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The Vision

Alice gets a vision about our favorite star-crossed couple's deaths. No matter what is done, the vision keeps coming. Is there any way to stop it? COMPLETE!!!


5. Part 5

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(Bella’s Point of View)

It’s always me…

“No pressure,” I mumbled.

A wave of calming spread over to me, and I smiled at Jasper, who smiled in return. I needed calm. I was getting way too panicked anyways…

Thanks Jasper, I thought, though I knew he couldn’t hear me.

He gasped suddenly. We all whipped around to stare at him.

Jasper stared at me with…I couldn’t identify it…curiosity? ... in his eyes.

“Jazz?” Alice said slowly.

“Whoah.” He spoke slowly, as if whatever was in his head was too crazy for him to accept.

“Jasper?” Emmett said slowly.

Jasper didn’t even look at him. He just kept staring at me with curious eyes.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

“What,” I hissed.

“You thanked me.”

Rosalie looked at him like he was insane. “Gee, Jasper. You helped Bella, and she said thank you. Imagine that.” Her voice was dripping with sarcasm. Emmett snorted.

“No, no. She thanked me but… she didn’t speak. The words were… in my head.”

No one said anything.

Carlisle chose now to speak. “Bella. Try to say something to Jasper again. Without speaking to him.”

Everyone was looking at me now. OK… it’s worth a try…

I looked at Jasper, willing my thoughts to travel into him.

Um…testing? OK, it was lame, but I didn’t know what to say. I just hope it worked.

Jasper snorted. I looked away, embarrassed.

“What?” Emmett whined. “What did she say?”

Jasper just shook his head, still grinning. Emmett looked like someone ran over his puppy.

You don’t always have to be in on the jokes, Emmett. I scolded.

He looked over to me, his expression amazed for a moment, before grinning. “I know, but I like to be in the loop.”

Well, prepare to be disappointed.

He burst out laughing.

Rosalie glared at him. I smiled.

Carlisle cleared his throat. “Well. Now we know Bella has an ability… but right now we do not have time to discover the full extent of it. We have plans.” The last word had hidden implications that anyone who was listening in on our conversation would not understand. Only we knew the dark meaning behind the words. Plans: saving a life, breaking vampire law, racing against the clock…

The usual.

“OK,” Esme broke the awkward silence that followed his words. “Let’s get a move on then. We don’t have time to catch the next plane.”

And with that, we all headed for the terminal.

On the plane, I got to sit by Alice. Jasper, unfortunately for him, had to sit next to some old, fat guy who was snoring loudly the instant within five minutes of takeoff. He looked like he wanted to die.

Dear God, kill me now! Why couldn’t I have sat next to Alice?

I yelped when Jasper’s thoughts entered my head. “Whoah.”

Jasper and Alice, and probably the others but I couldn’t see them, turned to stare at me.

Jasper…think something again…

Jasper looked at me for a moment, confused.

“Just do it,” I hissed.

What is she thinking? Can she read minds too??



I laughed, and Jasper smiled. The others looked at the two of us, expecting one of us to explain.

“It appears,” I said slowly, trying to explain to the others without sounding insane to anyone else on the plane (I didn’t like speaking at speeds faster than human speed), “that our previous discovery has a second part. It is also like Edward’s gift.” There. That sounded innocent enough.

“Can you control it?” Carlisle asked. I held up a finger, testing. I didn’t hear any thoughts. Then I concentrated on Emmett.

Um… what are we doing? Can she or can’t she control it? His thoughts were confused.

I nodded. “Looks like I found an actual off switch when Edward couldn’t.” I grinned.

Whatever… she’s just a copycat then…a carbon copy of Edward, just like…a new model…bonus features…whatever… Rosalie’s thoughts were easy to distinguish from the other’s ecstatic ones. My smile vanished.

We were all silent for the next hour, so I was basically testing my power reading the minds of various people. When I was reading Alice’s, her thoughts startled me.

I wonder… She was looking right at me, so she was obviously ‘talking’ to me.


Bella…I wonder if you can see images, like Edward can…

One way to find out … umm…. Think of an image that I wouldn’t be able to think of on my own… something…original…

A very explicit image of Jasper was suddenly in my head.

“Ugh!” I pulled away from her mind in an instant. “Alice!” I hissed.

“You said something original…that you wouldn’t think of on your own…” She said in her defense.

“Well, that, as …original as that may have been, was waaay more of him than I ever wanted to see…”

Jasper was suddenly stock-still. She didn’t…oh, Bella tell me she didn’t…

He turned to look over at us, curious and nervous. When Alice wouldn’t meet his gaze, his eyes widened. He looked over to me, and I looked away quickly. He sank down in his seat several inches, mortified.

Bella? What’s going on? Carlisle’s voice was curious. There was also concern due to the way Jasper was acting.

I can see images that people are thinking about, too…Alice and I were just…testing it…

Emmett looked at Jasper, than me. What is going on between you two? You’re only allowed to be funny around me, remember? He smiled.

Oh, forgive me. My ‘voice’ was full of sarcasm.

He laughed then. Rosalie glared at him again, before turning up her I-pod, tuning out the world with a popular rock band. I rolled my eyes.

The rest of the flight passed slowly. I was getting so anxious. Edward didn’t have much time. Only three days… yes, it’s more than last time, but still not much time… I sighed, and began bouncing up and down in my seat.

Alice eventually lost patience, and her hand whipped out and grabbed my shoulder, holding me in place. If you can’t behave and calm down, we won’t take you Edward-saving anymore. She smiled.

I held my hand over my mouth to keep from bursting with laughter. But I kept still, staring around the plane, testing my new vision and hearing. I heard Rosalie’s I-pod three rows behind me, even though it was at a low volume. I could hear the pilot talking to the co-pilot at the front of the plane. I could see the gum stuck to the bottom of the seat ten rows in front of me…ew… After the gum, I stopped exploring the plane, deciding that if I quit now, there was no chance I would find any more things to freak me out.

Finally. Finally, the plane landed. The instant that the doors opened, I jumped up, ready to burst with anxiety. I had been holding it in since Alice ‘threatened me.’

The others waited until the others got off the plane before they headed for the front. When we actually got off the plane, though, we traveled at what would be sprinting at a human pace towards the exit.

“I wonder if I could find that car again,” Alice murmured.

“We don’t need a car,” Rose said. “We can run.”

We all thought that was fine, so we ran at full speed towards Volterra, my dead heart pounding in my chest. Oh God, please let us make it in time!

(Jasper’s Point of View)

Finally, finally, we got to the main road that led to Volterra. We slowed down to a walk. Then we stopped. We were both reading the sign about two hundred feet in front of us: Entry only by car.

Great. Now we had to steal a car again…

Alice was gone in a flash. The rest of us just sat on the ground, waiting.

I was lost in thought, when the silence was broken.

“Jasper?” Bella said quietly.

I opened my mouth, but closed it immediately. I realized then that Bella hadn’t spoken. It was in my head.

This was going to be interesting to get used to…


How…she started nervously.

Yes? I repeated.

How…how do you break into Volterra?

Well, the entire procedure is very difficult. First, you have to get to the entrance without the guard noticing. Then you have to actually get in. We do have worries, though. If they catch us, they will probably… no, there’s no probably about it…

Kill us?


Bella looked away, trying to hide the fear I ‘felt’ from her. I sent a feeling of confidence towards her.


No problem. I smiled.

The feeing of confidence was already gone. She was full of worry, worry and fear. I sighed. She glanced at me apologetically.

Sorry. I shouldn’t be bothering you with this.

You are entitled to your feelings, Bella. You don’t need to apologize.

She smiled.

Bella yelped then, falling over to one side. She covered her ears, though there were no sounds. We all stared at her, concerned. Carlisle was next to her in a flash, kneeling beside her, his face etched in worry.

“Bella?” he said softly.

She didn’t respond, only covering her ears. She scrunched her eyebrows together, her temple throbbing. What was wrong with Bella?
Bella? Bella, what’s wrong?

Too many voices… make all the voices go away.

My eyebrows rose. Carlisle looked at me.

“She says… ‘too many voices… make the voices go away…’” I told him.

“Hey,” Emmett complained. “Why won’t she answer my thoughts?”

Rose hit him. “Don’t be selfish.”

“Carlisle?” There was something odd about his face. He was emanating worry like crazy.

“Those were Edward’s exact words…” he said, a hundred years away in thought.

“What?” Rosalie asked, confused.

“That is… exactly… what Edward said…before he learned to tune out the thoughts… So that means…”

“She lost control of her powers…” Emmett finished for him.

Bella was still on the ground, clutching her head, gritting her teeth.

“So…” I said. “What do we do?”

“Think as little as possible… that’s all we can do. The rest she has to do.” Carlisle replied in a vice that clearly stated he wished he had a different answer.

So we sat back down. I sat down next to Bella, sending off constant waves of calm, peace, whatever I could think of to try to help. Maybe the others couldn’t help, but I could. Or at least I could try…

(Jane’s Point of View)

God. This was taking so long…why did we have to wait? Why couldn’t we just kill Edward now? I mean…yeah, he wasn’t unconscious anymore, but he was locked up good, no chance of escaping.

There was only one person who I could go to if I wanted to get my way.


“Oh, Aro?” I sang, pouring sweetness into my voice. He always loved that.

“Jane,” he said happily. “What is it? Do you have a question?”

“Why can’t we kill him now?” He knew who I was talking about.

“Jane, dear. It’s only two more days. You can wait two day, right? Then you can do what you wish. But first,” he said with a mischievous smile, “I want to have some fun.”

“OK,” I replied, my tone light and delighted, smiling an angelic smile. He beamed at me.

Fine. I could wait that long.

Two days. Two days, and then I could kill him. I could kill Edward Cullen.

I can’t wait.

(Alice’s Point of View)

I found it! The car from last time! Ye-uhs! I shot my fist into the air. Looking around me, I walked up to the car. Before I took this, I needed to make sure no one saw me. I looked to the left. Empty. Right. Empty. Everywhere was empty. No one was here.


I reached for the handle, grinning. I pulled it open in a flash, reaching into the car and disconnecting the alarm before the alarm could go off. Man, I loved doing that. The thrill, the knowing that, one mistake and I was screwed. It was thrilling, invigorating.

I jumped into the car, hotwiring it so it would turn on. I sped down the path I came from, pushing 300mph. In about five minutes, I would be back to the others.

While I was driving, my body froze up. Oh, crap. I yanked the car over to the side of the rode, pulling it into park in one fluid motion. Not even a second later, I was lost to the vision.

I was back with the others. Nothing was going on. What the hell? What was the point of this vision. I noticed Bella’s face was suddenly full of fear. Jasper looked towards her, concerned. They must be having some private conversation…

OK, why the hell am I seeing this? Most visions have a point, and this one almost made me crash the car… it had better get interesting soon…

Suddenly Bella yelped and fell over, clutching her head. She was twitching, and the others couldn’t do anything. She had lost control of her powers… oh no…

I gasped, and was ejected from the vision.

“Crap, Bella!” I threw the car into drive, going right into fifth gear. It screeched horribly and flew down the road at a speed near what I run at. Even with terror spreading through me, I was impressed. Most cars couldn’t go this fast. I was glad I had one.

In about a minute, I saw Jasper and the others, all of their expressions horrified. And Bella, twitching on the ground.

I screeched onto the dirt road. I jumped out and ran to Jasper.

“Jasper? How long has she been like this?”

“About five minutes…”



Yeah…Bella… I couldn’t think of what to say…

How long?

What? How long what?

How long until Edward…

She can’t be serious. She is in pain, unable physically speak or anything…and she is worried about Edward. It’s so sweet… I knew that if I were human, right about now the tears would come… I smiled slightly.

Two days, Bella. Now… are you ok?

Yeah, thanks… whoah… it’s…gone…


And she sat up, her brilliant crimson-red eyes staring right back at me. I jumped.

“Bella.” Carlisle was at her side in an instant, holding out a hand to help her up.

“I’m fine…” She murmured, embarrassed. She wasn’t the type of person who was comfortable when people got emotional…

“Are you sure?” Jasper asked, his voice soft. I smiled. I was glad he wasn’t so distant with her anymore. It seems that they are almost as close as her and Emmett now… like a brother to her.

“Yeah. Thanks…” Only then did she notice the car…

“Oh, Alice! You didn’t!” Her face was shocked. “You can’t steal the same car twice!!”

“But I like this car,” I said defensively.

“You stole this car before?” Jasper asked.

“Yes…” I admitted. “It’s awesome. Real fast.” A small grin crept its way onto my face.

“Stands out.” Bella added.

“We don’t have time to argue,” Carlisle said softly, but with authority. “Let’s just go.”

I smiled and walked, at a human pace, to the Turbo 911. I got in the front seat. Bella stepped gracefully (I was still amazed that she wasn’t klutzy anymore) into the passenger seat. Jazz got in the back seat. No one else moved. Bella looked out of the car, confused. Carlisle and Esme smiled slightly. Rose kept her constant sneer, while Emmett remained at her side, unwilling to leave her.

“We’ll catch up with you later,” Carlisle said. “We can’t all fit in the car.”

Bella simply turned back towards the front of the car. I revved the engine, and the others stepped back. I took off down the trail, heading towards the twisting hill that led to the city of the Volturi.


We were in line to get into the city, when I frowned. The line was really long, and there were red flags on top of the cars. Could it really be St. Marcus Day again? Great. Now I will have to sweet talk a guard again… ugh… and Jasper will be here…

Alice? Bella said, her ‘voice’ small.

What Bella?

Um… just thought I’d let you know… the guard is a female…

What? I sighed. Now how can we get in if only private tours are allowed? Unless… I shook my head, not even sure how to ask what I wanted.

I pulled over, so I was on the side of the road. The car that was behind me sped up so the spot I was in was taken.

“What?” Jasper asked, confused.

OK…how do I ask this? I brought my fingertips to my temple, thinking. How do I ask this? Um…

“OK,” Jasper said suddenly, making me jump.

“Er, what?” I asked, caught off guard. OK, what?

“OK. I’ll do it,” he clarified.

I looked at him, confused, before turning to glare at Bella.

Guilty… She smiled meekly at me.

I sighed, before opening up my door. A small click let me know Jasper opened his too. I went to the back, and Jazz slipped into the front seat. We closed our doors simultaneously. Jasper waited for a miniscule opening, before taking advantage of it and forcing himself into the space. I smiled. He might just drive more…well, in Bella’s words, crazily…than I do.

Once we got up to the guard shack, Jazz rolled down his shaded window. The guard was a very pretty blond lady, in her late twenties, with startlingly blue eyes. She did a double-take when she saw Jasper. I concentrated very hard on a small spot on the seat next to me. Bella looked back at me.

You know, I’m pretty sure if you keep staring at it like that, pretty soon you’ll burn a hole through the seat…

Shut up. My husband is flirting with someone, and I would prefer not to pay attention to that…

She smiled, biting her lip to stop from laughing. I half-glared at her.

Then, the lady stepped back, smiling a flirty smile. The bar in front of the car lifted, and Jasper pulled the car forward. We drove, at a normal speed, past the walls and into the city.

(Jasper’s Point of View)

“What?” I asked, confused. Alice was nervous about something.

She didn’t say anything. So I waited.

And waited.

And waited.


Bella, a little hint, please.

I don’t know… she is still trying to figure out how to ask you…

Please, Bella. She is going to ask me anyways. And we both know how nervous she is about asking whatever it is…

Alright… she was planning on doing the same thing as last time with the guard…you know…

Dazzling him?

Yeah… but now… it’s a female…so…

She wants me to.

You don’t sound surprised.

All I’m surprised about is that she is so nervous about asking me.

Well, you are her husband.

Good point. Well, I’ll save her the trouble…

“OK,” I said, startling her.

“Er, what?”

“OK,” I repeated. “I’ll do it.”

She just stared at me, momentarily confused. My eyes flashed for a millisecond to Bella, before turning back to her. She whipped around to glare at her. Bella smiled guiltily back at Alice. Alice sighed, before opening up her door, before I opened mine too. She went to the back, and I slipped into the front seat. We closed our doors simultaneously. I only waited for a miniscule opening, before taking advantage of it and forcing myself into the space. Alice smiled.

Once we got up to the guard shack, I rolled down the shaded window. The guard was a blond lady, in her late twenties, maybe, with blue eyes. She did a double-take when she saw me. I tried very hard not to roll my eyes.

Alice suddenly became very interested in a spot on the seat next to her. I brought my attention back to the guard, dazzling her with a smile. She brought in a tiny breath, and her cheeks reddened very noticeably. I brought in a muted breath of my own.

“I-I’m sorry, sir,” she stuttered. I noticed shame coming from her; she obviously wished she didn’t have to say what she was saying. “Only tours are allowed today.”

“Well,” I said, “we can just consider this a private tour, can’t we?”

For a moment, she looked stunned.

“Um,” she muttered, distracted. “Um, I’m sorry, but-”

“Please?” I said softly, sending her another dazzling smile.

“O-ok…” She stepped back, smiling flirtatiously. I smiled when I sensed the anger nearly exploding from Alice. The guard’s smile broadened, thinking I was smiling back at her. The bar in front of us lifted slowly, and I drove forward at a normal pace, into the city.