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The Vision

Alice gets a vision about our favorite star-crossed couple's deaths. No matter what is done, the vision keeps coming. Is there any way to stop it? COMPLETE!!!


1. Part One: Taken

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(Bella’s Point of View)

I opened my eyes, immediately beaming when warm sunlight hit my face. I sighed, allowing the sunlight to soak through every molecule of my face. Then I sat up, looking toward the rocking chair, smiling in welcoming to Edward.

I had another dream about him last night. Oh well, I guess its not that big a deal. He stars in almost every dream lately.

He comes over every night since we got back from Italy. He leaves once Charlie announces my curfew, only to appear on my bed each night when I go up to ‘sleep.’ Charlie checks up on me, of course, but Edward can hear him when he even thinks about coming up, so no worries there. He was on my bed when I fell asleep, and he was in my mother’s rocking chair when I woke up, smiling my favorite crooked smile.

So, I was totally surprised at what I saw. My smile fell immediately when he wasn’t there. Oh no. I ran to the window, glaring furiously at the sun that, moments before, gave me happiness.

“Damn it.” Of course Edward wasn’t here. It was sunny, so he couldn’t be seen outside. His sparking magnificence would, as he said, “cause a traffic accident.” It seemed like my world was ending as I realized that I wouldn’t see him all day. “Damn it. Damn it, damn it, damn it.”

I slowly got dressed, not looking at what I was wearing. I surprised myself at how his merely not being here put me in such a bad mood. I remembered Edward’s analogy about heroin, now seeing what he meant. It was like I was going into withdrawal, after being with him for so long.

I finally was ready and dragged my feet down the stairs.

Charlie smiled when he saw me coming down the stairs. “Morning!” I merely nodded, my eyes dead and empty, and he immediately picked up on my mood.

I wasn’t really paying attention, though. I wondered what I would do today. Maybe I would try to get Jake to talk to me again…he’s been pretty distant since Edward came back. The last time I talked to him was when he got me grounded a month ago. Of course, I am still mad at him, but I don’t want our friendship to be permanently hurt.

“Something wrong? I thought you liked sunny days.”

“Fine. Everything’s fine.” My voice was monotonous, uncaring. He frowned, apparently giving up. I ate my cereal, cooked Charlie some eggs, and walked out the door.

I went out to my motorcycle; Charlie actually let me keep it after I proved how well I could ride it; and sat there, my fingers tightening and loosening over the handles. I pressed down on the starting handle, and a puddle underneath the wheel splattered water upward. Of course, my top got mud on it. I looked down to see the damage, cursing, when all thoughts stopped.

I looked down at my tan sweater, and my mind suddenly sped into flashback mode. I remembered when I wore this sweater, and Edward and I matched. We drove out to his meadow, and…wait. The meadow! Of course! I wiped the mud off my sweater out and yanked the bike into reverse.

I drove down the highway, going so fast the wind whipped painfully against my face. I completely ignored it. I screeched to a stop on the side of the road when it ended. I jumped off and took off at full speed, heading in the direction of the meadow. Of course, I fell a lot. I scraped up my knees, but luckily, there was no blood, and I was wearing jeans. Even if I did bleed, though, I wouldn’t have cared. I would have just cleaned up the blood and kept on going. Only one thought was in my mind, repeating like an old record. Edward’s in the meadow. Got to get to the meadow. I could laugh. I was addicted to him!

After about three hours, I recognized the opening that led to the meadow. I smiled, and ran up to the opening. At about ten feet away, I slowed to a walk. Taking a deep breath, I entered the meadow.

My heartbeat skipped a beat when a brilliant diamond was in the middle of the meadow. My angel was here, his brilliant skin illuminating the whole meadow. He was lying on his back, relaxing in the sun. He acted like he didn’t realize I was here, but of course I knew better. I walked up to him and dropped to a cross-legged seated position beside him.

He simply smiled. “I was wondering when you would get over here. I’ve been waiting.” His voice was cool and easy, his melodic tone taking my breath away. I felt silly and stupid for not thinking of the meadow earlier. I was glad he couldn’t read my mind; he’d probably laugh at me. He sat up, his pure golden eyes surrounded by a brilliant diamond face.

He reached over and kissed me, and we both listened to my heartbeat speed up the instant he touched me. His lips curled upwards as he pulled away, causing me to blush. His smile grew more pronounced.

“You know, you’re beautiful when you blush.”

Of course, my blush turned almost scarlet, and I felt my face burning. I leaned over to him and put my head against his perfect ice chest, and the only sound I could hear was his breathing. He sighed, placing his arms around my back and touching his lips to my hair.

“I love you,” I whispered, and I wrapped my arms around his chest.

He kissed the top of my head before replying, “I love you too, angel.”

Nothing else mattered. No matter how many times he said it before, every time he said he loved me, my heart swelled into my chest to the bursting point. He loved me. My world was perfect. I didn’t deserve him, but I was glad all the same that he stayed with me.

We sat like that for an immeasurable amount of time, maybe a few minutes, maybe hours, when he suddenly froze. He stopped breathing. I looked up at him and his face was hardened and cold. A small growl came from his chest and the hairs on the back of my neck rose. This was not a friendly growl. It was icy and menacing, implying attack was not out of the question. I turned, so that I was sitting in his lap, and peered into the forest. I saw nothing. I turned back to Edward, confused. His upper lip was now curling upward to show his teeth. I looked, startled, back at him.

“Edward?” Nothing. He tightened his grip on me. “Edward?” There was a hint of panic in my voice now. “Edward, what’s wrong?” My voice was a whisper now. He rose fluidly to his feet in one instant, jerking me up with him. I stared into the forest, still seeing nothing. Whatever it was, it was bad, but it was too far away for my dull human senses to detect. In one instant I was flung over his back like a rag doll and he took off at full speed into the forest.

I ducked my head, but could not close my eyes. What was getting Edward so upset? He stopped harshly, and I flew backward and forwards again, smashing into his back.

“Ouch…” My ears were ringing with the impact.

“Damn.” He looked frantically around. I looked to see what made him stop. We were at the forest’s end. One step further and we would be in the sunlight.

“Edward? What are we running from?”

“It’s not a what, Bella, love, but a who.” I waited patiently for him to continue, but I could feel my heartbeat speeding up in panic. “They’ve come, Bella. They’re early.” My breath caught in my throat, knowing what he was going to say next. “The Volturi are early. We have to run.”

I felt like my mind was running into hyper speed as I recalled the memories from Italy. The horror of losing Edward, of not knowing if he loved me. Racing to him in the square to save his life as he attempted to get himself killed. The fear when the Volturi were debating whether I was to live or not. The fear for both of our lives when Edward refused to turn me. The sight, fresh in my mind, of him twitching on the ground in pain, unable to move or even make a sound. And, oh, the horrible screams of those innocent people, murdered for their blood. I shuddered and Edward nodded grimly.

“Umm… Edward?” He set off in a different direction, toward his house.

“Yes, Bella?” His voice was breathless, he too was breathing quickly. He was panicking, too.

Things are bad. We can’t stay here. The Volturi drink human blood, so they just can’t be allowed to stray anywhere near town. But…

“Where are we going?” He froze for an instant, thrown by my question.

“My house,” he answered, slightly confused. He knew I knew where the path he was on led.

“No, no. After.” “I…”he slowed slightly, thinking hard about his answer.

“I don’t know, love.”

“We have to leave.” It wasn’t a question.

My voice cracked, and tears welled up in my eyes. I don’t want to leave Charlie or…Jake, or anyone else for that matter.

Edward immediately stopped, whipping my around to hold me close, to comfort me.

“Shh,…shh. It’s ok.” His soft, melodic voice soothed me slightly, but not enough to stop me from crying.

“It’s not okay!” I mumbled, and tears flew faster down my cheeks. “We have to leave. You have to leave again. I have to run again.”

His face turned paler in remembrance of when I had to leave a few years ago, to run from James. His face was suddenly full of pain and he laid his head onto my hair, now his soft, words were now rushed and undetectable, but I tried to take courage from them all the same.

“Edward,” I brought his face into my hands, “I love you. I don’t want anything to happen.”

“Nothing will happen, love. We will stay together this time…promise.” He smiled my crooked smile, but it didn’t reach his eyes. It looked scary, rather than comforting. I ran my sleeve to my face, wiping away my tears, and tried to smile. It felt strained, and I could tell that, even if he couldn’t read my mind, he could see right through my expression to the horror underneath. He kissed me lightly on the forehead. He then scooped me up onto his back again and took off toward the Cullen house. This all happened in a matter of about ten seconds, and, as we traveled faster and faster in the darkness, salty tears ran down my face and onto the back of Edward’s shirt. He sighed, still continuing at top speed, and hummed quietly in another attempt to calm me. I stopped crying when I heard my lullaby. I forced myself to pull myself together, for Edward, if not for me.

Within a matter of minutes, we were at the door to the Cullen house. Edward flew into it with such speed that it broke off its hinges, sending it flying sideways into the piano. The piano was destroyed instantly, and keys flew around the room. Within two seconds, every Cullen was in front of Edward and me. At the sight of Edward’s hardened face, and my tearstained one, they were all speechless, simply staring in horror, wondering what happened. Carlisle spoke first, breaking the silence.

“What happened, Edward?”

His voice was calm and even. Edward immediately filled in his family, talking quicker than my ears could pick up. All of their faces hardened, and they all turned to Alice, who was crying tearlessly into Jasper’s arms.

“I should have known. I should have seen…I should have-” I cut her off, stepping over to her and placing a hand on her shoulder.

“There’s no way you could have known, Alice. They weren’t expected for months, what reason would you have to check into their futures?”

She sent a small smile in my direction, and mumbled, “Thanks, Bella.”

I reached over, and, even though Jasper refused to let her go, angled myself so I could hug her.

“What are friends for?”

Rosalie’s voice boomed in interruption. “OK, enough crap. We need a plan. We need to leave. Damn it, I hate moving!”

With that, she disappeared up the stairs. Emmett looked apologetically in my direction and mouthed ‘sorry.’ I smiled.

“YOU BETTER NOT BE APOLOGIZING, EMMETT!!” Rosalie’s voice roared from above us.

With that, Emmett ran up after her. I felt awkward, and out of place.

I moved quietly over to Edward, who put an arm comfortingly around my waist, grabbing my hand and rubbing soothing circles into my palm.

Carlisle looked pointedly at me, before raising his eyebrows. Edward too looked at me, and I could see worry consuming every inch of his glorious face. I wanted to reach out, to comfort him, but I wasn’t sure if that would help right now. He seemed so upset; I doubted my comforting words would do much right now. After all, I’m just a human.

His eyes were not golden, but rather an off color, reaching towards black. I started when I noted this; they were golden this morning. I then noticed that his hardened jaw must be for reasons other than his worry.

I began to pull away, but his arm remained firm around my waist. I sighed. “Edward Anthony Mason Cullen, you are so stubborn.”

He smiled slightly, but his lips remained in a firm line. He turned to Carlisle, and, still staring into my eyes, only breaking my gaze after a long moment of staring.

“Carlisle. We need to go. They are going to be here in two hours.” Carlisle nodded and Esme, Alice, Jasper, and himself dashed up the stairs.


“Hmm?” He answered distractedly.

“What did Carlisle ask you?” He sighed, upset that I noticed so much.

“He wanted to know…” he still debated on telling me. “two things.” I waited for the rest. “First, if they were hungry.” My breath caught in my throat. “They are…very. They know I haven’t turned you, and they intend to…”he left it at that. I shuddered. He didn’t miss it.

“And…the second thing?” I was almost afraid to ask.

“The second thing…” he continued more carefully, but seemed to decide he couldn’t phrase it any other way. “He wanted to know if Jane was here, and…she is…”

Jane. No. I dropped to the floor, falling limply onto my knees, and began to cry again. Edward looked horrified, and he knelt down to me, not sure what to do.

“Bella? Honey?” Jane was coming. I knew she couldn’t hurt me. Strangely she couldn’t affect me at all, but that meant one thing.

She was for Edward.

I began to sob. If Jane found us, she would hurt Edward. The image of him twitching in pain, helpless on the floor, in so much pain he was unable to speak, was suddenly all too vivid in my mind. I sobbed harder. Edward looked helplessly at me, and he brought me to him, wrapping his arms around me, rubbing his hands up and down my back.

“Shh…its ok.” He repeated it, chanting it slowly, trying to calm me down. It didn’t work.

“I…I can’t…” my voice cracked repeatedly, and it was hard to hear through my sobs. “I-I can’t …I just CAN’T Edward!” I banged my fists into his chest, and he let me be his punching bag. He then pulled my hand out of a fist and touched it to his face.

I gulped and looked into his eyes. “What? What can’t you do?” His eyes were soft and kind, but full to the brim of worry and regret. He completely regretted telling me about Jane. He didn’t know what to do; I could see it in his eyes. I heard footsteps at the top of the stairway. Suddenly Jasper was next to Edward.

“What the? I felt her emotions from the top floor. What happened, Edward?” Jasper’s voice was soon followed by waves of calming, but they didn’t help. As soon as my mind wandered to Jane again, I burst out in a fresh wave of sobs. Jasper looked at Edward, and his face was etched in worry. I was still sobbing, and the vision of Edward writhing in pain was still vivid in my mind.

“Jasper, I don’t know what’s wrong with her. She just said ‘I can’t’ and …I don’t know…I’ve tried everything!” His voice cracked now and that startled me. I gulped, and stared at him.

Jasper looked at me, his eyes deep in concentration, and suddenly, his eyes were full of sadness and worry.

He was reflecting my emotions.

Edward was looking at Jasper now, probably reading his mind. He then looked to me, confused.

“Why are you scared…for me?” His topaz eyes burned with curiosity and I could tell he wasn’t going to expect the answer he was going to get.

I opened my mouth to answer, when Alice’s voice rang through the house. “Jasper!” her tinkling voice beckoned her love, and in a flash, Jasper disappeared.

I swallowed hard, and prepared to answer him. “Edward.” I gulped and fresh tears ran silently down my cheeks. He held up a finger and wiped away my tears, looking at me, his face calm, waiting. He nodded in encouragement. “I just…I can’t…Jane…she-”

“Jane? She can’t affect you, love, remember?” Now he was confused. Of course I remembered. If only that was the problem.

He picked my up by my shoulders and set me in his lap, I pressed my face into his chest.

“No, but she can hurt you. And I can’t see that again. I can’t…” I began crying again into his shirt. Edward gently held me in his arms, rocking me back and forth. Once I stopped crying, I looked up into his eyes.

His face was frozen in pain. His eyes were depthless, but full of sadness. He looked as if he were the one who was going to cry now. I reached out and he smiled at me.

“You were so upset…crying and sobbing…because you were worried about me?” His smile was small, but soon disappeared. It was replaced by anguish as he looked up the stairs. Alice appeared beside him and I jumped. I hadn’t been expecting anyone to come down yet. I looked up at her face. She startled me. Her face was grieving.

“Alice?” She looked at me, and Edward’s face was immensely more sad. What was going on now?

“What’s wrong, Alice?” She shook her head, putting a cheerful smile on her face. OK, now I’m confused.

(Edward’s Point of View)

“You were so upset…crying and sobbing…because you were worried about me?” I couldn’t believe she was so worried about me. I was touched, and glad, glad that she cared that much. But, of course, also doused in grief. If I wanted to protect Bella, I needed to be careful, too, because she was so worried about everything. My thoughts were shattered as I heard Alice’s intake of breath from above me. I looked up to her and singled out her thoughts. I was instantly sharing her vision of the future.

Bella was crying under a tree in our meadow. “No, this can’t be happening.” She looked up into the shadows as someone with blood red eyes approached her, covered in darkness. It was Aro. He beamed at her, as if he were giving her the best gift in the world. I heard him growl softly. He was starving and Bella was just sitting there, defenseless. I saw myself, chained to a tree. That’s odd. I should be able to break those. I say myself call out weakly, “Bella…” I then noticed how badly I was shaking. Jane was smiling at me, leaning against a nearby tree. Her eyes were full of concentration, using the full effects of her powers on me. I saw myself cry out in pain, heard Bella’s worried cry, and saw Aro stalking forward. He leaned over, pulled back his lips, exposing his teeth. I struggled harder against my mental bindings, to no avail. Aro leaned over, brushed Bella’s hair away from her neck and bit in. He did not pull away, but continued to drink deeply. He was draining her. Bella’s scream rang out through the meadow, and within minutes, she was drained. She turned to look at me, tears falling down her glorious face, before whispering with her final breath, “I love you, Edward.” Then she slumped against the tree, dead. My screams echoed throughout the entire forest, before darkness engulfed my vision as I passed out, hearing only the cold, distant sound of Jane’s laughter.

The vision was horrible, and I heard Alice crying tearlessly into Jasper’s arms.

I was filled with anguish. It couldn’t be true.

I’m sorry you saw that, Edward. Alice’s thoughts were close and I suddenly felt her right beside me.

We both could only stare sadly at Bella, who looked scared by our reactions. She called out twice, but Alice just slipped on a smile and acted like nothing happened. Typical Alice. She jumped up, grabbed Bella’s hand, and pulled her up the stairs.

“Come on, Bella! We need to get you something to pack!”

Are you OK, Edward? I nodded weakly, whispering so only she could hear, “I’ll be fine, Alice. Thanks…”

Once Bella was safely out of earshot, I began to cry.


A half an hour had passed, and we were now all holding suitcases. Everyone piled their suitcases into Carlisle’s car. He was the only one taking one. He got into his car and Esme walked up to Edward and I.

Edward handed her the shirts that both of us were wearing this morning. Esme took them and put them in the compartment storage of my bike. Esme then climbed on and drove off. I looked at Edward, confused?

“She’s setting up our deaths now.” I could feel the horror on my face. “She’s going to drive the bike off a cliff, and meet Carlisle at the hospital afterwards, where Carlisle will have our death certificates.” His voice was calm, as though he’d done this before. Suddenly Alice, Edward, and Jasper gasped at the same time. Alice must have seen something. That would explain why Edward gasped too…but Jasper? The emotions from the vision must be insane! Emmett, Rosalie and I stared that them as all three of them closed their eyes to view, or…feel in Jasper’s case, the vision and its emotions radiating from it. Finally, Edward opened his eyes. “We need to go. NOW.” He scooped me up into his arms, cradling me, and he took off at full speed into the forest, heading north. The others were soon right behind us. “Edward? What did you see?” “It was nothing to worry about Bella.” He was lying. It was obvious. “Don’t lie to me.” “I’m not.” His voice was calm…too calm. I glared at him. “Dammit Edward! Even Jasper reacted to it! It must have been bad! Don’t lie to me!” He sighed in resignation and looked down at me. “Edward. Look up. If you smash into a tree-”

“I won’t.”

“You might. And only one of us would be able to walk away.” He growled and said something too quick for me to catch. Emmett chuckled behind me. He did look up, though. “So…what did you see?” He made a face. “You didn’t think I could forget that quick, did you?”

Again he murmured, but I caught it this time. “A guy can hope…”

I laughed quietly, but waited for him to tell me. “They are running now. They would have caught up to us in ten minutes had we stayed still. They are really close Bella. I can hear their thoughts.”

His face reverted to the anguished look from before. That reminded me…

“Edward?” He glanced down at me at a human pace, before swerving quickly to dodge a tree. “What did Alice see?”

“I told you…they’re closer and-”

“No, no…before… in the house.”

His face erupted in emotion. It paled, and flashed through a memory, and sadness, anguish, and a flicker of anger all passed through his face in a second. He quickly composed his face, before glancing down at me with a smile.

“Nothing, love. Just-”

“Edward, I swear! Lie to me again…” I glared furiously at his face.

His expressions immediately shifted.

Pain and anguish covered every inch of his glorious face. He looked as if he were crying, his body shaking as he held me and looked purposefully away from me. I reached one hand up and stroked his glorious face. “Edward? Are you OK? What did she see?” I spoke in a soft voice, intending to be comforting. Apparently, my coaxing worked. He looked down at me, my angel’s face devastated with sadness. His golden eyes were soft, but something about them was off, he seemed miserable. “I…” his voice was barely a whisper, and I struggled to hear him. “I saw Aro kill you and…I was right there…and I couldn’t do anything about it…you were screaming and crying…and …” he broke off, looking pointedly away again. I reached my arms around him and shifted so I could hug him. He was leaving something out…editing…but I didn’t care at the moment. My angel was crying, and that was all that mattered. I reached up and stroked his cheek.

“Angels shouldn’t cry…”

I doubt anyone but Edward heard it. I didn’t even hear it. There was barely any volume in my voice and it was low and quiet too.

He smiled slightly and looked back up as he sped up to his top speed into the dark forest.

(Edward’s Point of View)


Jasper’s voice rang out in my head, and he was instantly beside me. Bella, who had been awake for the last twenty hours with me, was now sleeping in my arms. I looked over to him. “Yes?”

“I…uh…I,” Waves of patience washes through me, so I simply waited. He had to spill it out eventually. “I umm…wanted to know…”he apparently gave up. He sighed. “Alice told me…about the vision in the meadow.”

I could feel my eyes turning blacker. He flinched. Of course Alice told him. Hopefully she didn’t say anything about the me crying thing…

“Yeah?” He nodded before continuing.

“And…are you ok, Edward? If I saw something like that happen to Alice…” he didn’t need to finish.

“I’m fine Jasper,” I lied. Of course I wasn’t ok! I saw my Bella, my sweet angel, my love, murdered by Aro, while I was forced to watch her. Die. In our meadow! But, my feelings shouldn’t burden the others. I was the oldest. Even older than our ‘mother,’ Esme. I was the one who had to make sure everything was all right when Carlisle was away, and that all peace was kept. So, for now, I had to lie.

“Thanks, though, Jasper. Really.”

I suddenly felt Alice’s intent eyes on me. Oh…so that’s what was going on. “You can give your report to Alice now…I’m fine.” I forced a smile on my face, and it must have been convincing, because he smiled guiltily.

“Guilty…” If he could have blushed, he probably would have been scarlet. “Alice made me ask…I had to. You understand.” He smiled weakly, nodding his head toward Bella.

I nodded. Yes, I understood. I understood the inability to go against our love’s will. Bella’s wish was my command. Well, all but one wish. But I just might have to make that wish come true earlier now.

I was going to turn Bella in a week. Only one week. If the Volturi had come even a week later, none of this would be happening. We wouldn’t be leaving. I wouldn’t be taking Bella from her home. Bella would be safe, though, in my opinion, eternally damned. Damn it. I cried tearlessly. Alice sent me comforting thoughts, though I barely heard them in my misery. Not even Jasper calmed me.

Why couldn’t I protect her? I was cursed with super-strength and super-speed, even mind reading abilities, yet I couldn’t protect one human. My angel was constantly in danger. And I was helpless. When I got my hands on Jane I would kill her, before she got the chance to capture me, and before Aro got to Bella. I growled fiercely, before turning north, heading for the border. We were going to Denali.

(Esme’s Point of View)

I walked over the Edward, stopping a few feet away and extending my arm.

Do you have the shirts?

Edward brought out the shirts that the both of them were wearing this morning. I brought it onto the bike and climbed on myself. I heard Edward explaining my job to Bella as I sped away. Suddenly, her bike whined in protest. I looked at the speedometer.

Oops…200mph. Her bike must not be able to go very fast. I went back down under a hundred before pulling over on the side of the road. I reached for Edward’s shirt first. I tore a jagged line through the chest and tore off a sleeve. Good enough. I grabbed Bella’s tan sweater and her pink blouse, ripping them to shreds. OK, evidence taken care of. I lay the pieces in assorted places over the bike. That was, when someone found the bike and the clothes, it would look like they struggled against a shark or something. Carlisle and I would attend the funeral and mourn and such before joining Edward in Denali, Alaska. I pulled the bike back onto the road and drove to the nearest cliff.

OK, take a deep breath.

Funny, how such a human habit is so calming. I guess that carried over, too.

OK, in, out, go! I pressed my foot all the way down on the brake, and grew quickly closer to the edge of the cliff. Suddenly there was nothing under the wheels and I was falling quickly into the water. I immediately loosened my leg hold on the bike. After it sunk about ten feet into the water I swam to the top. I gulped, looking up to the top of the cliff. No one was there. But I needed to leave.


A disgusting smell filled my nostrils when I got to the shallow water - wet dog, and that meant only one thing.

Sam Uley’s little group of werewolves was nearby.

I ran with all my speed into the forest. About twenty miles from the beach, a strong arm grabbed my arm and pulled me behind a tree.

I gasped, and found myself face to face with who could only belong to Jacob Black. He not only looked like Bella’s descriptions of him, but he looked distinctly familiar to his ancestors whom we signed the treaty with.

“What are you doing on LaPush property, leech?” he lashed out harshly.

“No worries, Jacob, I was just leaving.” He raised his eyebrows at the sound of me calling him by such an informal name, like we were friends, instead of archenemies.

“Leech, I ask you again. What. Are. You. Doing. Here?” He spoke each word slowly, as if I would not understand if he did not treat me like a three-year old.

“Young man, I simply took a wrong turn, I assure you. And do not speak to your elders with such a tone.” I let a disapproving motherly look spread across my face. “I need not remind you that I am older than your grandfather would be were he alive today.” He seemed surprised at the harsh tone that had unwillingly entered my tone, making my tone biting and icy. Not wanting to keep Carlisle waiting, I jerked my arm out of his grip and curtsied slightly. “Goodbye, Jacob Black. Sorry to cut our conversation short, but my husband is waiting.” And with that I took off again towards the hospital, leaving him mumbling to his friends that I sensed hiding in the darkness, ready to attack if he became endangered.

(Carlisle’s Point of View)

Where was Esme? She should be here by now. I paced silently back and forth across the hospital entrance, Bella and Edward’s death certificates hidden in my jacket pocket. I stopped pacing when I heard Esme coming through the forest about twenty miles off. I paused, smiling. Within five seconds she was next to me, and we both put grieving looks upon our faces as we walked to the nearby police station. We entered the station, and, as if on cue, Esme burst into ‘tears.’ I patted her shoulder comfortingly. It was all an act, of course. But humans are hard to convince, and the humans usually find her crying hard to resist. Odd, but if it works… We walked to the front desk, and I asked for the direction to Chief Swan’s office. When we arrived there, Charlie jumped out of his seat.

“Mr. Cullen?”

“Chief Swan. I am afraid we have some bad news.” Esme ‘burst into tears’ again and it made Charlie uncomfortable. He held out his hand in the direction of two chairs, and we both took them. Charlie then sat down in his seat.

“Now, what can I do for you?”

“I would like to report two deaths.” He pulled out his notepad and scribbled down “two deaths.” After he finished, he looked up at me, implying I should continue.

“There is sufficient evidence that my wife stumbled upon as she was taking a walk that is quite disturbing.”

“Bodies?” He spoke in his police tone, and I felt guilty; I was about to break his heart over a lie. But it had to be done…

“Unfortunately, no. But enough evidence that even I can see that deaths occurred.” He nodded, writing down my every word. “Do you know the names of the victims?”

“Err, yes. The two victims are…Edward Cullen…”Esme began crying again and Charlie dropped his pen.

“Carlisle…I’m so-”

“And,” I cut him off. “Isabella Swan.” He stared at me in disbelief. I nodded sadly and Esme blew her nose. She looked up at Charlie.

“I found B-Bella’s bike, and the remains of their clothing was EVERYWHERE, just shredded. It was by the cliff in LaPush…oh Carlisle!” She threw herself into my arms, and I rocked her back and forth. Charlie had paled, and he almost looked as pale as us.

“Is he ok?” Esme asked me quickly, too quickly for Charlie to hear. “Oh, I hate doing this.”

“You’re doing a good job.” I offered, too low for the human to hear. We looked over to Charlie who was painfully writing the two victim’s names on his sheet before beckoning for us to join him. He brought the paper to the front desk, where the lady gasped, and without asking, timed him out for the day.

“Charlie…my family and I are too grievous to remain in Forks…to many memories, you know? We are leaving later today, and going to California.” He simply nodded, still in shock. We helped him to his car before heading into the shadows of the forest. With that, we left, and broke out into a full run towards the North. We should be able to get to Denali to meet up with everybody else in two days, if we continue at this speed. I felt guilty, but it was for the better. No one needed the Volturi to come drink from our town. I just hoped Edward and the others were doing OK…

(Alice’s Point of View)

Jasper ran back to me, filling me in on his conversation with Edward. Unfortunately, they had spoken mentally, so I only heard Edward’s replies. Almost immediately after Jasper stopped speaking, I froze. Jasper stopped to look at me as my eyes glazed over. I saw the others pause cautiously before I was lost to my vision.

Bella was crying under a tree in our meadow. “No, this can’t be happening.” She looked up into the shadows as someone with blood red eyes approached her, covered in darkness. It was Aro. He beamed at her, as if he were giving her the best gift in the world. I heard him growl softly. He was starving and Bella was just sitting there, defenseless. I saw Edward,, chained to a tree. That’s odd. He should be able to break those. I saw him call out weakly, “Bella…” I then noticed how badly he was shaking. Jane was smiling at me, leaning against a nearby tree. Her eyes were full of concentration, using the full effects of her powers on me. I saw him cry out in pain, heard Bella’s worried cry, and saw Aro stalking forward. He leaned over, pulled back his lips, exposing his teeth. Edward struggled harder against his mental bindings, to no avail. Aro leaned over, brushed Bella’s hair away from her neck and bit in. He did not pull away, but continued to drink deeply. He was draining her. Bella’s scream rang out through the meadow, and within minutes, she was drained. She turned to look at me, tears falling down her glorious face, before whispering with her final breath, “I love you, Edward.” Then she slumped against the tree, dead. His screams echoed throughout the entire forest, before he passed out. Jane burst into insane laughter. “Oh boy, this is just too rich, Aro!” She walked over to Edward, and I hated that I could not alter my vision now, to rip Jane and Aro to pieces for what they did to Bella. Jane walked slowly over to Edward, untying his chains and throwing him over her shoulder. “But now, he’s mine, and I won’t be giving him up any time soon.” Again she laughed, and she and Aro ran off into the forest, Edward unconscious over Jane’s shoulder. I ran to follow them, and saw as they swam back to Italy, dragging Edward along with them. When, days later, they arrived in the castle in which they resided, Jane brought Edward to her quarters. She locked the door laughed evilly, placing pieces of wood on his chest. Once she was finished she lit a small match and walked forward to kill my brother…

I screamed into consciousness. Jasper stared at me and ran over to comfort me. Rosalie and Emmett ran over to Edward, who collapsed onto the ground. Oh no. Edward! What would he think of the vision? “Edward, I-” I didn’t know what to say… What do you say to some one whose death you predicted?

“Alice?” Jasper’s voice was cautious and I saw in his eyes he was reflecting Edward’s emotions. “What did you see?”

I shook my head.

“No…no. It doesn’t matter…I can’t…I won’t let it happen. You hear that, Edward. No way will I let her do that to you.”

He looked back up at me, the pain in his eyes clear. I set off running again, and only I knew why Edward was so upset. The others simply stared off at me in confusion before running after me.


“Alice?” Jasper looked into my eyes as we sat in our room in Denali. “What did you see? Why is Edward so…lifeless?” I flinched at the word. “He is acting like…when he left Bella…like…”he struggled so hard for words. “Like his life won’t go on anymore.” “NO!” I screeched. “No…life will go on…he can’t…I won’t let him…” I broke off, crying. A look of comprehension came upon Jasper’s face. “You…you saw him…dead, didn’t you Alice?” I nodded, and he brought me into his arms to comfort me. “How…who?” He didn’t know how to ask it. “Jane…after Aro killed Bella, Edward passed out…and the two of the, took him to Italy. Jane took him to her room and…burned him.” I broke off again, sobbing tearlessly into Jasper’s arms.

An inaudible gasp outside our door made me jump up quickly. Jasper looked at me confusedly, but I was running out the door.

“No, Bella! I-” Bella was running down the hall and out the front door, crying.

No! I was so stupid to say that when there was a chance Bella would hear! Now she would be so scared…she knows of her own and her love’s impending demise…

EDWARD! I screamed in my head frantically. He appeared at my side in an instant. Edward…I didn’t mean to, I swear! She heard me tell Jazz about the vision…the one where you…

Edward was out the door in a flash. I ran out after him, Jasper at my heels.


I was walking down the hall to Edward’s room, when something Jasper said caught my attention. “You…you saw him…dead, didn’t you Alice?” Who? “How…who?” This was Jasper again. “Jane…after Aro killed Bella, Edward passed out…and the two of the, took him to Italy. Jane took him to her room and…burned him.” NO! I gasped and took off running towards the door. Alice ran out at a human speed, calling after me. “No, Bella. I-”

Edward. Dead. Me. Dead. Who else would die! I ran out the front door. No one stopped me because no one knew what was going on. Edward. Dead. No. It can’t be. Jane is going to kill him?! I had to…I don’t know! All of this is my fault and now Edward is going to die for it!

I ran, falling often, until I found a log, buried in the snow, with a hollow inside. I crawled in, wrapping my knees to my chest. I heard Alice calling my name, getting closer. She stopped above me and called out for Edward. I heard the crunch of the snow as he arrived. “I smell her here, but…where did she go? Dammit!”

His voice sent me into silent tears again. I heard Alice say something about checking back at the cabin, and she was gone. I heard Edward walking around until he stopped, directly above me, above the log.

Suddenly, I was lifted up into the air, and I set back on the ground, no longer hidden. I caught my reflection in the lake water. I looked horrible. My eyes were red from crying. My face was white from the cold. My hair was covered in snow. I looked back up at Edward, who was kneeling down in front of me. He pulled me to him, and I began to cry again.

“Edward…I heard Alice in her room…she said she saw you…”

“Shh…shh..I know.” He said this so calmly. I started. How could he be so calm? He saw his own death! I looked into his face, and the pain that was absent in his voice was clear in his golden eyes. He brought me to him again, rocking me slowly.

“Alice’s dreams aren’t definite, Bella. I’m sure this one is wrong. There is no way…no way I would let Aro get to you in the first place. So there is no worry about the second part of her vision.”

His words were melodic, and my crying slowly stopped. I brought me sleeve to my face to wipe my tears away. Edward then picked me up into his arms, cradling me, and got ready to run back towards the house.

A quiet hiss made him freeze, though. He held me tighter, growling furiously, sending shivers down my spine. I cried out as I saw why he was so angry. I could only stare in fear as ten vampires, Aro and Jane included, surrounded us.

We were trapped.

“Well, well.” Aro stepped forward from the circle, and the vampires filled in the space. He only took one step, towards us, towards me. “We finally found you two.”

All traces of his humor from our last meeting had vanished; his tone was icy and cold.

“You two were very smart to come to Denali. Your little friends covered your scent well in the snow.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Edward smirk briefly. Jane glared at him in response.

“I am lucky Bella is your la tua cantante, Edward, or else I might not have picked up on your scents at all.”

Edward growled menacingly, a low sound in the back of his throat, and his lips curled to expose razor sharp, pointed teeth. Chills ran from the crown of my head to the bottoms of my feet.

Aro took another step forwards. Edward brought me closer to him in response.

“We have given you two months, Edward.” Aro continued. “You were to turn Bella, as we agreed upon in Italy. Or have you forgotten?” His voice was now skeptical. Somehow, though, his voice still sent chills down my spine. Edward gripped my shoulder, trying to calm me. I worked on keeping my breathing even.

“Bella is most definitely still mortal, Edward. I’m afraid this is most disappointing.” His voice seemed almost sympathetic, yet still kept its icy tone.

Aro took one more sep towards me. He was now a mere two feet away. He outstretched his arm towards me, running one icy finger down my cheek. My eyes opened wide in alarm. Edward also stiffened at my side. I looked into Aro’s blood red eyes, and they scared me. They were full of hunger and anger. His eyes then turned friendly, and he smiled slightly, as if he were about to give me a treat.

“I’m afraid we’ll have to kill you.”

He smiled slightly, as if expecting me to clap my hands in joy.

Edward roared, “NO!”

He pulled me behind him instantly. The vampires surrounding us ran in at lightning speed.

Edward jumped forward, protecting me from harm. I stood in horror, unable to move, as I watched him fight off the vampires who wished to take my life.

He can’t fight them all off. My traitor thoughts echoed through my head. There must be at least twenty of them, and it took two vampires to kill James. How is he expected to kill twenty and protect me?

No. I have to think positive. That vision of Alice’s…I mentally shuddered…just can’t be true. Edward will defeat the vampires, Edward would turn me, we’d go somewhere safe, maybe even stay here, and everything will be fine. Everything will be fine. It has to be.

I screamed when a large, icy arm wound itself around my waist. In a split second, I was thrown over a tall, bulky vampire, who I had seen in Italy but couldn’t remember his name, ‘s shoulder.

Edward whipped around in alarm at the sound of my scream. His enraged roar shook the forest trees as he ran towards me.

Two vampires ran forward and grabbed his arms, pulling backwards. Edward still pulled forwards. Another vampire jumped forward, but my Edward still persisted. He slowed slightly, though. In the end, it took four vampires to keep Edward still. His arms were pulled behind his back and he was snarling fiercely, snapping his teeth towards the vampires. He whipped his head back around towards me.

When our eyes met, I saw many emotions fly through his eyes. At first, anger, draining as he looked away from the vampires. A split second later, worry, anguish, pain. Not for himself, of course. All of his thoughts were centered around me, just as all mine were centered around him. Lastly, fear. Pure fear.

When I saw it in his eyes, the emotion consumed me. Edward was never scared. At least, he never showed it. But now, as I looked into his eyes, open in alarm, it was obvious that he didn’t care about hiding emotions; he only was worried about me, about what they would do to me.

The vampire holding me over his shoulder dragged me effortlessly towards Aro; I beat uselessly on his back with all my strength.

“Let me go! Now! Edward!” I called out to him, but he was unable to move. He struggled harder, if possible, with no luck.

I looked back to the vampire holding me. I pounded harder on his back. I might as well have been lightly tapping him – his temple throbbed impatiently, and he brought me to his chest and held me securely. I was in an iron prison in his grasp. When he reached Aro, he simply dropped me onto the ground. Marcus was suddenly behind me, restraining my arms in the same fashion as Edward’s. I struggled against his hold, screaming for him to let me go, but he just sighed, whispering in his liquid language to Aro. Aro chuckled darkly, whispering so low I strained to hear him. “Not yet. I want to have some fun.”

Aro walked briskly, at a human pace, toward Edward, who was still struggling with all his strength against his hold. A fifth vampire had come in to assist in restraining him. I smiled mentally; my Edward needed five vampires just to keep him still. All traces of humor vanished when Aro reached out for Edward, a horrible, terrifying smile on his face. What was he planning?

He placed his outstretched hand lightly on Edward’s shoulder, making sure to stay out of the way of his teeth. He closed his eyes for what seemed like an eternity, before opening them, having read every thought that had ever entered Edward’s mind.

“Temper, temper, Edward.” He chuckled lightly, as if Edward’s enragement was humorous. His attitude was light and cheerful again, and I relaxed slightly. The worst must be over. Maybe, if we can coax him, played our cards right, he would let us go. Edward would turn me, and everything would be fine. Right?

“My dear Alice.” Aro chuckled again. “What interesting visions she has. Always entertaining.” He grinned impishly.

Jane looked at him, angry at being left out, and confused about what he meant. She obviously wasn’t used to not being included.

Edward and I both froze, not moving at all. I knew that we both were reliving the vision, now a little longer, thanks to Alice’s most recent vision. Oh no. Would Aro and Jane follow the vision?

I could see it in his eyes. Yes. Yes he would.

“Marcus.” Aro’s eyes flicked briefly over to me, and suddenly I was thrown over his shoulder, landing painfully against his stone shoulder.

“Let me go! Let go of me!” I screamed and pounded on his back.

“Shut up, human. You are lucky I am on orders not to kill you now.” I froze. His coal black eyes told me he was not lying. His hands shook with thirst; he wasn’t breathing. Aro must terrify him when angry if he was trying this hard not to kill me. I was grateful. I tried to breathe as little as necessary. I didn’t want to provoke him.

Marcus walked at a human pace to Aro, whose eyes were ominously dark. He smiled pleasantly at Edward. All but the five restraining Edward joined Aro.

“Well, Edward. I have things to do, places to see. So sorry to interrupt. You can now go back to your family and live your normal lives. Oh, and Edward. If you want Bella,” he stroked my cheeks with one icy finger-it left a hot trail, as if I was burned, but didn’t feel it yet, where he touched me-, “not to end up dead, you will not follow us.” He spoke lightly, mocking him.

Edward looked horrified. He looked into my eyes, and they apologized. He nodded, and bowed his head, defeated. I felt tears flowing over my eyes.

No! How could he give up?! I struggled against Marcus, trying to break his grip. Of course, his hold didn’t loosen in the slightest bit, but at least I had not given up! No, no. Edward had to fight! I had been at risk before, and he persisted. Why did he stop now?

“Oh, and say hello to Carlisle for me. Good bye, Edward Cullen.” And with that, we took off into the forest.

“Edward!” I screamed out, reaching to him, but it was no use. He was still held tightly by the vampires, his head bowed low. He looked up to me, eyes full of sadness, before we disappeared into the trees. I cried as we traveled through the seemingly endless Alaskan forest.

(Edward’s Point of View)

“Edward!” Bella’s voice screamed through the forest. I looked up to her face, which was full of fear, tears streaming down her face, one arm reaching pointlessly towards me.

No! I had to help Bella! I fought against my captors, but it was no use.

Bella was gone. She would die. I would die. All hope was lost. I cried tearlessly, my legs seemingly suddenly unbearably weak. I fell to my knees.

“Oh, is the little vampire crying over his little human girl? How despicable, you scum. Get your act together.” One of the vampires spat at me, his voice bitingly icy.

“So,” another one said conversationally, “do we kill him now, or what?”

What? Kill me? I had to help Bella. Get away, get my family, go kill the bad guys, save the princess, no goddess, and get our happily ever after. Kill me? No! I froze in shock.

“Aro did say we could do whatever we wanted with him after he left.” He nodded.

Suddenly, all of my vampire instincts seemed to come up at once. I roared, and it was louder, deeper, fiercer than before. They all stared at me in horror and alarm.

These…monsters…helped in Bella, my Bella's, capture. They would all die. I broke free of their grasp, grabbing one of them by the throat. I sliced it easily, and moved on to the next one. Within a minute, they were all dead. Gasping in breaths to try to, emphasis on ‘try’, calm down, I ran at full speed towards the home we were staying in.

The door broke the instant I ran into it. Rosalie was in front of me immediately.

“What is it with you and breaking doors? You know, they do open. You don’t have to break them all-”

“If you do not get out of my way now, I swear to God, I will kill you here and now.” I hissed. Her face paled as she took in my appearance, furious, yet sad, and covered in blood, dirt, and snow; she quickly moved out of my way.

“Alice!” I screamed, and she was instantly beside me.

“OH MY GOD!” She screamed, bawling. “ARE YOU OK? I SHOULD HAVE WARNED YOU! I ONLY JUST SAW…OH MY GOD BELLA!! WHAT SHOULD WE DO?!” Jasper appeared beside her, holding her. He looked at me pointedly.

What happened? Where on Earth is Bella?

“The Volturi. They came. They took Bella. She’s gone.” My voice shook, and my weight gave below me.

(Jasper’s Point of View)

“The Volturi. They took Bella. She’s gone.” And with that, he collapsed onto the ground. I let go of Alice to help him, but was interrupted.

“Edward?!” Emmett, having come in only to see Edward collapse, covered in blood, ran to his side. He knelt beside him, shaking his shoulder. “Edward?”

No response, only a quiet, ripping sound coming from his throat. He wasn’t growling; he was sobbing, not a tear coming from his eyes.

I ‘felt’ anger and worry coming from Emmett.

“Is someone going to tell me what the HELL is going on?” he roared.

I held Alice in my arms again; she continued to sob. “The Volturi took Bella. That’s all we know, all he said before he collapsed.” With each word I said, his eyes opened wider in alarm.

The room was filled with so many chaotic emotions, it was overwhelming. I groaned as I held my forehead. I sent a calming wave throughout the room, trying to lessen the tension, sadness, worry, and anger all screaming throughout my head. It lessened immensely as all but two sent small smiles in m direction. Rosalie, I expected; she almost never smiles. But Edward…he sent waves of anger towards me. He obviously didn’t want to be cheered up or calmed right now.

We each took turns trying to get Edward to talk, or even move. No luck. Well, all but one. Alice had locked herself up in our room, repeating endlessly, “I’m sorry, Edward. I’m so sorry.” A week passed with no progress; Edward still wouldn’t move and Alice wouldn’t stop her apologetic chanting.


“Here Alice. You haven’t hunted in two weeks. You need to eat.” I set two moose on the ground at her feet. Finally, finally, she stopped chanting and moved, sliding slowly off the bed. She grabbed one moose and began to drink from it. When she drained it, I pushed it aside.

“Thanks, Jazz.”

“Happy to help.” I smiled timidly at her, and received a small, meek smile in return. When she finished the other one, I decided to chance skipping small talk.

“What did you see? What happened? Bella,” she cringed, “Sorry…Edward, he…he’s covered in blood. It is hers?

“NO! Of course not. After Aro left with Bella, Edward killed-”

“WHAT?” Edward had not murdered in years! Almost ninety years to date!

“Let me finish. He killed four vampires who were holding him captive.”

“OK. I need you to explain that.”

She sighed before telling me the entire story, from when she told me of seeing Edward dead to when he burst through the door and collapsed. Within five minutes, my mouth hung open in surprise. I didn’t recompose my expression when she finished.

“You know,” she said, giggling. “You look like a frog waiting for some fly to just pop in your mouth!”

If I could have blushed, I would have been scarlet. I looked away, closing my mouth and putting on a calm mask.

“S-so…the reason Edward hasn’t gone after them yet…is that,” I gulped. “that…the…Volturi threatened to kill Bella?” She nodded glumly.

“Edward,” I called to him, not raising my voice at all; he would hear. “Edward, you know that by not going after her, that they will kill her anyways?”

“I can’t chance it.” His mumbled voice came so soft, I barely heard it. I started. He hadn’t even breathed in two weeks.

Wait. Maybe Alice could convince him to go after Bella if I couldn’t. I turned towards her.

“Alice. Talk to Edward. I’m sure that you could talk to him. He asked for you in the first place.” She looked horrified, and it confused me.

“Oh come on. Talking to him isn’t bad. What are you afraid of?” Waves of fear and dread gushed from her.

“I should have seen it sooner. It’s my fault. You remember the last time I had a vision about Bella! He still hasn’t forgiven Rosalie!

“But Alice, this is different. He asked specifically for you.” She considered that, before nodding slightly. I kissed her.

“Thanks, Alice.” She smiled.

“Whatever.” But she smiled still, beaming more like it, and danced down the stairway. It took my breath away. God I love her.

I just hope she can help Edward.

(Alice’s Point of View)

God. I do not want to do this. But Jasper really wants me to. I just hope he doesn’t hate me.

“E-Edward?” My voice cracked in, fear? I didn’t know, but I was deathly afraid. Afraid he would shun me, hate me, despise me for not warning him sooner.

He actually looked up. Well, he actually only turned so that he faced me, but according to Jazz, he had not even breathed in weeks. His face was pained. He had been crying a lot, and his face seemed permanently etched into darkness and sadness. I took a deep breath before continuing.

“Edward, I-I’m so sorry! I should have seen it coming! I should have warned you! I should have been ‘looking!’ Oh, Edward! Please don’t hate me!” By the end, I was sobbing and choking.

He abruptly sat up and pulled me to him. I started; he moved. To comfort me.

“Hate you? Never! Shh. Shh. Oh, I could never hate you, Alice. No matter what.” he vowed.

“Then why wouldn’t you talk or…move!?” Sadness flitted across his face, and I could see he was beginning to crumble again. “Never mind.” I mumbled softly.

“I don’t know what to do, Alice!” He started shaking again and we cried together for a while. I finally pulled myself together and placed one hand on his shoulder.

“Why did you want me…before?” He looked up, at first confused, before comprehension slowly dawned upon his face.

“OH! Alice! I need a favor! Please!” His voice and eyes begged desperately. This surprised me. He usually was very calm (or angry), but now his mask was gone, his true emotions showing through completely. My eyes opened wide.

“What? What do you need? I’ll do anything you want!” I leapt up, pulling him up beside me. He was weak from hunger, and I had to help support him.

“Thanks.” He mumbled. I nodded. “Um, I need you to look into the future for me.”

“Whose?” I already was closing my eyes, falling into concentration. I was sure it was one of the Volturi, maybe Aro or Marcus…

“Bella’s.” Oh. Oh course. I opened my eyes for a nanosecond, to show him I heard him. As I fell into my vision, I could feel my body collapse into Edward’s arms. He pulled us both to the ground.

“Let me go!” Bella was suddenly right beside me, blindfolded. Her wrists were tied behind her back, though why I had no idea. I recognized where they were immediately, though I had only been passing through the one time I was there. They were Arizona. About twenty feet behind them, the Grand Canyon lay, seemingly endless. All was pitch black. Even my eyes struggled to see.

“Edward will stop you! Edward will save me!” She gasped and fell to the ground when Jane came up to her and slapped her. Hard. Her cheek bled slightly with the impact. All of them, even Aro, whose mood was previously cheerful like I remembered, stiffened.

Oh no.

Marcus, his midnight black eyes suddenly wild with hunger, seemed to go insane. He roared and charged for Bella at full speed. Aro pulled her out of his way. Marcus overstepped the canyon and growled, a low sound in the back of his throat, as he barreled towards the bottom. Aro walked towards the canyon next, looking down, smiling. Marcus was perfectly unharmed at the bottom. Huh. I would have thought the Grand Canyon would have been too far to fall, even for a vampire; apparently not. Marcus outstretched his arms. Jane ran off the edge next; Marcus caught her. All but Aro then jumped off the cliff, most landing gracefully. I laughed hard when one fell on his butt and swore. The only ones on the top left were Aro and Bella. He pressed one pointed nail into her back and pressed her, gently, but with enough force to show her he was not fooling around, towards the edge.

“Ow! Let me go! Edward will kill you all! Edward will-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!” She had reached the edge and was falling towards the bottom; no one made an effort to catch her. She was just falling, screaming. There was no way she would survive!

“NO! Bella! Someone help her!” I screamed into consciousness. Edward grabbed my shoulders and shook me.

“Alice, what did you see!?” he asked desperately. I wondered why he didn’t just read my mind.

“Bella is in Arizona…or…will be. Soon I think; it was nighttime, so maybe tonight.” I gasped for air when he released me. “S-she will be at the Grand Canyon with the others, blindfolded and bound.” Anger consumed him as he roared. I shrank back, and I looked warily into his eyes as I continued, his moods shifting more quickly than they usually do. “The others, all but her and Aro, jumped off the edge and landed in the canyon, where, in the morning, the sunlight wouldn’t expose them. Aro pushed Bella off the edge, and she just was falling and screaming, and…before that, she kept saying you would save her.” He cringed. “No one even tried to catch her. She just fell.”

He waited patiently for me to continue. When I did not, he prompted desperately, “And?”

“That’s it. That’s all I saw.” I hung my head. Edward pulled us both onto our feet.

“Edward?” I asked quietly.

“Hmm?” His voice was distracted, as if I was pulling him from some train of thought.

“Why didn’t you just read my mind to figure out what I saw?”

“I…I was afraid.” I stared into his eyes, uncomprehending. “f you saw them kill Bella again, if I had to watch her die again…” He looked away pointedly, not continuing.

“Wait here.” He let go of me, first making sure I could stand on my own, before taking off up the stairs.

He ran to each room our family was staying in. He pounded on each door so hard, each one broke into splinters. “OUT! NOW! WE’RE LEAVING!” he bellowed. They all instantly looked surprised to see Edward up and moving. Jazz smirked happily and sent feelings of gratitude only to me. I smiled meekly.

“What the hell, Edward? First you don’t move, just lay there limply, all lame and pathetic. Then you break down all our doors and drag us out of our rooms!” Rosalie was obviously pissed. I giggled mutely, and she glowered at me. I silenced; I didn’t need Rose to go off on a rant right now. It worked; she shut up.

All of us stood in silence, even Carlisle, waiting for Edward to tell us what to do.

(Emmett’s Point of View)

All right! We finally get to kick some Volturi ass! I know just how I’ll hit Aro, too. I’ll sneak up behind him, all cool-like, and WHAM! Right in the back of the head, sending him flying off a cliff or something. And then I’ll-

“Emmett.” Edward’s voice whipped out. I looked over to him, the excitement of picking a fight with the Volturi making me hyper. Jasper was rubbing his temples, sending effortless calming waves towards me “Though I…appreciate… your excitement, I really need you to calm down. You’re beginning to annoy me.” Jasper nodded furiously in agreement. “Or at least don’t go through play-by-plays over and over.” He rolled his eyes at me, and Alice snickered. I glowered at him, replying in my mind.

Well, Edward, if you don’t want my thoughts disturbing you, you might butt out of my head. It is my mind, so I can think whatever the hell I want!

Edward’s temple throbbed angrily.

Come on, Edward. Be fair! I haven’t gotten to really fight someone since James! I mentally whined, and I smirked when I heard a mute, “Fine,” in response.

Thank you.

I continued with my planning, now undisturbed by Edward. Ok, back to Aro and his serious ass kicking. I chuckled softly, imagining his look of shock as I threw him off the Grand Canyon. Then…hmmm…oh! Then I’d land before him, and … rip him to shreds when he landed! Yeah! That’d work. I grinned from ear to ear in anticipation.

“Nice plan, Emmett.” Alice’s tinkling voice was suddenly close, and she was beside me in an instant.

“YES!” I shot my fist into the air. “You mean…it will work?” She nodded twice, and I beamed. “Awesome!”

I looked to find Rosalie, and found her running by herself, of course, about three feet behind Jasper. I ran over to her, still grinning.

“Hey Rose.” I pecked her briefly on the cheek. “Guess what?”

“What, Emmett?” Her voice, beautiful and sweet, was only slightly interested. I sighed in frustration.

“Alice says I’m going to get to rip Aro to pieces!” My voice was slightly higher when I finished, I was tense with anticipation.

She smiled slightly. She clapped her hands together skeptically. “Would you like a gold star?”

I laughed.

“No,” I answered slyly. “But I’ve got to say, the last time I saw you this doubtful of me was when we were fighting James, and you know I was right there, so…some credit please.”

She sighed.

“Fine. Yay Emmett. Good job!” Her voice was mocking and sarcastic, this time was accompanied with a dazzling smile.

Ye-uhs! Score, I made her smile!

My answering smile was huge. “Thank you.” I pecked her cheek again, before running back to Alice.

So Edward.

And he was next to me in an instant.


Remind me of the battle plan again. I forgot.

“How can you forget the battle plan? Isn’t it what you were so excited about?”

Yes…but the whole kicking Aro’s ass thing…it kind of distracted me.

He sighed.

“OK. So here is what we’ll do. We get to Arizona, which is about…2 hours away now. So here.” He handed me a bundle of clothing, all of it long sleeve. I ran off, an in an instant I was wearing it, next to Edward again. He was wearing similar clothing. Thanks to Alice, it was all fashionable, of course.


“Right, so. When we get to Arizona we go to the Grand Canyon and head them off. Alice says there will be a cave we can all fit in that will hide us from their sight. So, when the Volturi arrive, we jump them, with the element of surprise, take Bella, fight them, and get the hell out of Dodge.” I nodded, my smile growing broader with each word.

“Wait. Why do we leave after we fight them?”

“Because Bella would be with us then, and because by then more of the Volturi’s guide will have arrived.” He said it like it was an obvious fact.

“Whatever.” I had lost interest by now. I ran back to Alice.

“Hey.” I said it cautiously, to show that I had more to say, but that I wanted to be polite.

“Yes?” She smiled at me, implying that I should continue.

“So tell me. What are the details of when I…you know.” I smiled.

“Oh. OK.” She closed her eyes, remembering. “Um, you don’t kill Aro, but you sure do beat the heck out of him. It is about noon, and…I’m not sure where exactly it happens. I think in a castle, maybe.”

“What? You mean I don’t beat him in Arizona?” Huh? My plan was to fight him there, but I guess anywhere where I would fight him was OK with me, especially if we won.

“No. But you do beat him up real good before his guard arrives.”
“Sweet.” Something she said aroused a question. “What happens when his guard comes?” Whatever she thought of, it made her frown. Edward snorted. I glared at him.


“Um. Rosalie pulls you off him and scolds you like…like she was your mother or something.” She giggled mutely, and I threw a frantic glance at Rose. She smiled slightly, her finger wiggling almost undetectably back and forth as if to say, “tsk tsk.”

At that I had to laugh.

“So Edward.” I was tired of running around; the hype was wearing off. He looked up to me. “Are we almost there?” I had never been to Arizona, and was growing tired of running, frankly.

“Almost. It’s up ahead there.” He pointed in a Southeastern direction, and I focused my sights there. I soon detected a small sign with unique decorations declaring, “Welcome to Arizona!” I grinned, increasing my speed. I could already see, a few miles off, a tourist sign directing one towards the Grand Canyon. I stopped when I reached the freeway, looking around me. The others sopped around me, noting the same thing I did.

“It was a lot less empty at night.” Alice noted. Jasper nodded.

The streets were full of people in the city below the freeway. I noticed countless signs wishing people a “Merry Christmas!” and “Happy Holidays!” I sighed.

“This,” I said, “is going to be complicated.”