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A Gilmore surprise

What if Bella was really Rory from Gilmore girls?What if she had moved to Forks to live with her father, Christopher Hayden?What if she went to visit little old Stars hollow after she got engaged?What if she brought the Cullens along? And what if Bella/Rory's old boyfriend, Jess, was back also? With something Rory always knew, to say... Oh, and about the surprise...Rory/Bella just happens to be pregant at the same time as Lorelai... Rated teen for minor language!


2. Answers

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Bella Swan/Rory Gilmore

I was taking Edward into Luke's when I mentally slapped my self. Jess was probably in there! I guess we could go to Weston's, but thats across town and I promised to show Edward the diner. Hmm. I guess this was a shot in the dark. Hopefully, Jess wasn't going to be too much of an ass today. We walked into the diner, slowly. The bell alerted everyone of our entrance. The bustling diner turned quiet and everyone turned to look at us. Miss Patty and Babet smiled, and greeted me, as did Kirk, Luke and Gypsy. Jess wasn't around, as far as I could tell. I breathed a sigh of releif and sat down at a table. Edward was looking around, amused by something.

"What?" I asked, curiously.

"The minds of these people! There all so...colorful." He murmured. "Ecspecially that Kirk fellow."

"Oh, yes, he is one of the town's most interesting characters." I said, lightly as I could.

Edward was asking me questions, intensly when there was a crash behind us. I turned around to find.......

......Jess on the floor with a pan on his stomach.

"Damn pot, worthless, stupid..." He mumbled, throwing the pan on the counter.

"Were you attacked?" Luke asked, holding in his laughter.

"It fell." Jess growled.

"I'm sure it did." Luke muttered, amused.

"It did!" Jess insisted.

"I was walking down the stairs and BAM, I'm on the floor."

"Thats one hell of a survival story." Luke laughed, sounding impressed. Jess grunted.

"I'm going out." He said, slipping his coat on. He started towards the door as I ducked, hoping he would miss me. But no. Life just hates me.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Rory Gilmore, in the flesh. Weren't you off in Washington, ruling the world or something?" He asked, good naturedly.

"Yeah, something like that." I laughed, nervously.

"I'm surprised you have time for us little people anymore." He grinned, that small, coy Jess grin.

"I always have time for fans." I said, falling back into our old rythym.

Jess glanced at Edward. "Who's the Giant?"

"Jess, be nice. This is my fiance, Edward Cullen."

"Hey, Andre, how you doing?" Jess said, flatly in his misty voice.

"Jess." I warned him.

"I'll be good." He said, putting his hands in the air. "How long you been engaged?"

"A few months." I admitted.

"I didn't get an invitation." He said, lightly.

"We haven't finished planning yet." I said, defensivly.

"What, Slim Shady over there, afriad of commitment?" He asked, challenging.

"No, Jess, I beleive that was you." I hissed.

"Afraid of commitment? Ha. I wasn't afraid." He laughed, mockingly.

I stood up. "Then why did you leave?" I demanded.

"Because I was following my Dad, Rory, you know that." Jess muttered, rolling his eyes.

"You didn't even say goodbye. You just let me get on that bus, and nothing." I argued.

"You would've made a big deal about it." He sighed.

"I would not!" I argued. He gestured around us.

"This is so different, you started this." I pointed out.

"Can we not do this here, Rory?" He asked, quietly.

"Then where would you like to do this, Jess? On a bus? In California? And what do you even have to say to me?" I demanded, angrily.

"I really want to know how this turned into a fight." He chuckled, dryly.

"An answer would be nice." I pressed.

"You want an answer? Fine. I love you. Thats what I have to say. I love you. I've loved you since I met you, Rory, I thought you knew that, but obviosuly you're not as bright as I thought." He growled, storming out.

I stared at the door. Did Jess really just say that? Oh my God. This isn't happening. Everyone was staring at me.

"Nothing to see here." I said, weakly. I grabbed my coat and rushed out of there, fast as I could possibly go.

Edward’s POV

Why did I wait til now, to say it!? I’m such an idiot! God and she’s engaged now! She doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you anymore Jess! His thoughts echoed from the diner, where I had watched him and Rory talk. I could here his mind all the way over here.

Wait, he loves her?

I was sitting in the lobby at the Dragonfly inn, waiting for Lorelai. She walked in with an annoyed French man, by the name of Michel.

“This is insane.” He growled.

“No, it’s perfectly sane.” She told him.

“You’re making me order the guests in room twelve, a monkey! A filthy disgusting ape! In the Dragonfly!” he yelled.

“Look, Michel, you’re the concierge and they want it so just order the darn monkey!” she yelled, exasperated. With that, she walked off towards the dining room and into the kitchen. I walked over to Michel’s desk and asked.

“How does she go that fast?”

“The woman runs on caffeine.” He said, bored.

“Hello, I’m Edward Cullen. Bella- Rory’s fiancé.” I introduced my self.

He looked up and actually looked delighted. “Rory’s fiancé! Well you’re so much better then that other thing. He mocked my accent.” He told me.

“Well, thank you. I don’t care for him, either. But I have to talk to Lorelai about something. May I go in the kitchen?” I asked, turning on my ‘dazzle’ as Bella said.

“Why of course.” He said, turning back to the computer. I went off to the kitchen and found Lorelai and the chef drinking coffee and talking about some man named Jackson.

“He found this-” The woman stopped mid sentence to stare at me.

“Are you the new guy I hired?” she asked, dazed.

“No, no. Sookie, this is Edward, Rory’s fiancé.” She told her. “And Edward, this is Suiki

St. James, and Sookie this is Edward Cullen.”

“Hi, Edward. Would you like some coffee?” she asked.

“No thank you, Mrs. St. James.” I said. I felt bad refusing, such nice people.

“Oh, call me Sookie.” She said as she mixed some sauce together.

“Well, Sookie, it was nice to meet you. Lorelai, may I speak with you?” I asked.

“Of course.” She said, following me out of the kitchen.

Lorelai’s POV

“I just wanted to ask you a few things. Like, Alice wanted to know if you would like to go shopping with her, Bella and Rosalie. Suiki may come too. And anyone else you want to invite. Alice loves to have shopping partners. The more the merrier.” He told me.

“Of course, I’d love to come! How could I turn down shopping?” I laughed.

“And I was wondering about Jess and Rory…” he trailed off watching her face.

“Sorry, I can’t say anything. I have been sworn to secrecy.” I told me.

“I was simply curious on their relationship.” he muttered.

“Look, I’ll tell you this- that relationship did a number on my kid’s heart. He did a number on her heart. If you want more info, but don’t want to ask Rory, ask Miss Patty. She’ll fill you in. I was the only one sworn to secrecy.” I advised.

“I’ll look into it. I just don’t want Bella to think I don’t trust her or that I’m prying into her past or anything.” he murmured.

“Any reason for your curiosity?” I asked, suddenly.

“Jess told Bella, he loved her.” I told her.

“Oh, I am so sorry. If it makes you feel better, I really hate that kid.” I told him. God that kid stops nowhere! He has to go and mess everything up for her!

“Oh, and by the way, we are all meeting in the gazebo tonight so that everyone can meet you at once. Taylor thought it would be better then all of us met you at once instead of taking time out of our days to go somewhere and meet you all. For Rory’s sake.” I told him.

“He did that for Bella? He organized an official town meeting for Bella?” he asked, bewildered.

“The truth is- anyone in Stars hollow would do that for her.” I told him as I got up to go find Suiki

Jess’s POV

Rory was getting married to that guy. The tall, dark, mysterious guy. I was the short, dark and bad boy guy. I was getting tired of that. And what was up with the golden eyes? Contacts? God, Rory, what is wrong with us?

“Jess?” Luke called up the stairs.

“What?” I yelled back.

“Lorelai’s having a thing to meet the Cullen’s tonight! You in?” he called.

“Why not.” I sighed. This should be interesting…