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A Gilmore surprise

What if Bella was really Rory from Gilmore girls?What if she had moved to Forks to live with her father, Christopher Hayden?What if she went to visit little old Stars hollow after she got engaged?What if she brought the Cullens along? And what if Bella/Rory's old boyfriend, Jess, was back also? With something Rory always knew, to say... Oh, and about the surprise...Rory/Bella just happens to be pregant at the same time as Lorelai... Rated teen for minor language!


1. Home sweet Gilmore

Rating 5/5   Word Count 820   Review this Chapter

Lorelai’s POV

Rory was bringing home her man and his family, today. Edward Cullen. I had to admit, he was hot! Chris sent me a picture of them together. But he was also my daughter’s fiancé and I was already happily married. Luke was making burgers and fries at the diner, to bring over. Rory told us not to bother; the Cullen’s don’t eat much. But I of course, ignored her.

I heard a car pull into the drive way. I ran to the front door, flung it open and stumbled outside. I threw the magazine I was holding and she dropped her suitcase, as we ran to hug each other. We had just gotten out of a big fight and had some reuniting to do.

“I was stupid!” Rory yelled.

I was stupid!” I yelled back.

“I was more stupid!” she screamed.

“Wow, you used to be smart and…verbal- tastic and now this!” I laughed, lightening the mood.

“Verbal-tastic?” she asked.

“It’s a word. You know…like fantastically verbal.” I defended my made up word.

“Oh, cause that just makes it sound so official. Are they adding it to the dictionary?” she asked sarcastically, smiling.

“Yes it is, miss…smarty-tastic!” I gasped, making up another brilliant word. “These words, there just coming to me now! Am I brilliant or what? Don’t answer that.”

Rory laughed and turned to look at Edward.

Rory went over to him and his family, in their fancy cars.

“Mom, meet Edward.” She smiled. “Edward, this is my mom Lorelai Gilmore.”

Edward came forward to shake my hand. Damn his hand is cold! “Hello, Edward. Or can I call you Eddie? I can, that’s good, cause I was going to call you it anyway.” I ranted. Eddie was a good name!

Rory then introduced me to the rest of the family. I got the gist of them in the first glance.

Emmett- the bronze,

Carlisle- handsome doctor man,

Rosalie- family snob,

Esme- nice mom lady,

Alice- perky pixie, and

Edward- hottie with brains, humor and good taste. Expensive taste.

Anyway, I gave them directions to the Dragonfly inn and told them we’d all meet up later and they could meet the town. That’s when it hit me1 I had to tell Rory something!

“Oh, Rory-” I gasped, but was cut off by Edward

“Rory?” he asked, confused. “Bella what is this ‘Rory’ thing?” he chuckled.

“Oh, yeah. I forgot to tell you my name was Rory! I go by Bella Hayden, my middle name in Forks, but in Stars hollow I’m Rory Gilmore.” She explained to him.

“Well, like I was saying. Rory, Jess is back in town. He’s helping out at Lukes, to make some money. I don’t think you should see him, you know with what happened last time.” I mumbled the last part, not wanting to remind her.

Edward’s POV

Last time? A memory flashed through Lorelai’s head-

Bella and Lorelai are in a diner under heavy construction. They sit at a table in the middle of the diner.

“Jeez, look at this place.” Lorelai commented, sitting down.

“It’s a mess.” Bella said. A big man comes over, with a backward baseball cap.

I recognized him as Lorelai’s husband, Luke.

“Nope can’t sit here.” He told them.

“Why not?” Lorelai asked.

“Three people got nailed in the head hear earlier.” He said.

“But the foods okay, right?” Lorelai prodded.

“Would you just move?” he asks. Her phone rings.

“Outside.” The man orders.

“You know if I sit here one more second I just might be outside.” She comments. “Order me some coffee.” She tells Bella.

A young man with a blue construction hat on comes by and gives Bella an umbrella and walks away. I guess he’s Jess.

“Oh, you are really funny.” Luke says, sarcastically “You and Tom should put an act together.” Then he turns to Bella. “I’d leave it open.” He tells her.

He walks away, as a piece of plaster falls on the umbrella.

Another memory flashed through her head as that one ended-

Lorelai walked through the door of Luke’s apartment and found Jess and Bella, Jess nearly on top of Bella, them making out.

“Oh.” Lorelai gasps. They sit up and Bella wipes her mouth. “Surprise.”

“Mom!” Bella says, surprised.

“I came up for a book.” She says.

“A book?” Jess repeats.

“Yes.” She says.

“We have a lot of books here, anything in particular?” he asks.

“It’s one of Luke’s.” she tells him

“Well, if it doesn’t have ‘Encyclopedia Brown’ in the title that narrows it down a lot.” He says.

“Walking towards New York.” She tells him.

“On the table.” He says, reaching over Bella to grab a book off the side table.

She takes the book and scrambles out the door.

“Thanks. Sorry about this.” She mumbles.

“S’okay.” Bella mumbles.

Jess. I have him pinned. Smart-ass. And my fiancé made out with him, more then once before. Great, now I have to deal with him this whole month were here. What a joy!