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The Vision

Alice gets a vision about our favorite star-crossed couple's deaths. No matter what is done, the vision keeps coming. Is there any way to stop it? COMPLETE!!!


6. Chapter 6

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(Carlisle’s Point of View)

Volterra. So much has changed over the years, and yet so much is the same. The tall, graceful, timeless buildings, the large fountain in the center of town; so many memories. But I didn’t have time to relive the past. We had work to do.

I heard a quiet revving of an engine from my location safe from the sun. I looked up, spotting Jasper driving the Turbo past the gates. I was surprised to see him in the driver’s seat; I was sure Alice would never have willingly allowed someone else to drive. It was then that I noticed her glaring at the female guard, along wit Jasper’s slightly frustrated expression. Ah. So that was it…

For a moment, I lost sight of them in the sea of red. But then, they were striding towards us, working to keep to the shadows without being conspicuous. Occasionally, they would dart across streams of sunlight, causing momentary flashes of light. The humans would look over, having seen something flashing out of the corner of their eye, but by the time that they looked over, nothing was there to cause the flash anymore. This all happened within a few seconds, and it didn’t take long before they stopped, only four feet away.

Emmett didn’t waste any time in making a joke about Jasper’s flirting with the guards. Alice and Bella glared furiously at him, while Jasper’s response was a little more physical; Emmett was soon rubbing his shoulder, frowning. Rosalie proceeded to glare at Jasper, while Esme frowned disapprovingly.

I smiled slightly, shaking my head. Not one person looking in at us would suspect us as something other than an average family. Not one person would suspect that we were not here simply to enjoy the celebration, as they were. Not one person would suspect that, if we did not hurry, someone would die. My smile vanished with that last thought, and I cleared my throat quietly, ending the nonverbal conversation.

We couldn’t talk openly about our plans; someone would hear. And we couldn’t simply speak too quickly or too low for the humans to hear; there were Volturi guards here, and they would hear. So, we had to have our conversation the long way: through Bella.

I looked at Bella pointedly so that she would focus on my thoughts.


Yes, Carlisle?

I’m sorry to ask this of you, but could you relay for us? We can’t openly speak because the guards will hear, so the only way I can think of to communicate would be through you.

Of course, Carlisle.

I smiled slightly.

Would you ask Alice if anything about the vision has changed?

She nodded and turned to Alice, who nodded.

What changed? I asked.

Bella held up one finger, seeing the vision, complete with its new twists. Bella continued to frown as the vision went on, before she looked back to me.

Edward has woken up. He’s in Jane’s room right now, but he’s not restrained or anything… Aro is making Jane wait out the remaining time, but I’ve no idea why. Jane is still going to … burn him… if we don’t succeed.

My eyes flickered over to Jasper momentarily. He was the fastest of us here. Ask Jasper to see if there is some way we can get in without a full on confrontation.

Bella looked over to Jasper for a minute, and then Jasper nodded and ran off, dodging the people and sunlight, a barely visible streak of white. A minute later, he came back. Bella and I both looked at him expectantly.

Jasper says… that the place is really well guarded, but there is a small chance that we will be able to sneak through from the Southern entrance, the one that takes the underground.

Thank you, Bella. Tell the others and we can all head over there. She nodded, and after a minute, five pairs of eyes flashed to me and away. Bella was looking at Jasper, probably asking him something.

I nodded, and we ran through the city, dodging the people in the sea of red. I very nearly ran into a small child who had plastic fangs in her mouth when I was dodging an mother carrying a three year old boy. I sighed. Weaving through this crowd was going to be difficult.

Carlisle. Bella’s thoughts rang out. Marcus and Felix. She was looking at two hooded figures in the shadows in a nearby alley. They were surveying the crowd, making sure their celebration was not disrupted.

I began to run faster, pushing my top possible speed. This was where living here previously would come in handy. I knew these streets; nothing has geographically changed, the streets identical to my memory. I recognized a street that would keep us out of their sight. It would take us about a block out of our way, but that was the farthest thing from my mind. I nodded towards the street and turned down it, following it, my eyes never leaving Marcus’ face. Seeing if he noticed us. Making sure we were safe. Undetected. All seemed fine. I headed down another street, heading back towards the Southern entrance.

Carlisle? Bella’s small thoughts came into my head.

Yes, Bella?

In the vision… She trailed off, worry in her tone.

Yes? I prompted.

Well… in the vision… Edward wasn’t being restrained at all… Why wouldn’t they need to restrain him?

I had been wondering about that as well. I had a good idea of the reason behind it, but willed my thoughts to avoid thinking the reason, well aware that I was not the only person in my head.


I took a calming breath and turned to her, smiling. I’m sure that it was simply a case of an occurrence of the flaw in her vision. If the only decision was made to hold Edward captive, then the only thing that Alice would have been able to see was that decision in itself. Perhaps the actual decision to restrain her has not yet been made. I’m confident that there is nothing to worry about, Bella. Even to myself, who knew that I was only speaking to comfort her, it sounded like there was a possibility that it could be correct. That made it easier to convince her that I actually believed what I had told her.

I only pray that my words were true.

(Edward’s Point of View)

I looked around the glacial room with dull eyes. There was a rug on the carpet, a crimson red to match their irises that betrayed their sins. A black chair in the corner faced a locked window. Uninterested, but eager to avoid the one subject which was sure to cause me to come apart at the seams, I moved to the window, taking in the view.

The window held a view of Volterra, the celebration in full swing. Children were plastic fangs (ridiculous), and the entirety of the crowd was a sea of brilliant red. As my eyes swept over the scene before me, I spotted Marcus and Felix, invisible statues in the shadows, ready to spring if the slightest dilemma should occur. Their stony faces held no interest for the celebration before them. Felix looked rather bored, and I didn’t need to look into his mind to know he would rather be in the castle. Marcus’ expression was unrecognizable, his face a frozen mask.

Out of the corner of my eye, there were several flashes. My eyes darted to the source of the illumination, and I spotted Emmett and Jasper, running around a corner to avoid Felix and Marcus’ attention. What were they doing here? I frowned at the window, focusing on Jasper’s thoughts.

I hope that they don’t notice us. We have worked to hard to get in here, what with running around the world to get to him in time, and all the trouble it took to get in here… Oh, Carlisle is turning again… good, we are heading back towards the Southern entrance….

I pulled out of his thoughts, confused. Carlisle was here, too? What were they doing? They spent o much time to get here, to get into the city, to remain unnoticed.

It hit me. Hard. Me. They were here for me. They had come to get me out of the situation that I was in, the impending death that was my future, my fate.

Why? I didn’t want it. Leave me here. I am empty without her. Without my angel. My Bella, my life, my existence. She is gone now. Let me die and be reunited with my love. Why were they so determined to interfere?

I glared at Jasper as he disappeared around the corner before sinking to the ground in misery, the topic I had been trying so hard to avoid swirling through my mind.

Bella. Dead. Killed. Right in front of me. And I did nothing. She was murdered. By the very beings who would end my life as well. As my mind surged in anguish, I relived the nightmare, cursing my vampire memory as I was lost to unwanted reminiscence.


I was brought back to reality with a harsh slam as the door opened. I looked up to see Jane, furious. She came up to me with a harsh smile. She grabbed my arm, blocking my mind so I couldn’t see what she was thinking.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked, snarling at her.

“I don’t care what Aro says anymore,” she relied with a cold smile. “I’m killing you now, whether he likes it or not.”