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The Vision

Alice gets a vision about our favorite star-crossed couple's deaths. No matter what is done, the vision keeps coming. Is there any way to stop it? COMPLETE!!!


7. Chapter 7

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(Bella’s Point of View)

I’m killing you now, whether he likes it or not.

As Alice and I were thrown from her vision, I couldn’t withhold the snarl that was coming from deep in my chest. Without waiting for Alice to fill the others in, I began running towards the castle, not caring if anyone saw me as I ran up the castle wall and over into the Volterra grounds.

Bella! Wait, we should try to-

No, Alice! Didn’t you see? Jane said she was going to kill him now . Not ‘ after the Cullens strategize’, not even ‘in five freaking minutes’. She said now , Alice, and I’m not going to sit here and strategize while Edward is about to be killed!

I hadn’t been paying attention where I was running; I yelped when I ran into a tall, icy figure. I looked up, almost afraid to see who I hit.

Shit. Aro.

I panicked, and tried to turn, to run from him, but he grabbed my wrist, keeping a fast hold on me.

“You are supposed to be dead,” he said, cocking his head to the side in confusion. “How on Earth did you survive that? And what are you doing here, of all places?” His questions were immediately answered in my thoughts, including what I had seen in Alice’s most recent vision. His expression was terrifyingly angry when he finished looking through my thoughts. Oh, shit. Now he is going to kill me, because I am going to try and kill Jane. Shit, shit, shit!

“Stupid girl,” Aro muttered as he began dragging me towards a tall staircase.

“Let me go,” I whispered; a whisper was all I could manage through my fear.

“We can’t waste any time, Bella!” Aro scolded me. “Do you, or do you not, wish to stop Jane?”

“Erm, yes?” It sounded like a question. Was he seriously trying to help me?

“Then follow me.” He released my hand then, and for a moment, I considered running. I was a new vampire; Edward had told me once that they were faster and stronger than practiced ones. But, Aro wasn’t trying to hurt me, he was trying to help me, for unimaginable reasons. After a minute, curiosity got the better of me, and I had to ask.


He didn’t answer, only glanced over at me. I took that as a sign that he was listening.

“Why… why are you helping me?” He paused for a moment, seeming thrown by my question, before starting up again up the staircase.

“I do not really consider it as ‘helping,’ ”he said, as if what he were saying was obvious. “We simply have a common goal, stopping Jane, and since our paths shall intertwine, there is no point in doing things separately, as capable as I am of taking care of Jane by myself.”

“Why are you stopping Jane?” I wanted to take back the question the instant I asked it. What if he changed his mind, and instead decided to turn on me? But, though his expression was sharper, angrier than I was used to, it did not seem to be directed at me.

“Jane has disobeyed a direct order from me, and that is not to be tolerated, no matter my affection for the girl.” His words reminded me of the last time I was in this castle, in that large room. Aro had shown a liking for Jane, and I wondered if that was why he showed her so much patience. I almost felt pity for Jane, and then remembered what she was trying to do. All the pity drowned in the waves of fury. There were two paths, then, and I turned towards the one that held the room Edward was in before. Aro grabbed my wrist, pulling me down the other hallway.

“They’re down this one,” he said, his voice low enough that I had to struggle to hear it even with my newly enhanced senses.

Bella? Alice’s thoughts echoed in my head, her voice soft, yet worried.

Aro stopped dead in his tracks. He turned to look at me, his face calm, though I could see bewilderment in his eyes.

“Was that Alice I heard?” he questioned. I nodded. His head cocked to the side again. “Do you read minds?”

“That, and I can put thoughts into other people’s minds,” I said, very quietly. I was afraid that Aro would ask me to join him again.

As if on cue, he asked, “And you are sure that you would not like to reconsider my previous offer?”

I nodded, planning my words carefully. “I’d prefer not.” I had quoted Edward from before, just to make sure that there was no chance that I would offend him. No doubt he could kill me in an instant if he wanted to.

Bella? Alice’s thoughts echoed again.

I’m in the castle, Alice. With Aro.

I know… I saw him grab your wrist and pulling you to some staircase… Are you alright? Where are you?

I’m fine, Alice. I assured her. Aro is… helping me.



I shrugged, then remembered that she couldn’t see me.

I don’t know.

Where are you?

I sent her a mental image of the way I had come in, right up to the very step I had just took.

We’re on our way. And within ten seconds, the entire Cullen family, minus one, was in front of me.

“Carlisle,” Aro greeted his old friend happily. “It is so good to see you again.”

“Aro,” Carlisle greeted his respectfully. “Where is Jane?” he asked, looking at Alice.

Aro responded before Alice could even close her eyes to check. “In the room at the end of the hall. We should hurry. Jane is giving a speech, and, boring as it is, it is coming to an end.”

Carlisle nodded once, before glancing at me. When his gaze met mine, his eyes were intense. It only lasted half of a second, but it was enough for me to realize what he wanted. I looked into his mind.

Yes, Carlisle? I made sure that Aro was no longer making contact with me before looking for his answer.

Aro is distracted at the moment by his anger towards Jane. This is good for us, because he will kill Jane without our having to fight her. But, when Jane is … dealt with… it would not be a good idea for us to still be there. He would have time to think about your still being in existence after he attempted to kill you once. He might not be too happy… I believe that once Aro is distracted dealing with Jane, it would be best if we take Edward and leave. Quickly.

I nodded, a nearly imperceptible movement, and Carlisle smiled sadly.

I heard voices now, coming from the end of the hallway. I recognized the two voices, one a harsh, high sound, the other a perfect, velvet one. The velvet one sounded lifeless, though, uncaring.

“It’s really a shame,” Jane said, “that Bella died so quickly. It would have been more fun if it lasted longer.” She laughed coldly, and I resisted the urge to rip her to pieces myself, right then and there.

“You do realize that Aro will not be happy with you,” Edward pointed out, his voice uncaring, like a zombie. Like mine used to be when I was in my ‘zombie’ phase. “You weren’t supposed to kill me yet.”

Yet. He sounded like it wasn’t his death that was bothering him, simply the fact that is was occurring before he had planned…

I looked at Carlisle, waiting for some signal to ambush the small room. Carlisle was staring at Aro, who was still striding confidently towards the end of the hallway. Aro paused then, right in front of the door.

“I don’t care what Aro thinks anymore,” Jane said, her voice offhand.

Aro reached out then, and, in a movement that was much faster than even I could make, there was suddenly a pile of splinters in front of him, instead of a door. I heard a quiet intake of breath, and Jane was suddenly babbling in a high voice.

“Aro,” she greeted him, panicked. Her voice was several pitches higher than normal, to the point that it sounded like squeaking. So much for not caring what he thought… “I was just… I mean, I was …” She fell silent under the harsh glare that he was sending her. I shivered, though the look wasn’t directed at me.

I moved forwards then, Alice and Carlisle at my heels, to run across the room to Edward.