnly and placed the bag on the island counter. I immedialty went to unpack it. Edward came and kissed me on the cheek before going towards the fridge. He pulled out a can of coke, popped it open and drank. He didn't pull away until the can was at least half empty. I looked away from him and, noticing that Carlise and Esme had sent spagetti, took the pot to the sink and started filling it. Edward came up behind me. He still had Anna in his arm, but his other slowly wrapped around my waist. He placed his chin on the top of my head, kissed my hair, and then put his chin back again. I didn't react. I just turned off the tap until he got the hint to back up. He did and I turned around and put the pot back on the stove, which was built into the kitchen island.

"What's wrong?" Edward asked slowly. I bit my bottom lip.

"Nothing." I said, turning on the burner. Edward didn't answer right away. I had put the bottles in the microwave and was half way done pouring the milk Esme had sent into two seperate bottles, before he spoke.

"Bella?" He started. "Did something happen today, or what?"

"'Or what', Edward. That sounds like a good answer 'or what'." I said. Edward sighed. I turned the lids of the bottles into place tightly, and tested them.

"Well, your angry for some reason." He said, his voice growing heavy. "And I'd like you to tell me." I twirled around suddenly and faced him.

"Would you, Edward? Fine I'l tell you." I took a step forward and pulled Anna out of his arms. She cried against it, but I took her and the bottles out of the room. As I left the kitchen I said, "My dad is moving back to Olympia, and of course you don't know." I lyed Anna back down in the cradle and propped a pillow underneath the bottle to help her hold it up. I did the same for Henry.

"How was I supposed to know that?" Edward said stubbornly from the kitchen doorway. I sighed and put both hands on my hips.

"You would have if you would have been here!" I said, my voice rising. "You're missing everything!"

"There's a reason I'm missing everything!" Edward took a step forward. I saw the anger rise in his eyes as he looked at me. "I'm sorry that I want you to have a life! I'm sorry that I want to get an acceptable job so that my family will not be left without! IS that not too much? I need to go to school!" He walked towards me.

"I want to go to school too! I want a life! Everything I do is based on these babies! I won't have a job! I won't have school to go to! I barely graduated!" I backed away from him and sat down on the couch. "I have nothing anymore, Edward. And I'm so sick of it. I am so sick. I can barely get up in the mornings. And then you're gone." I looked up and he was standing above me, his breath coming in large bursts. "Henry said his first word today, did you know?"

I saw Edward take in a long, deep breath. He was trying to calm himself, but it wasn't working. A moment later he dropped to the carpet and crawled on his knees towards me. He dropped his head and chest into my lap, wrapping his arms around my waist. I made no move to comfort him. Edward tilted his head so that his cheek was against my thigh. He was still breathing really hard.

"His first word?" He whispered between his teeth. "They're too young for that."

"They're 7 months old." I murmured without even looking at him. I glanced at the cradle. I was surprised that they had stayed in there this long. They had been asleep before Edward got home, "Why do you think we have a play pen. They've started crawling already."

"And you're raising them all on your own." He whispered. I didn't answer him. I had to do something when I felt his shoulders shake. He had started crying. "I'm sorry." He whispered. He turned his head and kissed my thigh, leaning his forehead against me. "I've tried to hard, but nothing is working." He moaned. I closed my eyes for a moment before opening them again. I slid my fingers through his hair, and then leaned down and kissed his head.

"I know." I whispered. After a second he looked up at me, his eyes blood shot. "How long have you been sick for?" He asked tenderly. I tried to smile, but I couldn't.

"Some time." I murmured again. He just closed his eyes.

"You didn't tell me."

"I know." I answered.

"Everything is going to be fine... everything is going to be fine..." He chanted. I pulled him towards me and kissed him. He leaned up and turned me so that I was lying flat on the couch, and then he slid on top of me. He never broke our kiss as he slid his hand underneath me. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He was just unclasping my bra strap when three things happened at once. The smoke alarm went off, Henry screamed at the top of his lungs (followed by Anna), and my stomach clenched inwardly. In seconds Edward was off me and running into the kitchen. I watched him for only a moment before I fixed my shirt and stood up to quiet the babies.

"Is everything okay?" I yelled. There was a clang and then some cussing, but Edward answered.


I sighed and fell into the couch again, this time holding two babies. Two babies that needed me to do what I only did. Took care of them.