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It Doesn't Matter

Twilight AU: After almost eighty years, Edward has finally returned to Carlisle and is welcomed into his new family. Edward's hunting habits are hard to break, though. Then he meets Isabella Swan and maybe, just maybe, she can be the one to change him permanently.

For the sake of this story, Jacob is the same age as Bella

1. Chapter 1

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“What do you mean,” he took a pause, “you need a break?”

“I mean, I need a break,”

“A break from what?” he asked, not comprehending.

“From all the stares!”

His eyes cast down guiltily, “You’re going to get stares no matter where you go,” he muttered.

I sighed knowing Jacob was right. I was struggling, trying to explain my motives correctly but failing. Jacob was acting as if I was breaking up with him rather than telling him I was switching schools, which was what I was really doing.

“I know. I just need to get away from their stares.” I looked away, remembering how uncomfortable I got when I received those looks.

“How are their stares going to be any different than the ones you’re already getting?”

“Their just—uh!” I cried in desperation, running a hand though my hair. “It’s hard to explain,”

“Then try. I want to understand.” Jacob said actually sounding like he meant it. It reminded why I liked him so much. He genuinely cared for me and we related so easy. I’d known him my whole life. “I thought you liked La Push, that’s why you convinced your parents to let you go to school here. And switching schools in the middle of the school year?”

“I did—I do—like La Push. I really do, but the way they look at me is they give me this knowing look. Because they all know what actually happened to me. So when they actually look at me it’s all full of pity and they give me this knowing glance all while secretly thinking, I hope this never happens to me.”

Jacob’s face crumbled and I was hit by a giant wave of guilt. I hated it when I end of reminding him of what had happened to me. He took all the blame for what he did, though I knew he had no control over it. “I’ll never forgive myself,”

“No Jake, no!” I put my hand on his shoulder. “Jake, I love you so much. You know I don’t blame you at all for what happened. I’m fine with it. I just . . .”

“Need a break,” he finished with a small smile.

I smiled back. “Yah. I just need a change of scenery. And, who knows, maybe it’ll totally suck and wont work out and I’ll be back in no time.”

“I hope so. That you’ll come back soon, not that you’ll have a totally terrible and sucky time but, I mean, it is Forks,” he joked.

“I know,” I said shaking my head, “I know”


Forks High School, the one place I promised myself I would never go. I also promised myself I would never go cliff diving but Jake has persuaded me to do it multiple times now. Billy, my father Charlie’s best friend, resided in La Push. Since they were always together, we, Rebecca, Rachael, Jacob and I, were thrown together. Jacob and I became best friends and when it came time to start middle school, I managed to persuade Charlie and Renee to allow me to go to school in La Push. It took all summer but I finally managed to pull it off. So I inevitably had to work even harder when I wanted to switch my schooling back to Forks.

It wasn’t like going to a new school entirely. I at least kind of knew some of the people mostly from when they come down to the beach for bonfires. I didn’t necessarily remember their names that well but this one girl sure remembered me. I ended up sitting next to her in Trig and Spanish. She called out “Bella!” and signaled me over than started talking to me like we were best friends. And I still don’t know her name.

Luck for me, I wasn’t the only new student joining the great institute that is Forks High. Edward Cullen, a member of the Cullen clan no one had ever heard of before. The name Cullen sounded vaguely familiar but I couldn’t remember from where. Apparently Edward as Esme Cullen’s younger brother, or nephew, or adopted son, or something like that, as my ‘best friend’ filled me in. It was big gossip here, and all the girls were fawning over the new guy. It was like a meat marker. It made no difference to me, as long as they attention I was getting was kept to a minimal.

I was taking extra precautions today to make sure I didn’t draw attention to myself. I knew everyone in own knew what happened to me but that didn’t mean I wanted to go around showing it off. So I was wearing a long sleeve shirt and gloves and made sure to never tuck my hair behind my ear. I have to do this to cover up the scares I got from a werewolf.

No, I didn’t take any magic mushrooms. Werewolves are real and they rule all over La Push. Hollywood’s got it wrong, though. They aren’t human eating, terrifying beasts. Their beautiful, graceful, and majestic; I’m always speechless when I’m around one. The trouble with werewolves is, if you accidentally make one too angry and they loose control, they transform in front of you and you can get hurt. Like I did. By my boyfriend.

The day was rather uneventful until Biology. I was sitting at a lab table by myself when the infamous Edward Cullen walked in and graced us with his presence. It was the first time I got a look at this new guy. Even knowledge that I already had a boyfriend could not stop me from gawking. I’m sure it didn’t help that I was staring, he already was getting plenty of those today as was I although not as much as him, but I couldn’t help it. He couldn’t be real. Every bit of him was pure perfection.

He took a seat next to me in the empty chair.

And for all his beauty and perfection, there was something off about him. I shifted uncomfortably beside him. His presence made me feel unsafe which was completely unethical. I glanced to the side to look at him. He was glaring down at me, his eyes shinning with hatred. I shrunk back in my seat.

What did I do wrong? His eyes scared me. They were this hard brown-red color. It was unnatural and made me uncomfortable. His unforgiving eyes, along with his expression, were out of place on such an angelic face. All through class I could feel his stare. Sometimes I would look back and see the same resentful glower. He body was tense, like a tightly coiled spring. During class, he only took a breath once. It was a deep breath, but he ended up coughing or chocking afterwards. Other than that he never breathed.

When the bell finally rang, he quickly gathered his books and sprinted out of the room. I sat there and watched him go.

Something wasn’t right about Edward Cullen.