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Jacob in Canada.

Jacob's point of view while he is in Canada. Will he chose to go back or not? Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

Jacob is my fav!

1. Jacob's POV

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Where are you? A voice said in the back of my head. Embry.

Looks like he is out of the US. Sam answered.

Canada. I thought, but, I can't handle it. They ask every day. They know I probably will never go back to my oldself. They should give up.

Charlies worried about you, and she calls every day to see where you are. She always sounds like shes going to cry her eyes out. Jacob, she misses you like hell. I talk to her every single day. The wedding is coming up soon and she even calls if she is super busy. Please forgive them. Billy misses you. There are signs every where about you. I almost cry when I see them. Oh did I really think that? Crap! This sucks full moon!

A growl erupted deep in my chest. Why does she care, she left me.

Jacob, why don't you come home, we all miss you. Paul's voice was shaken. Like I'd ever go back there, to that hell pit.

Damn it Jacob, come home. Please. Please

I almost concidered changing back, but heck no. Not everyone misses me. I bet he's just thriled I'm gone and she may also. That thought made me feel a sharp pain in my broken heart, it cracked even more. They don't miss me. All I know is that their wedding is coming up, soon.

Just go! I sputer. Gerr, I really need to be alone.

Please come back.

Embry, let him have some time alone, he will come back soon, Sam told him, bye.

Bye, I better get home before Bella calls, its about that time. Oops, sorry.

They all disapered.

Seth, he had to say her name with no meaning.

Why, why did she have to do this, I love her. She was, no still is, my life. Soon she's going to be a leach. And that selfish bloodsucker, how could he do this to her? He might kill her. Just the thought made me shudder. Why?

He left her and she was bluer than the blue sky. Who helped her? Me. Not Sam, not Seth, me.

Then she went to Italy to save his life. Even after what he did. Then he and his fanged famliy move back and Bella acted like he never left.

But I kissed her and she said she loved me, but just not as much as she loves him. I've always had a question, can wolves cry? If so, than I am crying.

The day I got the letter from Edward was the worst day of my life, even worse than the day I turned into a wolf. That day I was siting on the edge of the cliff look out over the ocean.

The day she jumped of the cliff. I remember the scream I heard, she was not scared. The very same day, Harry died. I could tell Bella regreted what she did. Bella, Bella.

The day I almost kissed her but was interupted by that phone call....

I even remember the day I kissed Bella on the beach and she punched me in the face. I didn't even know she hit me until she screamed. Edward got so mad, and Charlie almost yelled at me. Ha, those were the days. I wish I could go back in time and change the future. If I could, I would be with her right now. Holding here in my arms, and making her feel safe.

Jacob, gosh, stop crying, if you really love her, let her go.

I debated so many times to go back to her. Just to she her smiling face smile right at me, but I can't.

Not yet.