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The Vision

Alice gets a vision about our favorite star-crossed couple's deaths. No matter what is done, the vision keeps coming. Is there any way to stop it? COMPLETE!!!


9. Chapter 9

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(Jasper’s Point of View)

“I’m sorry,” Bella said for the hundredth time. “Really.”

“It’s fine, Bella,” I assured her. I chanced a glance at Edward; he wasn’t looking at me, but I knew he was ‘listening.’

She’s really thirsty. You should take her hunting as soon as we’re off this plane.

Sorry. Bella whispered in thoughts.

Oh, right. I forgot she can hear thoughts now, too.

“It’s fine,” I repeated. Bella’s eyes had darkened so quickly once we were on the plane; they were a very faint red now, mostly black. I wondered how she would fare in the airport, when there were so many more people…

Jasper? Bella sent me her thoughts.

Yes, Bella?

Thirst is an emotion, right? Because you can feel it?

Yes… Where was she going with this?

Well, if it is an emotion, you can make it less, or at least drown out the emotion with a stronger one, right?

I thought it through. I supposed that, if thirst were an emotion, satiation would be as well. I had never thought of doing that before; controlling her thirst like that. It could work…

I’ll give it a try, I assured her, reaching my arm across the aisle to touch her outstretched hand. Edward, sitting by the window, watched us with fascination. Alice wasn’t even paying attention; she had those ridiculous earphones on, and was feigning sleep in the silent cabin. Most of the plane was asleep at this point; I assumed it was nearly midnight by the pitch black darkness I could see out Edward’s window.

When I made contact with Bella, I sent a wave of satiation, and, in reflecting her emotions, could feel the thirst dimming, but not disappearing completely. It was perfectly bearable for me, since I was used to such a small amount of thirst, but for a newly turned vampire, I wasn’t sure how she would handle it.

She smiled at me, her eyes just as black, though her instincts believed her full.

“Thanks,” she whispered.

“Not a problem.”

Alice’s Point of View

I was surrounded by darkness, my lids closed against the dim light of the cabin. When I had put the earphones on, I saw Jasper rolling his eyes. We both knew it wouldn’t get rid of the sound, but it would muffle it.

I was trying to concentrate, and pretending to sleep seemed to be the quickest way to clear my mind to open it up to visions.

I was getting quite frustrated with Edward, quite frankly. He kept going back and forth on a decision, so quickly that I couldn’t see what it was. I was getting flashes. All I knew was that it was an important decision.

Just decide already! I thought, knowing Edward would hear.

“It’s not that simple, Alice,” Edward said quietly. Bella looked at him, confused, and then at me.

What is he talking about? she asked.

Edward can’t decide in a decision he is trying to make. It’s driving me insane.

There was a pause, and then her thoughts were in my head again.

Why can’t I see it? Bella asked.

It might be because it involves his mind, which you can’t read. I’m not sure. I’m not all-knowing, I just see the future, I reminded her.

But I could see things about him before.

Those were decisions that involved other people, mainly Jane. We were seeing results of her decisions, and not those of Edward’s.


I could feel it then, the pull of another vision. My body went rigid as I willingly fell into it.

Edward and Bella were in his room and Edward had one hand hidden behind his back. Never looking away from her, Edward slowly lowered himself off of the couch and onto one knee.

Oh my God.

Bella’s eyes opened wide in surprise. She opened her mouth, closed it, opened it again. No sound came out. Edward smiled softly.

Isabella Marie Swan,” Edward began.

The vision ended then, and I was bursting with excitement. Oh my GOD!!!!! Jasper turned to me, surprised.

“Alice?” he asked, sensing my excitement. I grinned at Edward and Bella. Bella looked confused, but Edward was watching me carefully.

I’m helping, I thought. It’s not an option.

“Helping with what?” Bella asked, looking from Edward to me and back again. Her gaze finally rested on me as she tried to find out what I had seen in my vision.

I know a song that gets on everybody’s nerve! I ‘sang’ desperately, thinking the first thing that came to my mind. I wasn’t going to take any chances, just in case she was able to see it this time. Everybody’s nerve, everybody’s nerve! Oh, I know a song that gets on everybody’s nerve and this is how it goes!!

“Fine,” Bella grumbled. “Don’t tell me.” She pouted. Edward laughed, before leaning over to me.

“We’ll talk later,” he said sternly. I giggled and nodded. I was practically bouncing up and down in excitement at this point. Edward glared at me, glancing implyingly at Jasper. A wave of peace came over me then, and I smiled calmly, having had no choice in the matter of whether or not to calm down. The waves didn’t stop though, for the excitement kept bubbling back up.

Edward couldn’t stop me. I would help with this.