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A Gilmore surprise

What if Bella was really Rory from Gilmore girls?What if she had moved to Forks to live with her father, Christopher Hayden?What if she went to visit little old Stars hollow after she got engaged?What if she brought the Cullens along? And what if Bella/Rory's old boyfriend, Jess, was back also? With something Rory always knew, to say... Oh, and about the surprise...Rory/Bella just happens to be pregant at the same time as Lorelai... Rated teen for minor language!


3. Jab Jab, it'll give me a really groovy scar

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Rory/Bella’s POV

Edward and I sat on my couch; me in his lap, actually.

“Bella?” he asked, suddenly.

“Yeah?” I asked, back.

“Why do you put up with him?” he asked me. I knew who he was talking about. Jess.

“Because…there’s never been anyone like him. And I know that sounds weird, but it’s true. He’s one of a kind.” I told him.

“Bella, it seems like you two have quite a history. When he said he loved you, he wasn’t kidding was he?” he asked, frowning.

“No. We dated for a while, and to be honest I found my self falling in love with him.” I said, honestly. “But he took off, no note, no call- well, there was a call but when he called, he called from a pay phone so I didn’t see who it was and he didn’t say anything when I answered. And the part that hurt me the most- he didn’t say goodbye.” I told him. “I even saw him on the bus to Chilton-”

He cut me off “Chilton?” He asked.

“I went to prep school, I’ll explain later. Anyway, I was on the bus and I went to sit with him. We didn’t say anything. But when I got off, he said ‘I’ll call you.’” I said. “And he did. He just didn’t say anything.”

He was silent.

“Why do you ask?” I pondered.

“Your mother remembered something.” He told me.

“What?” I asked, curious.

“She remembered you two, on Luke’s couch kissing each other.”

Lorelai’s POV

Tonight was the official ceremony thingy, where the Cullen’s would meet the town. Taylor decided it would take too long for all of us to meet them separately and we should have a ceremony.

It was really hot out, so I threw on too short for my age shorts, a pink t- shirt and pulled my hair into a ponytail as I jogged down the stairs.

“Rory?” I called out. I walked into the kitchen and smelled coffee. Rory stood pouring herself a cup, with Edward sitting at the table.

“Want some?” she asked.

“Yes, please!” I sang. She smiled and poured me a cup.

“So you like coffee?” Edward asked her. My mouth swung open.

“You didn’t know we worshipped coffee?” I asked him, staring at Rory.

“Bella never mentioned it. And I’ve never seen her drink It.” he told me.

“Rory Gilmore, has not been seen drinking coffee in that town? What are you there!? You’re like a different person there! Insane, insane, insane…” I trailed off mumbling.

“You worship coffee?” he questioned her. She nodded, laughing as the phone rang.

“Hello?” I said, answering.

“Oh good Lorelai, you answered.” my mother’s voice said.

“Yeah, mom, why wouldn’t I answer?” I asked.

“Because Rory’s back!” she yelled.

“Yes, and?” I questioned.

“I want you all to come to dinner tonight.” She told me.

“Who is you all?” I asked.

“You, Rory, her fiancé and his family.” She told me, irritated.

“But mom, they have six other people in his family! That’s me, Rory, Him, his two sisters, his two brothers and his parents!” I told her, totally confused.

“That doesn’t matter, I want to meet them. How old are they?” she asked.

“There all out of high school.” I told her, exasperated.

“Alright, then. I will see you at six thirty, exactly. Goodbye, Lorelai.” She said, as she hung up.

“Bye, mom.” I mumbled to the dead line.

I walked back into the kitchen and slumped into a chair.

“Emily Gilmore strikes again?” Rory asked. I nodded, grimly.

Edward’s POV

Tonight we had to have dinner with Bella’s grandparents. From what Bella told me, they were hard core high class.

“Edward, come on! Grandma will kill us if were late!” Bella yelled from the kitchen.

“Coming, love.” I told her. On my way out of her room, I bumped into a table, pushed partly in front of the door.

“Smooth, Cullen.” Lorelai commented.

“Nice, Edward.” Bella laughed.

“Haha. Edward tripped. Hilarious.” I said sarcastically.

“Oversensitive.” Lorelai muttered.

“Alright, I’m ready.” Luke heaved, coming down the stairs.

“Then let’s go. Unless…” she trailed off.

“What?” Bella asked.

“Punch me in the stomach!” Lorelai exclaimed.

“What?” Bella rolled her eyes.

“Come on, real quick, jab jab.” She said, nudging her.

“Mom.” Bella groaned.

“Not real hard, just hard enough to cause a little internal bleeding.” She said, casually.

“That sounds pretty hard.” Bella told her.

“Wait, internal means my mom can’t see it! Okay, punch me in the jaw, real quick, jab jab.” She told her. She was a strange woman.

“Mom, come on.” Bella complained.

“Come on, I’ll have a really groovy scar, I’ve always wanted a really groovy scar! It’ll be a great story, ‘Oh how’d ya get that really groovy scar?’ ‘Oh, my daughter drop kicked me for no apparent reason, she’s totally psycho.’”

“Oh, so now I drop kicked you?” Bella asked.

“Hey, you didn’t like the whole jab jab thing.” Lorelai defended herself.

“Would you two shut up? Were going to be late and your mother already hates me as it is, and you know she’ll think it’s my fault…” Luke complained.

“And personally I don’t want your grandmother to hate me.” I added in.

“Oh, she will don’t worry.” Luke muttered.

“Luke, stop that. She’ll love you! You’ve got that whole proper thing going on…and you’re all innocent looking.” Lorelai reassured me.

“That’s good, she likes innocent.” Bella chirped. “I mean, she loves the fact I’m innocent looking.”

“Yep, Rory here is so innocent, kids at school called her Mary. You know like virgin Mary…” Lorelai trailed off laughing.

“Mom!” Bella yelped, slapping her mother’s arm and turning bright red.

“Alright, come on.” Luke ordered, grabbing Lorelai’s arm and dragging her out to the jeep. I wrapped my arm around Bella’s waist and led her to the Volvo. When we reached it, she turned around and headed for her garage.

“Were taking my car!” she called over her shoulder.

“Your truck is in Forks.” I said, confused.

“I have a different car here. A Volvo, actually.” She laughed as she opened the garage to reveal a shiny silver Volvo…