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Awaking to my personal god

Waking up from a long nights sleep has always been a pleasure for Bella no matter what the day has in store for her. This is just the beginning in a series that I would like to do of “Stolen Moments,” or what I think it would be like in the day in the life of Edward and Bella.


1. Good Morning Beautiful

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“Good morning,” I said groggily, as I opened my eyes to look into those of my own personal god.

“Morning” Edward said looking down at me.

He looked amazing, as if he didn’t always; he looked even more amazing in this instant. His bronze eyes staring into mine so intently, his face pale but smooth with perfect lips. It was apparently an oddly sunny day for forks. The curtain in my room had been left open just enough to let in a few strands of light. The light gave my already handsome Fiancé’s face an odd but beautiful effect. The sunlight glittered off his face making him look even godlier if that was even possible.

I gave off what I thought would be in sigh so soft that he wouldn’t hear. I was wrong, stupid super hearing.

“What?” He asked raising his left eyebrow.

“I could just lay here fore ever in this moment.”

He let out a soft chuckle.

“So could I but I don’t think we can today.”

“We have plans?” I asked wandering what the god before me had us set up to do.

“Yes, Alice…” he said apprehensively.

Great, the last few times I had seen my best friend she had bombarded me with questions about my wedding. What kind of flowers, music, colors, chairs, invites, etc. This agitated me a little bit. There was a reason I left it to her and that was for her to do it.

He had apparently sensed my change in mood and quickly made to assure me that it had nothing to do with the wedding.

“Well… ok, I guess. What are we doing then?”

Just as I finished his phone began to ring. I giggled, I bought his new ring tone it was Our Time Now by the Plain White T’s. I don’t think he really liked the song but left it there because I did. Before I knew it he was standing there next to my bed with his small silver Samsung Verizon flip phone in hand talking to someone with amazing speed that I didn’t catch a word. Then I hoped that Charlie hadn’t heard us, crap how would I explain that. Then I remembered that it was Saturday he would probably already be gone fishing then he was going to Billy’s to watch some big game.

I looked up just as he was shutting his phone. Then totally out of the blue he leaned down to give me a kiss. It was amazing, I was wrong before I didn’t want to lie here all day I wanted to stay in this kiss all day. Then he pulled away.

“What? No fair,” I pouted I wasn’t ready for him to pull away.

He just ignored the comment and smiled sweetly

“What do you think about spending the night at my house?”

“YES!!” I shouted as I jumped up out of bed to go get ready, but instead clumsy me just got all tangled in the blankets and went flying off the bed right into him.

“oof” I had landed right on top of him, and we were both laying on the ground tangled in my comforter. As soon as I realized this I blushed, my cheeks turning bright red.

“Sorry” I mumbled

“It’s ok, are you alright?” he said as he crawled out from under me.

“yeah” I mumbled as he helped me up.

He smiled at me as I stood up and regained my balance.

“Ok why don’t you go and get ready and call Charlie I’ll get you some cereal.”

I laughed and nodded. He was so proud that he could get me cereal. I picked up my blankets and tossed them on the bed careful not to knock anything down in my room then went over and picked up my towel and clothes to go take a shower. Then I realized that Edward had never said what Alice was up to.

“Wait a second,” I said popping my head back into my room, “What exactly is Alice planning?”

He looked over at me and shook his head. “Just go get ready. It’s a surprise.”

“I don’t like surprises”

“I know but I am in on this one. It’s safe. Trust me.”

I looked at deciding weather to be difficult or not, I figure either way I’ll be going I’ll jut make it easy.

“Ok,” and with that I went to go get ready.