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The Only Thing I'll Ever Need

"Alice was the only thing that kept me anchored." Jasper's POV as he waits for Alice's return from Volterra. Oneshot.


1. Chapter 1

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If I could've just kept my thirst under control. If I was more controlled like the others. If, if , if. If Alice didn't make out of Volterra I would have nothing else to live for.

I sat at the airport in Seattle aching. Alice and Bella had risked their life for Edward.

I didn't know if I should be grateful he was alive or if I should smash his head into a concrete wall for putting Alice's life in danger not that it would do much good.

It had been two days 13 hours and 32 minutes since I had last held Alice. Much too long. I needed her like a dying man needs salvation. Hell, she was my salvation.

The only thing on this planet that made me feel alive . . . human.

She was the only one who could save me from darkness, the only one who could understand me. Love me for who I was and who I am today.

I leaned against the pillar in the Seattle airport, anxious for her return.

"Jasper, I know you miss Alice terribly but please your making me more anxious than I already am." Esme scolded gently.

"I'm sorry Esme." I said quietly. I sent a calming wave to her and she smiled gratefully. I knew Edward's Romeo stunt had her worried and grieving.

I had never felt such fear before. I always knew Esme favored Edward over the rest of us, as she saw him as her first son, but the fear that resonated off of her when Alice called was stifling.

He was her son in every way except biologically.

I stood statue still waiting for their plane to arrive. I closed my eyes and let my mind wander to when I first met my Alice.

I need to get off the streets. These humans are starting to stare. But I can't go in there. Ah, hell I don't have a choice I groaned inwardly.

I gritted my teeth and stopped my breathing and walked into the tiny café. I let out of puff of breath out of instinct and smelt . . . a vampire.

My nostrils flared and I immediately became defensive. And then I saw her. She was so tiny, like a porcelain doll. Her hair was jet black and her skin the typical vampire pale but there was something else . . . innocence.

I looked at her and met her eyes. They were the most beautiful gold honey color . . . I had never seen anyone more beautiful than her.

She looked at me and smiled and began walking toward me. My defensive nature went back up but I could feel no animosity from her, no negative emotions.

She was happy and . . . hopeful.

"You've kept me waiting." She said. Her voice like the most beautiful wind chimes.

"I'm sorry ma’am." For the first time in my dark long life, I felt happiness . . . I felt hope.

I opened my eyes and I smelt her wonderful scent, the scent that always brought me back to earth . . . back to her.

Nothing else mattered. Alice was the only thing that kept me anchored.

She moved quickly from the gate and rushed to my side. She took my hands in hers and sighed.

She was radiating love and relief. We stared in each other's eyes. Her eyes were the golden honey color I remember when I first met her.

My beautiful porcelain doll . . . Alice. She was all I wanted. All I would ever need for eternity.