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Who We Are

Sequel to 'What We Become'. Two years have passed since Bella gave birth to the twins. Things have changed, but things have also stayed the same.
Horrors keep coming back to scare Bella, and soon she is afraid to even get lose to Edward. What can happen when you forget what happens most?

AN: So this is a bit of an introduction to the second part of my series. We shall see how this unfolds, and that will tell me whether or not there will be a third part. Sounds good? So, to new readers, it would be wise to go back and read "What We Become." Believe me, you won't be dissapointed.

5. Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

When the doorbell rang the first time, I was in no mood to open the door. I had soapy water up to my elbows, and the idea of talking to soliciters made my stomach turn. It only took a few seconds before there was a parade of rings, one after the other. With a sigh, I drop the dish I washing, and walk to the door. It swings open and the cold, murky air comes rushing in. It doesn't bother me, because standing in front of me are two angels. I smile for the first time all day as Alice leaps into my arms. I squeeze her tiny frame, holding back the tears that rise in my eyes.

"Hey sister." She laughs as she touches her feet to the ground again. "So we thought we'd spend the holidays here if that's alright?" She asked hesitantly. I bite my lip, nodding.

"Of course. Hey Hale." I say, pulling Jasper into my arms. He pats the top of my head lightly. "So are they as bad as they were the last time we saw them?" He asks. I shrug my shoulders.

"Why don't you find out yourself." I open the door wider for them to come in. Alice sildes in hurriedly, pulling off her coat.

"It's cold out there." She murmurs. Jasper laughs and rubs her arms. She leans into him. I smile and turn away. If only. "Let's get a look at my favorite niece and nephew." She looks as if she would clap her hands in excitement.

"They're upstairs." I say. Alice beams and makes her way to the staircase, turning around and ushering us to follow. Jasper smiles and makes his way to the foot of the stairs. Alice takes his hand in hers and they make their way up the stairs, their arms touching, their heads towards eachother talking quietly. Every thought of following them leaves my mind. I wouldn't want to ruin their moment. With another sigh, I head back into the kitchen and finish the dishes. I'm just drying my hands when the front door opens and my husband walks in.

"There's a strange car in our driveway." He says when I walk towards him.

"Oh yeah?" I ask lightly.

"Who's here? You don't have some secret boyfriend I don't know about do you?" His eyebrows raise up questionably, a smirk playing at his lips.

"Maybe I do." I tease, pulling at the front of his shirt. His smirk turns into a full out smile, his arm sneaks around my waist.

"He must be up there keeping the babes quiet." He whispered.

"Oh no. He's got a girl up there with him too." I smile. This really gets him confused. He looks down at me with a look of curiousity on his face that makes my heart melt. I suddenly remember why I fell in love with him in the first place. I place my hand behind his neck and pull his face to mine, kissing him lightly. His other arm is around me too and he hoists me up so he can kiss me more deeply. I giggle as he growls, kissing every part of my face and neck. "Edward!" I gasp. He chuckles and slides his face under my chin. And then he just rests there. My heart beat slows down and I lean my face against the top of his head. I wrap my arms around his neck and relax. We just breathe each other in.

"Young love." Alice says from the foot of the stairs. Edward turns his cheek against my skin to look at our visitor. His eyes light up. "Hi brother." She smiled. Slowly, Edward kisses me once more and places my feet on the ground. Alice passes Anna over to Jasper and then she takes a step forward, her arms outstretched. Edward smiles and pulls her into his arms.

"Don't think I missed you or anything." He murmured. "Going off to God knows where to get some stupid education." He laughs. I haven't heard him laugh like that in a long time and it makes me want to break down. Alice pats his back. Edward drops her lightly. "You guys are staying here I hope."

"We thought we could help you with the twins." Jasper said. Edward nodded, a grin on his face as he pulled Jasper into a brotherly hug, stealing Henry from him.

"Good to see you." Edward says.


"So you had no where to stay because Mom and Dad would never let the two of you share a room. So you thought "Why not Edward's place?" Am I right?" Edward asks lightly, backing up and surprising me by wrapping his arm around my waist. Alice smiles wickedly.

"It could have been somewhere along those lines. Anyway I was planning on spending all my time here anyway. Why not just sleepover, right?" She crosses her arms.

"Well, tomorrow is the annual Christmas Eve party, but we'll be sleeping here. So you can stay whereever you like."

"And the next day is the annual Christmas Party." Alice rolls her eyes. "It doesn't really matter where we sleep. They'll be taking up our time as it is." Everyone laughed except for me, I just smiled, remembering last years Christmas party.

"Let's get your bags upstairs." I say, speaking for the first time.


It was that evening when I found it. It must have been after nine and Edward downstairs. I could hear him laughing with Alice and Jasper, remembering things they had done as children. I didn't want to feel left out, but there was no way I could be included in those types of conversations. I was up in our room putting away laundry when I started skimming through Edward's drawers. I didn't know what I was looking for, but I wanted to find some kind of proof as to the reason he had been coming home later and later every day. Now, it was beginning to be after eight before he showed up in the kitchen ready to eat and sleep. I knew that whatever he was doing, he must've gotten some time off for Christmas. If it was just school, that's how it would be. But I had the feeling there was something else going on. I knew he wouldn't be coming upstairs for a while.

I had all but given up and decided that if he were cheating on me, he would have told me. But then I saw the glint of something shiny in the corner of the drawer underneath a bunch of papers. I pulled my hand to my mouth and let it rest there for a minute, before I pulled it out to take a better look. The tears starting falling over my cheeks before I could stop them.


The Christmas Eve party was exceptional. The instant I saw Rosalie sitting on the sofa beside Emmett, I broke down.

"I call you every week." She soothed as I cried in her arms.

"That's not good enough." I whispered, but I smiled at her. "I'm just so glad you're here."

"What about me?" Emmett asked from behind her, a hurt look on his face. I nudged his chest.

"Who could not be glad to have Emmett Cullen around, huh?" I asked. I knew he was faking the frown, because he burst into a laugh and caught me in his arms, squeezing me to his chest. My feet were off the ground. "Okay." I patted his shoudler. "Emmett. Can't breathe." He chucked and put me back on my feet.

"You look beat." He joked. "Those kids sure take a lot of out you, eh?"

"You don't even know. Edward is barely there, and it seems as if I'm going no where." I murmured, sitting down with them on the couch. I glanced over to Edward as he joked with Jasper near the fireplace. I had no doubt Esme had the twins in the kitchen with her. "I just want some proof that everything is going to be okay."


"Mommy..." I heard someone whisper. I covered my head with my arm. "Mommy.." It started again. I turned my head and looked at Edward. He had one smiling baby seated on each leg and all three of them were staring at me. I knew that the twins had no idea what was going on. I turned and looked at the clock.

"It's 8 am!" I said. Edward frowned.

"Mommmyyy..." He whined. "Please..."

"I'm going to be having them doing that in a couple years, I don't need you tormenting me now." I murmured, sitting up. Edward only smiled.

"But it's so exciting, Mommy."

"Edward." I warned. He looked up at me through his eyelashes. Then pushed Anna to me. He lowered his head to her ear.

"Anna says she wants to go downstairs now." He whispered. "Oh, and what's that--" He turned to Henry. I rolled my eyes. "He says you're being a really mean Mommy." Henry smiled as if he was agreeing with him. I sighed.

"Fine. Let's go see what Santa brought us."