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A Rosalie Night

Well....erm...basically it's me attempting poetry...and...it's supposed to be the thoughts that go through Rosalie's mind all night long.


1. Chapter 1

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A search for words,

The double-meanings.

Filling a void that might not exist.

A tear in the dark,

That no one can see.

A fleeting thought,

Unable to comprehend.

Sentences dissolve,

Knives become dull,

The mind’s eye strains,

To see shadows of invisible.

Screams of anguish,

Unfulfilled groans,

Heartache walks,

With the smiles of lust.

Emotions run scared,

From the fear of discovery.

Thoughts dare not breathe,

With a pen so near by.

Clocks start to tick,

Thoughts reduced,

Light comes on,

Another night complete.