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The Vision

Alice gets a vision about our favorite star-crossed couple's deaths. No matter what is done, the vision keeps coming. Is there any way to stop it? COMPLETE!!!


2. Part 2

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(Rosalie’s Point of View)

Crap. There are so many people swarming through the city. How the heck are we supposed to get to the Grand Canyon without anyone seeing us? It would be full of tourists! I whipped around, turning to face Edward.

“So,” I hissed. “How did you plan to get around all these people? Where in your oh so genius plan did you figure out how to avoid being seen?”

“Shut up, Rose. I’m thinking.” He snapped.

Excuse me?” I sneered. “Don’t you tell me to shut up! The only reason I am here is because you were stupid enough to let the Volturi take Bella when she was right next to you!” I screamed at him.

He flinched, and that look of depression started creeping back onto his face. I smiled, smug.

Alice was suddenly beside me, and she started dragging me back across the border, her expression furious.


“Shut up, Rosalie.” She yanked harder, literally dragging me. It was an interesting sight, pixie-like her dragging the much bigger me.

Once we were out of earshot of the others, Alice let go of me, turning to glare at me.

“How dare you. How DARE you!” She screamed at me, throwing her arms up into the air. “If he goes back into that depression, I swear, I will kick your ass into next year!!! Do you hear me, Rose?”

“Why should I play nice because he made a stupid mistake?” I shot back.

“Because you don’t two people in your family to hate your very existence,” she said without a moment’s thought.

This time I flinched.

“Now. We go back. You apologize. You shut up about the whole ordeal back in Alaska for, like…forever. And we go and find some way around all these people to get to Bella. Understand?” She said, a threatening tone evident in her voice.

I held her gaze, glaring with all the force that I could manage.

After a minute of this, I turned around heading back to the others.

“Whatever, Alice.” I said, my voice clearly stating this conversation would be continued at a later time.

When we got back to the others, they were kneeling in a circle, around a map of Phoenix.

I knelt beside Emmett, looking down on the map. There was a circle, drawn in a Sharpie, around the Grand Canyon, along with a circle around the area we were now. I looked up at Edward, who was closing the Sharpie.

“OK, he said.” We’re here now.” He pointed to the circle that was where we we’re at. “We will split up, taking different paths, because together we stand out too much, and meet up at the Grand Canyon again in an hour. We all understand?” He folded up the map, placing it in the pack on his back.

We all nodded.

All of us ran off in different directions. I ignored what Edward said and ran after him, catching up after a minute.

He glared at me when I caught up to him.

“Rose, I - ”

“Look,” I interrupted. “I just wanted to apologize for back there. I have been pissed all day, and I snapped.” The first part was just a load of crap, but there was no way I’d admit that I actually felt sorry, or that Alice made me apologize…

Edward didn’t even look at me.

“Look.” I said quickly, my temper rising again. “You know I don’t apologize much, and I just apologized to you. Either accept it…or…” I broke off. I was sure ‘or screw you’ wasn’t something that would make him calm down.

We both stopped then, gone across the entirety of Phoenix in the matter of a few minutes. A tour guide jogged cheerfully over to us. She was a blonde girl with green eyes, and did a double take when she saw Edward. She looked suspiciously from Edward to me.

I hated when people did that. Implied that we were going out.


Carlisle may have only brought me into the family for him, but my heart fully belonged to Emmett.

“My brother and I,” I began, putting emphasis into the word ‘brother.’ I noticed her eyes had relief in them, thinking he was single. I almost laughed, but was way too tired of having to go through this every time we went somewhere. “Would like to repel down the canyon for the day. No guidance needed.” I said coolly.

“Um…sure. It’s-”

“This should cover it.” Edward placed a $1000 into her hand. “No change.” And he smiled at her. She smiled meekly at him, before leaving. “Come on, Rose. She’ll be back soon. I do not want to put on that ridiculous gear.”

We went over to the edge of the cliff, and looked down. In about two minutes, I saw a cave that was in the shadows about a hundred feet down. I pointed to it. Edward nodded, having seen it at the exact same moment I had.

We looked behind us, making sure no one saw us, thinking we were committing suicide. I then jumped off the edge, and the wind rushing past my face was exhilarating. It whipped past me, and I was tempted to scream, to let out my excitement, but then that would draw attention. When I noticed that I was about to miss the cave, my hand shot out, grabbing the ledge. I pulled myself up in an instant, landing in a squat. I stood up, to meet Edward’s face, on the verge of laughing.

“Oh, shut up.” If I could have, I probably would have blushed.

That did it.

He burst out laughing, holding his sides for support. I stood there, waiting. When he pulled himself together, I decided to get even. I ran up to him, and shoved him against the wall. He smiled mischievously before pushing me back. We wrestled for about ten minutes, before we called it a draw.

“Who says girls can’t fight?” I said, panting.

“Definitely not me.” He said, grinning. He was out of breath, too.

At this point I couldn’t remember how I came up with the stupid idea of getting dirty, but I knew that I wasn’t about to get any more dirty fighting…

I hit him on the shoulder, before heading to the back of the cave, trying not to touch the walls. I dusted off my clothes, now realizing how stupid I was to chance getting my designer clothes dirty. In about half an hour, Emmett and Alice came down, having apparently arrived at the same time. Alice walked over to Edward, having landed on the cave’s edge with no effort.

And Emmett. My Emmett, he missed the cave completely. I ran to the edge. When I looked down, he was at the bottom, grinning up at me with an embarrassed child-like expression. I laughed. “And you thought my almost missing was funny?” I asked Edward, who had appeared next to me to watch. We both watched Emmett climb to the top, quickly, but having to start over twice (he kept choosing loose rocks to support himself). When he finally reached the cave, I held out my hand, bringing him close to me. We laughed together, and settled down together at the very back of the cave. We waited there, talking for a few hours. When we ran out of things to talk about, Emmett, being totally addicted to technology, pulled out his I-phone (the original one, in fact – he bought it for over $1000), and we both listened to various tunes together.

Finally, night fell, and we all, the others having all arrived without my noticing, went to the front of the cave, before Alice held up a hand, holding a finger to her lips. She pointed to a large group of figures at the top of the canyon across from us. Edward bared his teeth as Bella’s scent, floral…freesia?, reached us. Carlisle put a hand on his shoulder, and it seemed this was all that was keeping him from running up the cliff this instant. Weird, how Carlisle had so much…influence over him.

My eyes returned to the sight of Marcus, charging for Bella. He overstepped the cliff and barreled towards the bottom.

Two things then happened simultaneously. First, Alice gasped, and turned, reaching out to Edward. He wasn’t paying attention. “No, Edward,” she whispered urgently, trying to pull him away from the edge.

Secondly, as Marcus passed us, Edward let out a low growl. It took me a minute to realize he was actually talking to Marcus. Marcus’ head whipped around to us, having detected our presence. He hissed, an alarm, for the others to hear.

Oh, craaaaapppp.

(Edward’s Point of View)

No, Edward,” Alice whispered urgently, pulling at my arm. I wasn’t paying attention, though.

I was fighting with myself, trying to decide whether or not to rip Marcus to shreds or not as he passed. I decided against it. They would probably kill Bella if I killed Marcus. I did, though, let out a low growl as he passed, subconsciously, my hatred slipping out in a few hissed words, too low for anyone but him to hear.

Filthy scum,” I hissed. It sounded like a growl, but he heard it.

He whipped his head around, and let out a hiss of alarm.

Rosalie started shaking, either in fear of in anger, I couldn’t tell. As Marcus ran up the hill to his surprised comrades, Rosalie stormed over to me, and raised her hand. She slapped me across the cheek, with all her might. I fell back, onto the ground. Alice ran to my side, along with Jasper, as I stood up, enraged.

“WHAT THE HELL, Rosalie!!??”

“Nice going, moron!” She came at me again, full of the same rage that I held.

“Don’t you hit me!” We flew at each other, both at full speed, and the sound of our impact was like thunder.

I raised my fist, and smashed my hand into her face, just as she hit my stomach. We fought with each other for a full minute before the others, previously frozen in shock, reacted. Emmett was suddenly holding Rosalie, pulling her away from me, just as Jasper was restraining me. We both fought furiously against our siblings, trying to get the other.

Carlisle, before silent, now spoke up.

“ENOUGH,” his voice echoed throughout the canyon, his tone full of authority.

Everyone froze to look at him.

“Edward. Rosalie. Get yourselves together! You do realize that the longer you two act like children, the farther away the Volturi are getting?” His voice was raised in anger, but he was trying not to full out scream at us, that much was obvious. I stopped fighting Jasper’s hold, and he let me go. Emmett simply turned Rose so that he was holding her somewhat more normally. She let him hold her.

“Now. What are we going to do?” Carlisle’s tone was calmer now, the relief that he was able to stop the fight evident. He was also leaving the decision making here to us.

“Alice?” Emmett turned to her, Rosalie still not looking at any of us. He held her without thinking about it.

“Give me a minute,” she said, before closing her eyes, rocking back and forth on her heels, trying to concentrate. After a minute or so, she stopped moving, lost to her vision. I concentrated on her thoughts.

“So, Aro. Where to now?” Jane’s high-pitched voice chimed.

“Hm…” Aro thought cheerfully, “I think that we should go now to the meadow. But…where is it? Hm… Edward knew the place very well, and his thoughts had told me so did Bella…so it is probably in Forks… so I guess that we are heading to Washington. Everyone hear that? To Forks!”

Bella, at the moment asleep in Aro’s arms, stirred slightly. Aro smiled down at her.

“Everything will be over soon. Death is on the horizon. Bella Swan, you will be la tua cantante no more.”

Alice and I growled as we were thrown from the scene. Carlisle looked to me, expecting an answer.

“We’re going home. Back to Forks. Come on.”

And I ran to the side of the cliff, before jumping across the entire canyon in one leap. I reached for a rock, and began climbing up the rock. Six thumps told me that the others were following me.

I’m coming, Bella. I won’t let them kill you. I swear on our love, I will save you. So help me, God.

(Jasper’s Point of View)

“So Alice,” I whispered, so that only she could hear.

“Hmmm?” Her volume matched mine.

“Have you seen… the vision in the meadow…anymore?”

She looked uncomfortably to Edward and then back to me. Her eyes were depressed. “Yes…. very often, actually…” she admitted.

“Oh.” I wasn’t sure what to say.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Jazz. I shouldn’t be worrying you with this.” She smiled at me, her expression apologetic.

“What? No, no. Don’t apologize. You need to let this out. If you keep it bottled up… well, I can ‘feel’ what it is doing to you. If anyone needs to apologize, it’s Aro. E is the one who started all this.” I frowned when saying his name.

Alice leaned over to me in one, swift movement. She kissed my cheek, whispering, “Thanks, Jazz.”

I smiled.

We both stopped then, gasping simultaneously. All of us stared, unbelieving, to the shadow before us.



Not here.

Not now.

“Miss me?” A female redheaded woman greeted us, her wild hair flying around her head in the wind.

“Victoria,” Carlisle’s icy voice responded. We all shifted to a defensive position.

And the redheaded vampire who we have been hunting for so long ran in at full speed, teeth bared, to fight us.