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A New Cold Heart

Bella catches a deadly disease that no one knows what it is exactly. Will Edward change his mind on being reluctant to change her into a vampire? I suck at summaries I know, but please read!

I hope you guys enjoy and please REVIEW! Disclaimer: Sadly I don't own Twilight, the brilliant Stephenie Meyer does

3. Chapter 3

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Bella looked beautiful as she slept. She looked so fragile and peaceful. I'm scared that she might be very sick. I don't know what I would do if she was. Do I change her? Or should I let her be human? I can't live without her and I already promised to change her after the wedding. I won't worry about that right now. It's probably nothing.

Carlisle's thoughts entered my head. Edward can you come out here I have Bella's test results.

I got up silently not wanting to wake up Bella. I opened the door and saw Carlisle's face. It was grave which wasn't a good sign.

"What are the results?" I asked trying to hide my fear. He looked at me sorrowfully.

"Bella has enlarged Lymph nodes by her throat, which caused her to stop breathing as well as in the lungs. She also has them right next to her heart. I'm sorry Edward she had Non-Hodgkin's Cancer." This couldn't be happening to her. She was my angel. She can't leave me. I was in hysterics.

"Can't you remove the lymph nodes?" my voice was rising.

"There's nothing I can do. The lymph nodes are too close to her organs. Edward she doesn't have long to live. Maybe a month at the most."

"No!" I yelled. This can't be happening! I kept telling myself that over and over again. Carlisle put his hand on my back and whispered so no one can hear.

"Edward I have to tell her. You don't have to loose her though. We know she is going to be one of us. Just change her earlier than expected. It is up to you and Bella though. Do you want me to tell her or do you?"

"I'll do it." I said quietly in a monotone voice.


I heard a yell outside the door and I woke up with a jolt. A few moments later Edward walked back into the room with a sad face.

"Edward what's wrong?" I was scared. I know it was him who yelled. Edward pulled me close to himself and kissed me softly on the lips. I was an effort to comfort me, but it didn't work. Edward was scared and sad about something which frightened me.

He didn't look in my eyes and began to speak.

"Bella the results came in. You have enlarged lymph nodes by your throat, in your lungs, and next to your heart. Bella you have Non-Hodgkin's Cancer." his voice cracked at the end. Tears started rolling down my face. Edward pulled me closer to comfort me.

"What's going to happen to me?" my voice was barely audible through the tears. Edward didn't answer at first.

"You only have a month." he said simply. If he could cry he would be now. I cried even harder. Edward kissed me trying to stop me from crying.

"What about Charlie? Renee? What about us?" my voice was laced with fear.

"Bella do you still want to be one of us?" Edward was serious and looked into my eyes.

"Of course. I can't live without you and I don't want to die." I buried my face into his chest.

"Bella what if we moved up the wedding and I changed you right after. I won't loose you. It would be unbearable."

"Please Edward! Just change me!" I couldn't die with the choice of being an immortal. I wouldn't have to die and I choose that path.

"I will, love. I promise. Just go through with the wedding for Charlie, Renee, and me."

"I will. I love you so much."

"I love you with every ounce of my being. Don't worry." Edward leaned in and kissed me like there was no tomorrow. "Charlie will be here in a few minutes. Carlisle called him and told him about you." That made me cry again. I hate this for Charlie. I'm the last thing he has.

Then Charlie burst through the door with tears falling down his face.